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Anatomy section
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Anatomy Mock MCQ Test 229
by RxPG - 113846 reads, based on 285 votes
Multiple Choice Test 1) Regarding coeliac trunk Choose 4 of the following options.    A. arises at the level of 12th thoracic vertebra    B. gives off superior mesenteric artery    C. lies behind the omental bursa    D. below it is related to the pancreas and splenic vein    E. surrounded by coeliac plexus of nerves ... More

Anatomy Mock MCQ Test 228
by RxPG - 33882 reads, based on 42 votes
Multiple Choice Test 1) Regarding gluteus medius Choose 3 of the following options. A.is supplied by the inferior gluteal nerve B.acting from the pelvis adduct the thigh C.arises from the outer surface of the pelvis D.in unilateral paralysis trendelenberg sign becomes positive E.with gluteus minimus maintain the poise and balance of the body when the foot of the opposite side is raised from the ground ... More

Cranial nerves tutorial
by RxPG - 16855 reads, based on 16 votes
A tutorial directed at medical students that provides images and text descriptions of anatomic relations and functions of the 12 cranial nerves. ... More

Gray's anatomy of the human body
by RxPG - 14236 reads, based on 16 votes
A free online version of the classic text Gray's "Anatomy of the Human Body" (20th edition). This version of the medical reference book was revised and re-edited by Warren H. Lewis. This resource is published and made available on the Web by the Internet publisher, Bartleby.com. ... More

Right Coronary Artery
by RxPG - 22685 reads, based on 19 votes
The right coronary artery supplies all of the following parts of the conducting system in the heart except:1.SA Node. 2.AV Node. 3.AV Bundle. 4.Right bundle branch. ... More

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