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TN PG 2003 - Court Case - Frequently asked Questions

Author: chanakya, Posted on Monday, May 26 @ 07:10:26 IST by God  

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Tamilnadu PG

Was there a manipulation?

Yes. We have enough proof to claim that there were serious manipulations

What was the manipulation?

0.36 marks was deducted for every wrong answer (Instead of the 0.09 as per prospectus)

Why was the manipulation?

1) It is a open secret (Also it was mentioned in the TN HEALTH message board a few days back) that 200 questions are being "given with key" before the exam to persons who can afford 6 to 8 lakhs

2) Those who are following the entrance exams, specially the servie candidates, may well know that , usually the top performer will have a net of around 191 to 196 and when the candidate has 2 or 3 marks he will manage a mark of around 71 to 74

3) And in that context any one with 200 questions with key will attempt that 200 only and get 72 marks and when there are 20 such people they will come within the top 25 ranks

4) But this year 2003, fortunately (or unfortunately) the questions were easy(or the aspirants were well prepared) and so in every college there were at least 3 to 4 private and 8 to 10 service candidates with a net of more than 205

5) So those people who attempted only 200 question and got them correct would have got a net of 200, now were able to get only ranks above 100 ( where as in previous years, they would have got ranks 1 to 25

6) A difference between a normal aspirant is that he would have attempted about 235 questions, got 25 question wrong and 210 correct so his net will be 210-6.25 ie 203.75(Mark 73.25)

7) And the person with the key will have attempted 200 only and his net will be 200 - 0 = 200 (Mark 72)and (thank god) is now inferior to a genuine aspirant .(In previous years this 72 was a good mark as the toppers can manage a net of around 190 - 195 only)

8) But at this time the computers in DME office suddenly behaved odd "TECHNICAL ERROR!!!!!!!!"

9) Instead of deducting (0.25)for a wrong answer (-0.09 in the total mark) they deducted 1 (0.36 marks)

10) So now the candidate who got 210 correct and 25 wrong has a net of around 185 (Mark 66.6) where as the candidate who attempted 200 questions and got them all correct has 200 net (Mark 72)

What are you going to do?

A case has been filed in High Court Chennai on 12th May 2003 Monday claiming re evaluation. Counseling has been stayed till the next hearing on 20th May 2003 Tuesday

What do you expect from this case?


If it was 0.36 which was deducted for every body, how will it help in re-evaluation?

We already saw that those who have a net of more than 200, when properly evaluated will get above those who had 200 questions with key
In addition to this one manipulation we have enough evidence to doubt that about 150 to 200 people “sneaked through” (entered) the merit list to occupy the elite 300 ranks even though they didn’t have sufficient marks. We believe that after the valuation, their marks had been “tampered with”. When a re-evaluation is done next time, under the direct supervision of the court, those 150 to 200 candidates will get the ranks they actually deserve(>2000 !!)

How can I help you?

You can help us by
1. Joining the case and contributing your share
2. Giving us your advice, experience and any first hand knowledge about similar cases
3. Any idea about the 1993 entrance and court proceedings

Why should I join?

This is a war against corruption on behalf of all PG Aspirants who toiled long years to get a PG Seat of their dreams. To prepare for a PG Entrance Exam is not an easy job. We already have studied for 5 years and have utilized another 1 years now. If there is no opportunity for some one who has done well and seats are given “mysteriously” to “miscreants” this must be stopped. We need your co operation for this.

We had so far no proof against these kinds of activities in the Entrance Exam Scenario and so we could not take legal action. Now we have solid proofs. By bringing this matter to the court and making the DME people answerable, we want to make sure that these kinds of activities don’t recur in future. In short we want to make a death knell to the “lateral entry” phenomenon and ensure that in future PG Exams are conducted under strict “aseptic” precautions

Who all can join?

Any one who will be benefited by this case can join.

How to join?

You can give your Name, contact number, E-Mail ID in any of the message boards

Is there any thing else I can do?

Yes. You can do a few things as well.
1. Pass this message to as many people as you can. Create an awareness about how genuine candidates are being swindled in exams
2. Send in a Telegram to the H’nble CM, CM Cell, H’nble Health Minister, Health Secretary, DME, and Secretary Selection Committee.

I have got a decent rank now. I will get a Diploma with my present rank. Why should I join in the case?

If you get the rank you deserve, You can get a degree this time!!!!
And You might want to do a Degree later. If the same trend continues unchecked, you can’t get the degree of your choice with merit alone in future. This is the ideal time to “clear the weeds”

I have got a good rank now. I will get a Master Degree with my present rank. Why should I join in the case?

If you get the rank you deserve, you can do the PG Course in the college of your choice.
Also…….Hope you want to do DM or MCh. In a exam conducted like this, How do you plan to get the seat with your medical knowledge only? Do you think that this corruption will stop by its own? We have to stop this and now we have a chance

I did not get a decent rank. I may not get a Diploma. I plan to prepare for TNPSC. How is this case useful to me?

After joining Service, Hope you will be appearing for TN PG after 3 or 4 years. If this trend is not stopped now, you may land up no where when you are appearing for PG Exam in your service. Remember that this is a golden opportunity to bring to book the corrupt elements in the exam system, and a verdict in favor of students and action against those responsible will keep the exam system clean in near future.

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