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Word List for GRE: Words starting with I-K

Author: Oleg Smirnov, Posted on Monday, November 29 @ 11:48:09 IST by RxPG  

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iconoclast -person who attacks popular beliefs
idiosyncrasy -personal mannerism
idolatry -excessive admiration of
idyll -a carefree episode or experience
ignoble -dishonourable common undignified
ignominious -shameful dishonourable undignified disgraceful
illicit -unlawful forbidden

imbroglio -complicated and embarrassing situation
immaculate -pure faultless
imminent -likely to come or happen soon
immutable -that cannot be changed
impair -worsen diminish in value
impassive -unmoved feeling no sign of passion
impecunious -having little or no money
impede -hinder get in the way of
impediment -something that hinders (e.g. stammer)
impending -imminent being about to happen expected
imperative -urgent essential
imperious -commanding haughty arrogant
impermeable -that cannot be permeated
imperturbable -calm not capable of being excited
impervious -not allowing to pass through (of materials)
imperviousness -haughty arrogant commanding
impiety -lack of reverence or dutifulness
implacable -incapable of being placated unpleasable
implicate -show that somebody has a share
implicit -implied though not plainly expressed
implosion -collapse bursting inward
importune -beg urgently solicit (of a prostitute)
imprecation -an invocation of evil a curse
impromptu -without preparation
impudent -rash indiscreet
impugned -challenged to be doubted
impute -to attribute to a cause or source ascribe
inadvertent -not paying proper attention
inane -silly senseless
inasmuch -since because
incense -make angry
incessant -often repeated continual
inchoate -not yet fully formed rudimentary elementary
incipient -beginning
incise -engrave make a cut in
incite -stir up rouse
inclined -directing the mind in a certain direction
incongruous -out of place not in harmony or agreement
incorrigibility -cannot be cured or corrected
incredulous -sceptical unwilling to believe
inculcate -fix firmly by repetition
incumbents -official duties
incursion -a raid a sudden attack
indefatigability -not easily exhaustible tirelessness
indelible -that cannot be rubbed out
indigence -poverty
indigenous -native
indistinct -not easily heard seen clearly marked
indolence -laziness
indomitable -not easily discouraged or subdued
indulge -gratify give way to satisfy allow oneself
indulgent -inclined to indulge
ineffable -to great to be described in words
ineluctable -certain inevitable
inept -unskilful said or done at the wrong time
ineptitude -quality of being unskilful
inferno -hell
infuriate -fill with fury or rage
infuse -put pour fill
ingenuous -naive young artless frank honest sincere
ingest -take in by swallowing
inimical -harmful or friendly
inimitable -defying imitation unmatchable
innocuous -causing no harm
inscrutable -incapable of being discovered or understood
insensible -unconscious unresponsive unaffected
insinuate -suggest unpleasantly make a way for something gently
insipid -without taste or flavour
insouciant -unconcerned carefree
insularity -narrow-mindedness isolated
insurrection -rising of people to open resistance to
interdict -prohibit forbid
interim -as an instalment
intersperse -place here and there
intransigent -uncompromising
intrepid -fearless brave undaunted
introspection -examining one's own thoughts and feelings
inundate -flood cover by overflowing
inured -accustomed to adapted
invective -abusive language curses
inveigh -to attack verbally denounce deprecate
inveterate -deep-rooted. long-established
invincible -too strong to be defeated
involute -complex
irascible -irritable easily angered
irate -angry
ire -anger
irksome -tiresome
irresolute -hesitating undecided
irrevocable -final and unalterable
itinerate -to travel from place to place to peregrinate
jabber -talk excitedly utter rapidly
jibe -gibe make fun of
jocular -meant as a joke
judicious -sound in judgment wise
knit -draw together unite firmly

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