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Faculty of Public Health (UK) Sponsorship Scheme for exemption from the PLAB

Author: FPH, Posted on Friday, February 11 @ 09:56:17 IST by RxPG  

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Faculty Sponsorship Scheme. The Faculty operates a scheme to consider sponsoring a small number of overseas-qualified doctors to enable them to train in public health medicine in the UK under Limited Registration, without passing the PLAB test, before returning to their own countries. For the purpose of sponsorship, an Overseas doctor is defined as one who is not a national of one of the member states of the EEA, including the UK. Doctors who have rights of residence or who benefit from European Community rights are not normally eligible for sponsorship.

This programme is in some respects unlike the scheme operated by other Royal Colleges and Faculties. The Faculty does not place applicants in training posts. Applicants must obtain training posts in open competition and fulfil a number of additional criteria which are specified in the following information. Details of vacancies in training posts can be obtained through the classified (advertising) section of the medical journals eg, the BMJ, or through contacting one or two of the regional Training Programme Directors.

IELTS Examination. Please note that from January 1998 the GMC has required that the IELTS English examination, administered by the British Council, is mandatory for all non-EEA applicants, even those with English as a first and only language. Applicants should be aware that it can take some time to collect all the necessary documents for the GMC, including taking the IELTS English test. If the English test must be retaken (perhaps because the score in any of the four sections did not meet the required standard, or because the previous IELTS certificate has expired), a period of 3 months must elapse before the applicant can sit again. Please note that the IELTS certificate is valid for only 2 years.

Application for Faculty Sponsorship. Please note that normally, the Faculty does not sponsor overseas-trained doctors, but expects them to obtain registration by passing the PLAB test. Please confirm with the Faculty Education Office that your circumstances are unusual enough to warrant applying for sponsorship before you submit the forms and fee.

STAGE ONE: submit documents to the Faculty Education Office

full curriculum vitae
original certificates for medical and other degrees and qualifications relevant to public health medicine. Please check that your primary medical qualification and internship experiences are acceptable for limited registration purposes. A list of recognised institutions can be found on the WHO website.
original certificates of good standing from the country in which the doctor has qualified and the countries in which the doctor has worked in the five years preceding the date of application. If ay of the certificates are not in English, they must be accompanied by an original official English translation.
original certificate of IELTS results
* two letters of recommendation
scrutiny fee of £110, balance of £50 to be paid when post obtained (or you may pay the full £160 at this time)
written confirmation that you have not previously sat and failed the PLAB test

The Faculty must see original certificates of every item listed. You may send them recorded or registered delivery for safety and we will return them to you immediately the same way. Do not send the GMC Application pack at this time.

STAGE TWO: apply for and obtain a post in open competition

Applying for posts: When all your documents have been received and approved by the Education Office, you will be sent a letter confirming that the Faculty is willing to sponsor you. You may present this letter to prospective employers with whom you are applying for approved training posts to confirm your eligibility for sponsorship.

When you are appointed to an approved post, we will need two documents to complete your application.

1. The first is a letter from the person who will be responsible for your training. The letter must state the following information:

that he or she met you personally
that you have been appointed to an approved post in Public Health Medicine; if an SHO post, a statement of the educational objectives and competencies to be met and the appraisal procedure should be made
post number
that the person specified in the letter will be responsible for your training
that the English you demonstrated in your interview is deemed to be of a satisfactory standard.

2. The second document is the GMC application pack.

The application pack requires some information from you, from your employer and some from the sponsoring body. You must complete Part One of the application pack and your new employer must complete a Certificate of Selection for Employment.

STAGE THREE: send the application pack to the Faculty.

You should then send the completed application pack to the Faculty Education Office with your letter (see above) and £50 (the second part of your fee), for completion of Certificate of Sponsorship. The GMC will also require to see the original certificate of your primary medical qualifications and the IELTS unless they have already done so. Please make sure that your IELTS has not already expired.

As of 1st October 2004 all doctors applying for an initial period of limited registration will be required to supply to the Faculty and the GMC certificates of good standing (CGS) as part of the evidence of good character with the application form.

STAGE FOUR; send the completed application pack to the GMC.

The Faculty will forward your completed pack to the GMC. It normally takes the GMC about 7-10 days to process the form. You may also wish to note that from 01 December 2001 you will be required to include your cheque for the registration fee to the GMC with your application letter.

Renewal of Limited Registration

Doctors who are granted Limited Registration should note that it is their responsibility to apply for renewal of the limited time period in good time. It is important to ensure that there is no gap in the period of registration, as approved training time could be affected. You need to contact the GMC for an application pack for renewal. Along with the renewal pack, the Faculty requires a letter from your named trainer or Faculty Adviser stating that you are making satisfactory progress towards meeting your educational objectives.

Full Registration

After a doctor has been in an approved training post for 2 years (if SHO) or 1 year (if SpR) she/he may apply for full registration. Apply directly to the GMC, which will send out an information pack.

If, after reading this material, you still feel you may be eligible for the Faculty’s Sponsorship programme, apply to the Education Office of the Faculty: educ@fph.org.uk.

Registration with the General Medical Council. General Medical Council registration is required to undertake UK training in a speciality. Either full or limited registration is acceptable. Limited registration can be gained by two means: taking and passing the PLAB test or, rarely, by sponsored exemption from the PLAB test. The Faculty does not consider applications for Sponsored Exemption from doctors who have previously taken or failed the PLAB test. The GMC’s Application pack may be obtained direct from the GMC: Tel 08453 573 456; E-mail registrationhelp@gmc-uk.org or from the Faculty Office. Applicants should not complete the form and send transcripts unless they have been told that the Faculty is willing to consider their application. Overseas doctors are normally required to take the Professional Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) test. The test is administered by the GMC and all enquiries should be made directly to the GMC.

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