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Word List for GRE: Words starting with L-O

Author: Oleg Smirnov, Posted on Monday, November 29 @ 11:47:47 IST by RxPG  

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labyrinthine -to entangle the state of affairs
lachrymose -causing tears tearful
lacklustre -(of eyes) dull
lament -show feel great sorrow
lassitude -weariness tiredness
latent -present but not yet active developed or visible

laudatory -expressing or giving praise
lavish -giving or producing freely liberally or generously
legacy -something handed down from ancestors
levee -formal reception/embankment
levity -lack of seriousness
libel -statement that damages reputation
liberality -free giving generosity
libertine -immoral person
lien -legal claim until a debt on it is repaid
limn -paint portray
limp -lacking strength walking unevenly
lionize -treat as a famous person
lithe -bending twisting
lope -move along with long strides
loquacious -talkative garrulous
lucubrate -write in scholarly fashion
luculent -easily understood lucid clear
lugubrious -mournful excessively sad
lull -become quiet or less active
lumber -move in a clumsy/noisy way
luminary -star light-giving body
lurk -be out of view ready to attack
lustrous -being bright polished
macabre -gruesome suggesting death
macerate -make or become soft by soaking in water
machination -plot scheme (esp. evil)
maladroit -tactless clumsy
malapropism -misuse of a word (for one that resembles it)
malevolence -wishing to do evil
malign -injurious speak ill of somebody tell lie
malinger -to fake illness or injury in order to shirk a duty
malleable -yielding easily shaped mouldable adapting
manacle -chains for the hands or feet
massacre -cruel killing of a large number of people
matriculation -be admitted enter a university as a student
maudlin -sentimental in a silly or tearful way
maul -hurt by rough handling
maverick -rebel nonconformist
mellifluous -sweetly flowing
mendacity -dishonesty
mendicant -a beggar
mercurial -quick changeable in character fleeting
meretricious -attractive on the surface but of little value
mesmerize -hypnotize
meticulous -giving great attention to details
mettle -quality of endurance or courage
mettlesome -courageous high-spirited
middling -fairly good but not very good
minatory -menacing threatening
mince -pronounce or speak affectedly euphemize
misanthrope -person who hates mankind
mischievous -harmful causing mischief
miser -person who loves wealth and spends little
misogynist -one who hates women/females
moderation -quality of being limited not extreme
mollify -make calmer or quieter
molt -moult lose hair feathers before new growing
morbid -diseased unhealthy (e.g.. about ideas)
morose -ill-tempered unsocial
muffler -cloth worn round the neck/silencer
multifarious -varied motley greatly diversified
myriad -very great number
nadir -lowest weakest point
nascent -coming into existence emerging
nebulous -cloud-like hazy vague indistinct
negligent -taking too little care
neophyte -person who has been converted to a belief
nexus -a connection tie or link
nibble -show some inclination to accept (an offer)
noisome -offensive disgusting (smell)
nonchalant -not having interest
nonplussed -greatly surprised
nostrum -a quack remedy an untested cure
noxious -harmful
nugatory -trifling/worthless
obdurate -hardened and unrepenting stubborn inflexible
obfuscate -to darken make obscure muddle
oblivious -unaware having no memory
obsequious -too eager to obey or serve
obstreperous -noisy loud
obtain -to be established accepted or customary
obtrusive -projecting prominent undesirably noticeable
obtuse -blunt/stupid
obviate -to make unnecessary get rid of
occluded -blocked up
odious -repulsive hateful
odium -contempt dislike aversion
odor -smell favour reputation
officious -too eager or ready to help offer advice
ominous -threatening
onerous -needing effort burdensome
opaqueness -dullness/not allowing light to pass through
opprobrious -showing scorn or reproach
ossify -to turn to bone to settle rigidly into an idea
ostensible -seeming appearing as such professed
ostentation -display to obtain admiration or envy
ostracism -shut out from society refuse to meet talk
overhaul -examine thoroughly to learn about the condition

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