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Word List for GRE: Words starting with D-E

Author: Oleg Smirnov, Posted on Monday, November 29 @ 11:49:42 IST by RxPG  

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dainty -pretty/delicate (food)/difficult to please
daunt -intimidate make fearful
dawdler -person who is slow waste of time
dearth -shortage
debacle -a break-up overthrow sudden disaster
decorum -propriety proper ness
decree -order given by authority

decry -disapprove of
defer -postpone give way (to show respect)
deferential -showing respect
defiance -open disobedience or resistance
delineate -to portray depict sketch out
deluge -great flood heavy rush of water
demagogue -person appealing not to reasons
demur -to hesitate raise objections
denigrate -blacken belittle sully defame
denouement -an outcome or solution the unravelling of a plot
deplete -use until none remains
deposition -dethronement depositing
deprave -make morally bad corrupt
deprecate -protest against express disapproval of
dereliction -deserting and leaving to fall into ruins
derision -ridicule mockery deriding
derivative -unoriginal obtained from another source
derogatory -insulting tending to damage
descry -catch sight of see something in the distance
desiccant -substance used to absorb moisture
desuetude -cessation of use disuse
desultory -aimless haphazard digressing at random
deter -discourage hinder
detraction -slandering verbal attack aspersion
detumescence -diminishing or lessening of swelling
deviance -being different in moral standards (from normal)
dexterity -skill (esp. in handling)
diaphanous -transparent gauzy
diatribe -bitter and violent attack in words
diffidence -shyness
dilate -speak comprehensively become wider large
disallow -refuse to allow or accept as a correct
discern -see with an effort but clearly
discomfit -confuse embarrass
disconcert -upset the self-possession of
discountenance -refuse to approve of
discourse -speech lecture
discredit -refuse to believe
discreet -careful/prudent
discrete -individually distinct
disdain -look on with contempt
disencumber -free from encumbrance
dishevelled -untidy
disingenuous -sophisticated artful trying to deceive cunning
disinter -dig up from the earth
dislodge -move force from the place occupied
dismal -sad gloomy miserable
disparate -essentially different
disproof -proof to the contrary
dissemble -speak or behave so as to hide something (in mind)
disseminate -distribute (esp. ideas)
dissent -have a different opinion refuse to assent
dissolution -disintegration looseness in morals
distraught -distracted violently upset in mind
divergence -getting farther apart from a point
divestiture -taking off getting rid of giving up
divulge -make known something secret
doggerel -trivial poorly constructed verse
dolt -stupid fellow
dormant -in a state of inactivity but awaiting development
dote -show much fondness centre one's attention
drawl -slow way of speaking
droll -jesting
drone -male bee person who isn't self-employed
drowsiness -feeling sleepy half asleep
dubious -feeling doubt
dud -no use person something that fails
dulcet -melodious harmonious
dupe -cheat make a fool of
duplicity -deliberate deception
duress -threats to compel somebody
dwarf -person or somebody much below the usual size
earthenware -dishes made of baked clay
ebullience -exuberance outburst of feeling
ebullient -overflowing with enthusiasm showing excitement
ecumenical -representing the whole Christian world
edacious -voracious devouring
eddy -circular or spiral movement (e.g.. of wind)
edible -fit to be eaten/not poisonous
effete -infertile worn out weak
efficacy -production of a desired result
effrontery -boldness impudence arrogance
egress -way out exit
elaborate -worked out with much care in great detail
elegy -a lament a melancholy composition
elicit -draw out
eloquence -fluent speaking skilful use of language
emaciate -make thin and weak
embellish -make beautiful
embezzle -use in a wrong way for one's own benefit
emote -stir up excite
empirical -relying on experiment
encapsulate -enclose in capsule
encomium -warm or glowing praise eulogy panegyric
encumbrance -burden things that get on the way of
endearing -making dear or liked
endemic -epidemic
endorse -write one's name on the back of
enduring -lasting
enervate -weaken deprive of strength attenuate
engender -cause produce give rise to
engrave -impress deeply
engulf -swallow up
enigma -something that is puzzling
enmity -hatred being an enemy
ensign -flag/badge
entangle -put into difficulties
enthral -please greatly/enslave (fig)
entice -tempt or persuade
entreat -ask earnestly
enunciate -pronounce (words)/express a theory
enzyme -catalyst
epicurean -devoted to pleasure (sensuous enjoyment)
epistle -letter
epithet -adjective
equable -steady regular
equanimity -calmness of temperament
equilibrium -state of being balanced
equipoise -equal distribution of weight equilibrium
equivocal -having a double or doubtful meaning suspicious
equivocate -try to deceive by equivocal language
eradicate -get rid of pull up by the roots
erratic -irregular in behaviour or opinion
erudite -learned scholarly
eschew -avoid
esoteric -abstruse intended only for a small circle of
espouse -marry give one's support to
eulogy -formal praise panegyric
euphoria -elation state of pleasant excitement
euthanasia -easy and painless death
evasive -tending to evade
evince -to show clearly to indicate
evoke -call up bring out
excoriation -severe criticism
exculpate -to clear from a charge of guilt
exhaustive -complete thorough
exigency -emergency an urgent situation
exoneration -set somebody clear free (e.g.. from blame)
exorbitant -much too high or great
expatiate -to roam wander freely
expedient -likely to be useful for a purpose
expiation -ending expiring
exploit -brilliant achievement develop use selfishly
expostulate -argue earnestly to dissuade correct or protest
expurgate -to remove obscenity purify censor
exscind -to cut out cut away
extant -still in existence
extempore -without previous thought or preparation
extinct -no longer active
extinguish -end the existence of/wipe or put out
extirpate -to destroy exterminate cut out exscind
extol -praise highly
extort -obtain by threats violence
extralegal -outside the law
extricable -that can be freed
extrovert -cheerful person
exuberance -state of growing vigorously being full of life

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