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Word List for GRE: Words starting with A-C

Author: Oleg Smirnov, Posted on Monday, November 29 @ 11:50:07 IST by RxPG  

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abacus- -frame with balls for calculating
abate -to lessen to subside
abdication -giving up control authority
aberration -straying away from what is normal
abet -help/encourage somebody (in doing wrong)
abeyance -suspended action

abhor -to hate to detest
abide -be faithful to endure
abjure -promise or swear to give up
abraded -rubbed off worn away by friction
abrogate -repeal or annul by authority
abscond -to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
abstruse -difficult to comprehend obscure
abut -border on
abysmal -bottomless extreme
acarpous -effete no longer fertile worn out
acclaimed -welcomed with shouts and approval
accolade -praise approval
accretion -the growing of separate things into one
adamant -kind of stone inflexible
admonitory -containing warning
adorn -add beauty decorate
adulteration -making unpure poorer in quality
affable -polite and friendly
affinity -close connection relationship
aggravate -make worse irritate
agile -active quick-moving
agog -eager/excited
ail -trouble be ill
alacrity -eager and cheerful readiness
alcove -recess/partially enclosed place
allegiance -duty support loyalty
alleviate -make (pain) easier to bear
alloy -to debase by mixing with something inferior
aloof -reserved indifferent
amalgamate -mix combine unite societies
ambidextrous -able to use the left hand or the right equally well
ambiguous -doubtful uncertain
ambivalent -having both of two contrary meanings
ameliorate -improve make better
amortize -end (a debt) by setting aside money
anguish -severe suffering
animosity -strong dislike
antidote -medicine used against a poison or a disease
antithetical -direct opposing
apartheid -brutal racial discrimination
aplomb -self-confidence
apotheosis -deification glorification to godliness
appease -make quiet or calm
apprise -give notice to inform
approbation -approval
apropos -appropriate to the situation apt
apt -well-suited quick-witted
arabesque -a complex ornate design
arboreal -of connected with trees
ardor -enthusiasm
arduous -steep difficult ascent laborious
argot -jargon slang
arrant -in the highest degree
arrogance -proud superior manner of behaviour
articulate -speak distinctly connect by joints
ascend -go or come up
ascertain -get to know
ascetic -practicing self-denial austere stark
ascribe -consider to be the origin of or belonging to
aseptic -surgically clean
asperity -roughness harshness ill temper irritability
aspersion -slander
assail -with attack violently
assiduous -diligent hard-working sedulous
assuage -make something (pain desire) less
asterisk -the mark * (e.g.. omitted letters)
astringent -substance that shrinks
astute -clever quick at seeing to get an advantage
atonement -repayment death of Jesus
attenuate -make thin. weaken enervate
attune -bring into harmony
audacious -daring foolishly bold impudent
augury -omen sign
august -majestic venerable
auspicious -favourable successful prosperous
austere -severely moral and strict simple and plain
auxiliary -helping supporting
aver -affirm assert prove justify
aversion -strong dislike
avid -eager greedy
avow -admit. Declare openly
baleful -harmful ominous causing evil
balk -obstacle purposely to get on the way of
baneful -causing harm or ruin pernicious destructive
barrage -artificial obstacle built across a river
bask -in enjoy warmth and light
beatify -to bless make happy or ascribe a virtue to
bedizen -to adorn especially in a cheap showy manner
belabor -beat hard
bellicose -belligerent pugnacious warlike
belligerent -(person nation) waging war
benefactor -person who has given help
benevolence -wish or activity in doing good
benign -kind and gentle mild (climate)
bequest -arrangement to give something at death
berate -scold sharply
bereft -rob or dispossess of something (material)
bewilder -puzzle confuse
bigot -stubborn narrow-minded person
bilge -bulge the protuberance of a cask
blandishment -flattery coaxing
blandness -polite manner comforting uninteresting
blatant -noisy and rough
blithe -cheerful casual carefree
bogus -sham counterfeit not genuine
boisterous -loud noisy rough lacking restraint
bolster -give greatly needed support
boorish -crude offensive rude
brash -hasty rush cheeky saucy
brass -yellow metal (mixing copper and zinc)
brazen -made of brass
breach -opening broken place breaking
brittle -easily broken
broach -bring up announce begin to talk about
brook -to tolerate endure
buoyant -able to float light-hearted
burgeon -grow forth send out buds
burnish -to polish rub to a shine
cabal -a scheme or plot a group of plotters
cadge -to beg to get by begging
cajole -use flattery or deceit to persuade

calumny -slander aspersion
candid -frank straight-forward
cant -insincere talk/jargon
cantankerous -bad-tempered/quarrelsome
canvass -discuss thoroughly sort of touting
castigate -to chastise correct by punishing
castigation -severe punishment
catalyst -substance that causes speeding up
caustic -biting sarcastic
censure -expression of blame or disapproval a rebuke
centurion -leader of a unit of 100 soldiers
chary -cautious wary
chastened -corrected punished
chastisement -punishment
chauvinist -a blindly devoted patriot
chicanery -legal trickery/false argument
chisel -steel tool for shaping materials
churl -bad-tempered person
clamor -shout complain with a lot of noise
clientele -customers
clinch -come to grips/settle conclusively
cling -to resist separation
clot -half-solid lump formed from liquid
coagulation -change to a thick and solid state
coalescing -coming together and uniting into one substance
coax -get somebody to do something by kindness
coda -passage that completes a piece of music
coddle -treat with care and tenderness
coerce -compel to force to make obedient
coeval -of the same period coexisting
cogent -strong convincing
cogitate -think deeply mediate
cognizant -being fully aware of
collusion -secret agreement for a deceitful purpose
combustion -process of burning
commemorate -keep the memory of
commodious -having plenty of space for what is needed
commuter -person who travels regularly
complaisance -tending to comply obliging willingness to please
compunction -feeling of regret for one's action
conceal -hide keep secret
conceit -over-high opinion of too much pride
conciliatory -reconciling soothing comforting mollifying
concord -agreement or harmony
concur -agree in opinion happen together
condense -increase in density strength make laconic
condone -forgive
congeal -make or become stiff and solid
conjoin -to join together
connoisseur -a person with good judgement (e.g.. in art)
connotation -suggestion in addition to
consequential -pompous self important
console -give comfort or sympathy to
conspicuous -easily seen remarkable
consternation -surprise and fear dismay
constrain -compel
constrict -make tight or smaller
consume -get to the end of
consummate -perfect/make perfect/complete
contemn -to scorn or despise
contentious -argumentative pugnacious combative quarrelsome
contiguous -touching neighbouring near
contrite -filled with deep sorrow for wrongdoing
contumacious -insubordinate rebellious
conundrum -a riddle dilemma enigma
conviction -convincing firm belief
convoke -call together summon
convoluted -complicated coiled twisted
cordial -warm and sincere
cordon -line (of police acting as a guard)
cornucopia -abundant supply
corporeal -physical of or for the body
correlate -have a mutual relation
corroboration -additional strengthening evidence
countenance -to favour or approve of
counterfeit -forgery
countervail -counterbalance
covert -disguised
covetous -eagerly desirous
cower -crouch shrink back
coy -shy/modest (esp. of a girl)
crass -very great (esp.. stupidity)
cravat -piece of linen worn as a necktie
craven -cowardly
credulity -too great a readiness to believe things
credulous -ready to believe things
crush -press lose shape subdue overwhelm
cryptic -secret with a hidden meaning
cumbersome -burdensome heavy and awkward to carry
curmudgeon -bad-tempered person
curriculum -course of study
cursory -quick hurried
curtail -make shorter then was planned

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