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MRCOG Part 1 section
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Books to Read for MRCOG Part 1 Examination
by RxPG_Team - 123124 reads, based on 49 votes
The following is the book list for the preparation of MRCOG Part 1 Examination. This list is based on the recommendations of the RxPG members who have passed their MRCOG Part 1 exam. Essential Books How to Prepare for MRCOG Part 1 Jafaru Abu, David Ireland Recommended by the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology this book features two practice papers for actual exam practice. Basic Science in Obstetrics and Gynaecology: a Textbook for Mrcog Part 2: A Textbook for Mrcog Part 1 Michael De Swiet, Phillip Bennett, Geoffrey Chamberlain (Editor), De Swiet Michael (Editor), Philip Bennett (Editor) A textbook covering the basic scienc... More

Joint RCOG/RCR Examination in Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound 25 May 2005- Results
by RCOG - 6925 reads, based on 1 vote
ROYAL COLLEGE OF OBSTETRICIANS AND GYNAECOLOGISTS Please Note: The College is unable to take telephone calls concerning this pass list. All enquiries must be in writing. List of successful candidates:... More

DRCOG Examination - April 2005 - Result & Pass List
by RCOG - 16820 reads, based on 3 votes
The regulations for the Diploma advise that successful candidates are required to provide a letter on hospital or Trust headed paper, from their consultant, confirming that they have satisfactorily completed a six months recognised appointment in obstetrics and gynaecology. Please send this letter to the Membership Services Department. On receipt of this letter, the designatory letters of DRCOG may be used and your Diploma certificate will be sent to you. Please Note: The College is unable to take telephone calls concerning this pass list. All enquiries must be in writing.... More

MRCOG Question Paper, Paper 1, September 1997
by sajida - 18387 reads, based on 24 votes
1-The obturator artery a-branches from post. trunk of the internal iliac artery b-passes through greater sciatic foramen c-is crossed by ureter d-supplies the hip joint e-may be replaced by a branch of superior epigastric artery 2-The spleen a-has a notched posterior boarder b-lies infront of costo-diaphragmatic recess c-is in contact with the body of the pancreas d-lies under the cover of the 9th to 11th ribs e-is innervated from renal plexus 3-The following muscles are inserted into perineal body a-bulbospongiosus b-ischiocavernosus c-obturator internus d-sphincter ani externus e-transverse perinei superficialis 4-The inferior vena cava a-is formed at the level of... More

MRCOG Part 1 March 1997 Paper-2
by sajida - 13127 reads, based on 13 votes
March 1997 Paper-2 1.Following changes in ventilation occur during pregnancy a-decrease in respiratory rate b-decrease in pCO2 c-decrease in residual volume d-derease in tidal volume e-an increase in PCO2 2-Following are req. for hemostatic clot formation a-conversion of prothrombin to thrombin b-platelete phospholipids c-active conversion of plasminogen to plasmin d-fibrin degradation products e-antithrombin 3-Myometrial contractility a-is calcium dependent b-is associated with phosphorylation of myosin light chain c-is independent of cAMP d-is mediated by somatic nervs e-dep. on myometrial gap junctions 4-Following values fall within normal range for adult fema... More

MRCOG Part 1 Results
  Joint RCOG/RCR Examination in Advanced Obstetric Ultrasound 25 May 2005- Results
  DRCOG Examination - April 2005 - Result & Pass List
  Part 1 MRCOG Examination September 2004 Pass List

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  Books to Read for MRCOG Part 1 Examination

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