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PLAB Part 1 section
shortcut to PLAB 1 - Part 1 of Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Exam Conducted by GMC, UK Forum 
What is new in BNF 52?
by BNF - 15075 reads, based on 8 votes
Long-acting beta2 agonists The safety of long-acting beta2 agonists has come under close scrutiny, particularly following the recent publication of a meta-analysis (Salpeter SR, Buckley NS, Ormiston TM, Salpeter EE. Meta-analysis: effect of long-acting β-agonists on severe asthma exacerbations and asthma-related deaths. Ann Intern Med 2006; 144: 904–912). BNF 52 includes advice developed with the Commission on Human Medicines on the safe use of formoterol and salmeterol (section It is important that use of a long-acting beta2 agonist accords with the guidance on stepwise management of chronic asthma (section 3.1) and that the drug is withdrawn in the absence of benefit.... More

Plab 1: March 8, 2006 (Review)
by Plabo - 13451 reads, based on 39 votes
Just gave the exam 45 min back and am here right now typing what all i experienced during it. One thing I want to start off with as an advice to all Future Plabbers. Please, and i say please, keep ur discussions alive on this wonderful website which is called "RxPG". I alwayz knew that I will be getting so many themes repeated from past papers, but i never knew that i will get also those themes which i vigourously attempted to discuss with my friends here on this forum. Quite a few themes which we all discussed in the last few weeks came up, and i was delighted by the sight of them. Quite other themes were there which were a bit new, but had been asked in a different way in the previous exa... More

Top PLAB Part 1 tips for underdogs
by squirrels1705 - 27623 reads, based on 60 votes
The thing is that the PLAB Part 1 is a very easy exam. I was so surprised at the content. It was a lot easier than the USMLE and also easier than my final exam in medical college.... More

PLAB 1 on 23 January 2006 - Some Facts I witnessed in the exam
by Drstanilo - 12825 reads, based on 25 votes
I wish to state some facts as I witnessed in PLAB Part 1 Exam on 23 January 2006 exam. 1. Exam was generally not too difficult 2. A good number of themes were repeated and many others either modified or entirely new. 3. Many of the repeated ones were already discussed in this forum some recently and others quite some time back. ... More

What is New in BNF 50 (September 2005)?
by BNF - 5206 reads, based on 3 votes
The BNF is a joint publication of the British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. It is published biannually under the authority of a Joint Formulary Committee which comprises representatives of the two professional bodies and of the UK Health Departments. The current edition must always be used for making clinical decisions. The more important changes for this edition are listed under Significant changes. For doctors wishing to practise in UK (PLAB Exam Takers) or already working in UK, the knowledge of the updates of BNF is absolutely essential.... More

PLAB Part 1 Announcements
  PLAB Part 1 to be held in Iran for the First time
  Indian GP honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award
  Changes to the registration process for doctors in some countries
  GMC announces new centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad for PLAB 1

Latest topics in PLAB 1 - Part 1 of Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board Exam Conducted by GMC, UK Discussion Forum
  PLAB 1 in Toronto JUNE 2020
  Buy Nitrile Surgical Glove -Powder Free (Non-Latex)/3 Ply face mask(+27) 78 045 3335
  Study partner
  Corona impact on june 2020 exam date
  Plab 1
  Plab 1 study partner, female, june2020
  Clinical cases
  Can completion of Canadian LMCC exempt you from taking the PLAB?
  minimum score needed to pass PLAB1
  Study partner for PLAB 1
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Latest topics in EMQ Discussion Forum
  study partner in mumbai for usmle & gre
  Can u explain EMQ of joint pain!
  Chest Findings
  Congenital and Neonatal Defects
  Diagnosis of Central Chest pain
  Offending Drug
  Non accidental injury
  Management of Ear Ache in Children
  Investigation of red eye
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Latest topics in SBA Discussion Forum
  optimal management strategy
  Scaphoid fractures
  Syphilis typically causes
  A blood film is likely to demonstrate
  This investigation would
  likely aetiology is:
  The most likely abnormal ECG finding
  The most likely diagnosis is
  Which is the most appropriate step in this patient’s managem
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PLAB Part 1 Information
  What is New in BNF 50 (September 2005)?
  Drug Preparations launched since BNF 49
  What is New in BNF 49 (March 2005)?

  FAQ: Which is the best online resource for PlAB 1 preparation?
  FAQ: Are there any plab coaching centers in India?
  FAQ: How to Prepare for PLAB 1?
  FAQ: PLAB 1/ MRCP 1 coaching in Cochin
  FAQ: Do you recommend onexamination for PLAB Part 1?
  FAQ: How important is orthopaedics in PLAB Part 1?
  FAQ: Where can I find online mock tests for PLAB 1?
  FAQ: How to apply for UK Visa after passing PLAB 1?
  FAQ: How difficult is PLAB part 1 exam?
  FAQ: What should I take to the PLAB 1 exam hall?
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PLAB Part 1 QuestionPapers
  Themes of March 8 2005 EMQ and SBA PLAB 1 Paper
  List of themes for March 9, 2004 PLAB Part 1 Question Paper
  PLAB January 2003
  PLAB May 2003
  PLAB April 14, 2003
  Plab April 2003

PLAB Part 1 Analysis
  Analysis: PLAB Part 1 Exam; 15 March 2011
  Analysis: MARCH 8 2006 PLAB Part 1 experience
  Analysis: Plab 1 - 23 January 2006 – Comments
  Analysis: PLAB Nov 2005 - It was a nightmare 4 me
  Analysis: So how was it november plabers?
  Analysis: Plab 1 november 2005

PLAB Part 1 Exam Recalls
  Recall: All Plab Past Papers HERE
  Recall: 15th March 2011-Paper Recall Lets start Recaling the paper here!!!
  Recall: PLAB Part 1 - November2009 exam - 120 questions and answers
  Recall: 163 questions from Feb 2010
  Recall: Plab Part 1 on 27th august 2009, 198 fully described questions
  Recall: OCT 2008 WITH ANSWERS
  Recall: PLAB Part 1 16TH JULY 2008 PAPER
  Recall: July 2005 exam experience
  More PLAB Part 1 exam recalls

PLAB Part 1 Experiences
  Plab 1: March 8, 2006 (Review)
  PLAB 1 on 23 January 2006 - Some Facts I witnessed in the exam
  How I Passed my PLAB Part 1 Exam

PLAB Part 1 Interviews
  RxPG Interview With Dr Rashmi Yadav - PLAB Part 1 Topper

PLAB Part 1 Drug Reviews
  What is new in BNF 52?

PLAB Part 1 HowTo? Guides
  How to prepare for PLAB part 1?

PLAB Part 1 Debates
  Debate: All those who fail in PLAB Part 1 are lucky!
  Debate: PLAB? Why?
  Debate: PLAB vs Indian exams [#]
  Debate: PLAB 1- Changing Trends, Are our books really useful?
  Debate: PPUDs are giving a wrong picture of NHS job scene

PLAB Part 1 Question Discussions
  Q:painful blue scrotal swelling

Find PLAB Part 1 Study Partners
  partner for plab1 for march 2015
  partner for plab1 in nov2014
  partner for plab 1 in delhi??.. does nobody sit for plab nowadays from india??

PLAB Part 1 Forum Library
  Library: Psychiatry: Postnatal Depression & Lactation

PLAB Part 1 Tips & Tricks
  Top PLAB Part 1 tips for underdogs
  Tips for PLAB1 On 11th NOV 2005
  My Tips After Appearing for PLAB Part 1 on 20 May 2005
  How to study for PLAB Part 1: RxPG Guidelines

PLAB Part 1 EMQ Mock Tests
  THEME 46 - Medical Statistics
  THEME 45 - Diagnosis of skin pathology
  THEME 44 - Management of Joint Pain
  THEME 43 - Diagnosis of acute vomiting in a child
  THEME 42 - Chioce of Perioperative Antibiotics
  THEME 41 - Investigation of Haemoptysis
  THEME 39 - Diagnosis of Infertility
  THEME 38 - Diagnosis of Constipation
  THEME 37 - Diagnosis of Swollen Ankle
  THEME 36 - Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms
  More on PLAB Part 1 EMQ Mock Tests

PLAB Part 1 SBA Mock Tests
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 019
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 018
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 017
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 016
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 015
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 014
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 013
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 012
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 011
  Daily SBA (BOF) Mock Test 010
  More on PLAB Part 1 SBA Mock Tests

PLAB Part 1 Guidelines
  NICE guidelines for the treatment of osteoporosis in UK

Recommended Books for PLAB Part 1
  Books to read for PLAB Part 1

PLAB Part 1 High Yield Notes
  Childhood Diarrhoeas
  Genetic Disorders
  Management of hypertension

PLAB Part 1 Tips & Tricks
  Top PLAB Part 1 tips for underdogs
  Tips for PLAB1 On 11th NOV 2005
  My Tips After Appearing for PLAB Part 1 on 20 May 2005
  How to study for PLAB Part 1: RxPG Guidelines

PLAB Part 1 Book Reviews
  First Aid for the PLAB by A Reader from UK
  RxPG First Aid for PLAB by Tyagi Vidyarthi by A Reader from UK
  PLAB 2004 - Quite honestly the best investment you can make for Plab 1 by ireland
  On Examination PLAB Part 1 Course by Nader
  Emq Digest for Plab Part 1 by bp
  More reviews on PLAB Part 1

PLAB Part 1 Books - Erratas
  Errata: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 5/e
  Errata: Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, 6th edition

PLAB Part 1 Course Reviews (in order of ratings)
  london plab course for PLAB part 1 by km sajjad siddiqui

Hot PLAB Part 1 Discussions
  Plab 1 study partner, female, june2020
  Dr Aman Aurora's audio lecture for PLAB 1
  PLAB 1 sp
  Need a study partner in Canada for March 2020 PLAB
  Need a FEMALE ,PLAB 1 study partner for March 2020...
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PLAB Part 1 User Contributed Lists
  List: Emqs, sbas and themes from RxPG forums
  List: Important articles from BMJ Worth reading
  List: Eponyms on Ascites

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  THE HAPPY CLUB of RXPG - by amborishnath
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  MBBS - mind blowing journey
  Save the medical profession!
  Is Medicine really a profession worth all this effort?
  The story of a doc....
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  The Accidental Diagnosis
  Welcome to The Nanosphere!
  A beautiful day - A true story
  Why Are the Doctors and Patients Rivals?
  More on Musings

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