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This section features hand-picked Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from RxPG Forums

There are 1548 FAQ in RxPG database

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   How to decide between PrePG Exams and USMLE? [#]  in beforeUSML 64797
   What Are Salaries of Doctors in USA  in beforeUSML 34863
   Should I join Kaplan for USMLE? [#]  in beforeUSML 23156
   Is Surgery gettable in US?  in beforeUSML 19919
   Is MD Radiology from India valid in USA?  in beforeUSML 11320
   Why go to US if you are earning well in India?  in beforeUSML 756
   Is it impossible to get residency in OBG after USMLE?  in beforeUSML 3422
   USMLE - before or after PG? [#]  in beforeUSML 4034
   How to get MS Orthopaedics in USA?  in beforeUSML 1995
   What is present situation in USA for Indian medical graduates to get residency in medicine?  in beforeUSML 3760
   Where can I find high yield study material in RxPG?  in [Help/Newb 20013
   When is RxPG's birthday?  in [Help/Newb 2151
   How to create a Strong Password?  in [Help/Newb 23490
   Access posts showing: No posts exist 4 this topic error  in [Help/Newb 4283
   How can I delete my RxPG account?  in [Help/Newb 113965
   How can I delete my post?  in [Help/Newb 7818
   Verified Users in RxPG - What is it? [#]  in [Help/Newb 158450
   How to find any forum in RxPG?  in [Help/Newb 1765
   How to read pharma - anti or retro?  in MBBS - Bei 24955
   HOW TO READ HARRISON?  in MBBS - Bei 26083
   How to start preparing for AIIMS in III year?  in MBBS - Bei 10866
   How to study for pg entrances while being in 3rd mbbs?  in MBBS - Bei 6019
   Recommended book for ENT in Third MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 13910
   How to study Harrison for First Time?  in MBBS - Bei 4758
   Rx of Confusitis! 3rd Year MBBS.  in MBBS - Bei 3101
   How to cope up with pharmacology?  in MBBS - Bei 5442
   Books to read for pathology?  in MBBS - Bei 39141
   What to do with Microbiology? Its tough!  in MBBS - Bei 4124
   How is Das Textbook of Surgery?  in MBBS - Bei 14221
   How to read Harrison to remember much of it?  in MBBS - Bei 9500
   Books for final year MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 26969
   How to decide between PG or else?  in MBBS - Bei 2022
   Books for final II MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 2157
   Does Meditation Help in Study?  in MBBS - Bei 4373
   Books for 3rd Year MBBS with Clinical approach??  in MBBS - Bei 6835
   Books to read in IIIrd year with USMLE in mind?  in MBBS - Bei 1909
   How to master heart sounds?  in MBBS - Bei 14555
   Efficient Time Management in MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 6442
   What Are The Recommended Books for Final Year MBBS  in MBBS - Bei 20121
   Any book for bio-stats for medical students?  in MBBS - Bei 2539
   Books for a beginner in I MBBS  in MBBS - Bei 14707
   How to remember classification of drugs in Pharmacology?  in MBBS - Bei 27442
   What writing skills for Microbiology for MUHS Nashik?  in MBBS - Bei 2099
   Basic Radiology Textbook in Final MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 2134
   How to Study Effectively for PG in Final Year MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 4790
   Should I Read Parsons or Khurana for Ophthalmology?  in MBBS - Bei 9581
   How to cram Harrison's?  in MBBS - Bei 2154
   How to read Pharmacology? [#]  in MBBS - Bei 9403
   How to mug up pharmacology in second MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 31777
   How to retain what we study?  in MBBS - Bei 7132
   Which books should I read for 2nd MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 13656
   Which Textbook Should I Read for Forensic Medicine?  in MBBS - Bei 11976
   How to read Robbins Pathology textbook?  in MBBS - Bei 7498
   How to read Bailey and Love Surgery in MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 3501
   Should I really start reading Harrison from second MBBS year?  in MBBS - Bei 1620
   What is the best method for taking notes during lectures in MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 4692
   Is there any book for diagrams in Human Pathology?  in MBBS - Bei 1829
   What are the standard books for I MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 9605
   How to plan your studies in I MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 5766
   Which is the best book for understanding Embryology?  in MBBS - Bei 9426
   When to buy Harrisons during MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 3529
   Which book should I read for Clinical Medicine?  in MBBS - Bei 20834
   When would Robbin's Pathology 8th Edition be available in stores?  in MBBS - Bei 2379
   Which books to study from in MBBS 2nd year?  in MBBS - Bei 53508
   How long it takes to be a doctor?  in MBBS - Bei 1348
   What are the concept building books in MBBS Second Year?  in MBBS - Bei 2710
   How would Marcus Gunn Pupil react if light is shone in abnormal eye first?  in MBBS - Bei 1146
   What are the must read topics in Harrison's in final year?  in MBBS - Bei 19204
   How to study Robbins and Ganong for All India PG in II MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 2857
   Which is a good book for differential diagnosis?  in MBBS - Bei 3840
   Can I start preparing for PG in third year MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 16326
   How to study for PG enterance exams during MBBS?  in MBBS - Bei 64895
   How to study in II MBBS? [#]  in MBBS - Bei 12477
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