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Author: MCC, Posted on Thursday, December 02 @ 07:01:04 IST by RxPG  

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Follow the steps listed below precisely and ensure that your complete application is received at the MCC office as early as possible before, and no later than, the application deadline date (see Section 5(A)). An incomplete application results in administrative fees (see Section 5(A)) as well as a delay in acceptance. Furthermore, an application that remains incomplete sixty (60) days prior to the originally scheduled session date will be transferred to an “undecided” status, and will remain as “undecided” until the application is made complete and the candidate confirms the new session date and center requested as well as submits payment of the applicable transfer fee of $200.00 CAD. The onus is on the candidate to ensure that the application is COMPLETE prior to submitting the documentation.

An acceptable application for first-time applicants or for candidates whose initial application was made prior to 2000, must include: (a) a duly completed current year (2005) Application Form and certified Declaration Form; (b) the Registration and Payment Form, and fees; (c) photographs; (d) the final medical degree diploma (IMGs) or (e) attestations and declaration (IMSs); (f) translation, if required; and (g) proper certification of all documents. See specific details below for each of these requirements. Repeat applicants: Also see Section 6(I) for requirements.

(A) APPLICATION FORM: ALL new and repeat applicants must complete a current year (2005) Application Form once. In the case of first-time applicants and candidates who initially applied prior to 2000, the Application Form MUST be certified as indicated in Section 6(H), Certification Procedures. ONLY candidates applying under the student category need to also complete the following forms:

a. Attestation in Support of Application, to be completed by the Dean of the medical school;
b. Attestation regarding Schedule of Clinical Rotations, to be completed by the program director or coordinator; and
c. Student Declaration, to be completed by the candidate.

These forms must be sent as originals, with original signatures. Faxes and photocopies are NOT acceptable.

USMLE or EICS Number: In order to facilitate verification of your diploma, please provide your ECFMG USMLE number or EICS number in the space provided on the Application Form (above the name and address) if you have applied for the USMLE or have had your credentials submitted to the ECFMG’s International Credentialing Service in the past.

NAME: The name on your forms should be your full legal name. If the name on your application does not correspond exactly to the name on your diploma, you must submit certified, legal proof confirming that the person named on the diploma and the one named on the application are one and the same person. Acceptable legal documents include a passport (including the page with your photograph), birth certificate, marriage certificate, official court order, or Canadian Record of Landing. An attestation before a notary public is NOT acceptable as verification of a change of name. MCC reserves the right to request additional confirmation as required. IMPORTANT: A diploma with only initials for the given or family name must be accompanied by a birth certificate. Your result letters and all future documents will be issued in your legal name. Any request to change your name on your file at a future time will require a legal change of name document, officially certified as per the certification procedures (Section 6(H)).

(B) REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT FORM: ALL candidates must complete this form for registration for a MCCEE session in 2005. Once the 2005 Application Form has been submitted, repeat applicants need only submit the Registration and Payment Form. This form will be used to confirm:
 current contact information;
 language preference for the examination;
 candidate code number;
 an eight to sixteen (8 to 16) digit (letters and numbers only) personal password, which can be used by the applicant to access MCC Online services until a candidate code number is obtained;
 examination session and center requested;
 payment information.

FEES: You must include the full payment with your Registration and Payment Form.

Schedule of fees Canadian Dollars
Credentialing fee* $ 200.00*
Examination fee** +$ 800.00**
Total $1,000.00

* The $200.00 CAD credentialing fee is applied to candidates applying for the first time and to candidates who have a file in the MCC office that has been inactive for a period of five (5) years or more. The credentialing fee is non-refundable.
**Candidates who are submitting a repeat application and who last applied prior to 2004 must submit $900.00 CAD for their first application in 2005 ($800.00 CAD examination fee plus $100.00 CAD owing for increase in the credentialing fee). All subsequent applications would require payment of the $800.00 CAD examination fee only.

See Section 5(A) for information regarding the late application fee.

Accepted methods of payment:
• Certified cheque, bank draft or money order, made payable to the Medical Council of Canada. Personal cheques that are not certified are not accepted. Cheques in Canadian or American (U.S.) funds MUST be drawn on Canadian or U.S. banks respectively. Please visit our Website (www.mcc.ca) for the MCC’s current applicable currency exchange rate before submitting a payment in U.S. funds, as the exchange rate is subject to change. Please ensure to write your full name (and candidate code number if you know it) on your payment.

• Visa or MasterCard – The MCC cannot accept any other credit card. Complete the credit card portion of the Registration and Payment Form, as well as the Credit Card Authorization Form. Visa or MasterCard payments must be authorized in Canadian dollars.

Fees that do not clear the bank within sixty (60) days of the examination date will render the application incomplete and may result in a transfer to a future session (with a $200.00 transfer fee).

A $30.00 CAD administrative fee will be charged for any returned cheque (NSF, etc.) or a credit card payment that is rejected or declined for any reason (over the limit, wrong expiry date, missing signature, or other missing or incorrect information).

Please note that, due to the high volume of applications received, it is possible that a payment may not be processed until a few weeks following receipt of the application. Candidates paying by credit card should ensure that the funds are available, or they will be charged the $30.00 administrative fee if the payment is declined.

(C) PHOTOGRAPHS: For new applications, three (3) current, identical, passport-size and quality photographs of the applicant are required, one of which is to be attached firmly to the Declaration Form, in the designated space, and officially certified. The seal of office, stamp or signature of the certifying official must appear partly on the photograph and partly on the Declaration Form. The applicant must date as well as print AND sign his/her name on the back of the remaining two (2) photographs. One of the photographs will be scanned into the MCC database and reproduced onto the candidate’s Entrance Card. A photograph will also be sent to the candidate’s university, with the diploma, for verification. The photographs must be full-face and very clear, with contrasting background. Both black and white or color photographs are acceptable. Unacceptable photographs will render a candidate’s application incomplete (see Section 5(A) for consequences of an incomplete application).

VALIDITY: Photographs submitted for the MCCEE will be valid for one (1) year from the date stamped on the back of the photograph. (Please make note of this date for future reference.) Please also keep in mind that the photograph on your Entrance Card will be produced from the photograph you have submitted. In order to ensure that you do not have a problem at registration on the day of examination, it is strongly recommended that you submit new photographs if your appearance has changed from the time your previous photographs were taken.

(D) GRADUATE APPLICANT: Diploma - A certified true photocopy of the applicant's final medical diploma in the original language must accompany the Application Form. (See Sections 6(G) and (H) for translation and certification requirements.) Please consult Appendix A for eligible diplomas, and the MCC Website (www.mcc.ca) for any changes regarding diploma requirements. If the university issues diplomas in English or French as well as the original language, copies of both should be submitted. In all cases, the original language document is required. A translation issued by the medical school must be on official letterhead paper. Each page of both documents must be properly certified (Section 6(H)). If a diploma does not state the name of the medical school, it must be accompanied by a graduation certificate issued by the medical school, clearly identifying the medical school.

The medical qualification diploma must attest to the candidate having graduated in medicine from a medical school listed in either the World Directory of Medical Schools or the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), or having graduated from a U.S. School of Osteopathic Medicine accredited by the American Osteopathic Association. The year of graduation should reflect all requirements completed for the degree awarded, including any compulsory training or service that is required to receive the diploma.

When a final diploma of medical qualification is not available to the candidate for administrative reasons only, a letter issued by the university (on university letterhead) with an original signature, or a certified true copy of the original (see Section 6(H)) may be acceptable for admission to the Evaluating Examination if the following is stated:

1. the date when the candidate completed all requirements for the diploma, and that the diploma is not yet available for administrative reasons only;
2. the date when the diploma is expected to be issued. The diploma must be issued within nine (9) months following the session applied for in order to be eligible.

A certified true copy of the final medical diploma must be submitted as soon as it becomes available (within 30 days of receiving it) and before an application to a further MCC examination can be accepted. A certificate or transcript stating that the candidate has passed the final examination is NOT acceptable in lieu of the diploma.

The MCC is authorized to consult with other educational and licensing authorities as necessary. Effective 2004, direct verification of the medical diploma from the issuing university is sought for all candidates applying for a MCCEE session. Verification of the final medical diploma must be completed or in process in order for a candidate who has passed the MCCEE in 2004 or 2005 to be eligible for the MCCQE Part I, and must be completed for the MCCQE Part II.

Please ensure that your documents are certified as directed (see Section 6(H)) before submitting them to the MCC. Omissions or errors will cause delay in the application process, which may cause your application to be incomplete and transferred to a future examination. Such transfers will incur a fee of $200.00 CAD.

If you do not understand any aspect of the application procedures, please contact the MCC by fax at (613) 521-9417. Please ensure to include a valid e-mail address and/or return fax number (including the country code) with your request.

(E) TRANSCRIPT: A full transcript, in the original language, certified and translated (if necessary) in accordance with the instructions in Sections 6(G) and (H), must be submitted for all candidates for whom a year or more of internship, equivalent to postgraduate clinical training, is served prior to the medical degree and/or diploma being awarded. In these cases, the transcript will be submitted for source verification at the same time as the diploma. This may facilitate acceptance of this training to meet the eligibility requirement of 12 months of postgraduate training for the MCCQE
Part II.

(F) STUDENT APPLICANT: In addition to the Application Form, student applicants must complete the three additional student forms (as outlined in Section 6(A)).

Once a student candidate graduates and receives the final medical diploma, he/she must send a copy of the diploma, translated and certified as described in Sections 6(G) and (H), to the MCC, within 30 days of receiving it. Failure to do so may invalidate a pass standing on the MCCEE and/or prevent registration to further MCC examinations.

(G) TRANSLATIONS: Any document not in English or French must be accompanied by an English or French translation. A translation must be prepared by an independent qualified translation service. Acceptable translators include: A member or employee of a professional translation service, a certificant of the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council (CTTIC), a faculty member of the Modern Languages or Linguistics Department of a Canadian university. Unacceptable translations: A form letter with the applicant’s name, date of graduation, etc., filled in is NOT acceptable. It must be a literal and true translation of the original document. Translations prepared by relatives, friends, acquaintances or other volunteer agencies are NOT acceptable.

Please have the translator read the following paragraph before translating the document(s):

Important Note to the Translator: In order for the translation to meet the MCC’s requirements, you must see the original or an original certified true copy of the original document. Please make a photocopy of this document and staple it to your translation. The translation must be accurate and literal. It must appear on official letterhead paper and clearly identify the actual translator. You must certify the translation to be “a true translation of the attached document”. The translator or an official of the translation service must sign and date both the translation and the copy of the attached original document. The translation service’s official stamp or seal (if one exists) should also be applied to both documents.

The applicant must submit the original translation. If the applicant wishes to submit a copy of the translation, it must be certified “a true copy of the original” by a certifying official (see “Certification Procedures” below). The certified copy of the translation must be submitted with the copy of the original language document that has been signed and dated by the translator.

Please review your translations before submission. Omissions or errors, e.g. discrepancies in the spelling of the name, will cause delay in the application process. If you have problems locating a qualified translator in Canada, please contact the MCC office by fax at (613) 521-9417.

• If the application is completed in Canada, the United States or a country belonging to the European Union, it must be certified by a lawyer, notary public or commissioner of oaths, or by an official at a Canadian Embassy or Consulate.
• If the application is completed in any other country, it must be certified by an official at a Canadian Embassy or Consulate. If there is no Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence, the certification may be done at a U.S. or British Embassy.
• The fully completed Application Form must be signed by the applicant on the second page (Declaration Form), in the presence of the certifying official who will validate the applicant’s identity and certify that he/she has seen the applicant sign the form.

Please have the certifying official read the following paragraphs before certifying other documents:

Important Note to Certifying Official: As the certifying official you must see the original document (not a certified copy of an original), make a photocopy of the original document and certify each page of the photocopy using the wording as follows: "I certify this to be a true copy of the original", ensuring the words “true copy of the original” are included. Then, on every page of the document, apply your official stamp or seal of office, give the expiry date of your commission if applicable, apply your signature and print your name clearly. The MCC does not ask that you certify the authenticity or content of a document, only that you have seen the original.

As the certifying official you must also attest to the identity of the candidate by requiring appropriate documents, e.g. passport, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc., and certifying the signature of the applicant on the Declaration portion of the Application Form and the photograph attached to the application, and by applying your official stamp, seal of office or signature to partially overlap with the photograph.

Applicants should be prepared to cover any cost related to certification. Note: If it is not within the certifying official’s power to certify the documents precisely as detailed above (as may be the case for commissioners of oaths in certain jurisdictions), the applicant will be required to have the certification done by another type of certifying official (i.e. notary, lawyer).

(I) REPEAT APPLICATIONS: All repeat applicants whose initial application was prior to 2005 (but less than five (5) years ago) must complete and submit a 2005 Application Form the first time they apply in 2005. In this case, the new Application Form does not require certification. Also required are:

(i) Registration and Payment Form: All repeat applicants must complete and submit this form, providing their full name, current address, candidate code number, center choice and date of examination requested.

(ii) Photographs: Two (2) new, current, identical, passport-quality photographs of the applicant, with the name and signature of the applicant and the date the photograph was taken stamped or printed clearly on the back, must be submitted if the previous photographs provided are more than one (1) year old (see Section 6(C)).

(iii) Fee: $900.00 CAD examination fee is required if the previous application was made prior to 2004, or $800.00 CAD if the previous application was for a MCCEE session in 2004 or 2005. See section 6(B) for further explanation regarding the fees. To ensure that your payment is clearly identified for your file in this office, include your full name and candidate code number with your payment.

(iv) Documents: It is not necessary to submit a new certified photocopy of the medical diploma. However, proof of any change that has occurred in a candidate's status must accompany a subsequent application., e.g. if there has been a change of name through marriage or other reasons. Candidates who initially applied as students MUST submit their certified diploma in accordance with the date of issue provided on their Student Attestation. All diplomas will be submitted for verification by the issuing university.

Candidates re-applying for a second or third MCCEE session in 2005 would submit only a Registration and Payment Form. The form may be submitted by fax (613-521-9417) PROVIDED THAT:
• they have previously submitted a properly-completed 2005 Application Form;
• they are paying by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only); and
• they have not received a notice advising that the MCC requires additional documentation before admitting them to a further examination.

Candidates who qualify to fax in their application must submit any required photographs (see paragraph (ii) above) by courier, immediately upon faxing in their application (the fax must include a note confirming that the photographs are being sent and the expected date of receipt).

An applicant who last wrote the Evaluating Examination MORE THAN FIVE (5) YEARS AGO must submit a complete new application with all supporting documentation (see Sections 6(A) through (H) above), as well as the full fee of $1,000.00 CAD. Please see Section 8.

There is currently no limit to the number of times a candidate may attempt to pass the Evaluating Examination.

(J) CONSECUTIVE EXAMINATIONS: Since 2004, the schedule allows for candidates to apply to consecutive MCCEE sessions if necessary. Candidates who are successful on the January 2005 session will be eligible to apply late to the spring 2005 MCCQE Part I (with the $100.00 penalty fee).

(K) ADDRESS: The MCC will mail all correspondence and the Entrance Card to the address entered on the Registration and Payment Form. To prevent errors or delays (and possible administrative fees), applicants must notify the MCC immediately of any address change using the online address update service (www.mcc.ca - select Examinations from the menu bar, then click on MCC Online) or in writing with a signature. A signed notice by fax is also acceptable.


CANADA and MCCEE discussion forums can be reached here

For past papers of MCCEE and other Canada medical examination previous papers, please see canada.previouspapers.com

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