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Medical Facies

Author: nitin, Posted on Thursday, October 28 @ 17:47:31 IST by RxPG  

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Clinical Skills

the expression or appearance of the face

facies abdominalis
the expression of the face characteristic of abdominal disease: it is pinched, anxious, and furrowed, with the nose and upper lip drawn up.

adenoid facies
the dull expression, with open mouth, sometimes seen in children with hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsils (“adenoids”).

facies bovina / bovine or cow face
a term sometimes applied to the appearance of the face in craniofacial dysostosis

facies hepatica

a thin face with sunken eyeballs, sallow complexion, and yellow conjunctivae, characteristic of certain chronic disorders of the liver.

facies hippocratica / hippocratic face
a drawn, pinched, and pale appearance of the face, indicative of approaching death.

Hutchinson's facies
a peculiar appearance in ophthalmoplegia externa, the eyeballs being fixed, the eyebrows raised, and the lids drooping.

leonine facies / facies leontina
a peculiar, deeply furrowed, lionlike appearance of the face, seen in certain cases of advanced lepromatous leprosy and in other diseases associated with facial edema such as coast erysipelas

Marshall Hall's facies
the facies of hydrocephalus: a triangular face with a broad forehead and prominent frontal bones.

myasthenic facies
the characteristic facial expression in myasthenia gravis, caused by ptosis and weakness of the facial muscles.

myopathic facies
the peculiar facial expression produced by relaxation of the facial muscles, as in Landouzy-Dejerine dystrophy.

Parkinson's or parkinsonian facies
a stolid masklike expression of the face, with infrequent blinking, pathognomonic of parkinsonism

Potter facies
the characteristic facial appearance seen with oligohydramnios sequence, consisting of a flattened nose, receding chin, wide interpupillary space, large, low-set ears, and less commonly other anomalies.

dish or dished face / facies scaphoidea
a facial deformity characterized by a prominence of the forehead, a recession of the midface and lower half of the nose, a lengthening of the upper lip, and a prognathic chin

frog face
flatness of the face due to intranasal disease.

facies lunata / moon face / moon-shaped face
rounded face observed in Cushing's disease due to fat storing in Bichat boil

cachectic facies during cachexia
deepened eyes, thinning of hypoderma => evidence of sternocleiomastoideal muscles and bone prominences.

myxoedematous facies during hypothyroidism
vague look, increase of connectival tissues => false fat.

acromegalic facies
in patients with acromegaly

mongoloid facies
in patients with Down's syndrome

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