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MRCS Part 1 January 14th Remembered Questions

Author: amirth, Posted on Friday, February 25 @ 11:40:07 IST by RxPG  

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MRCS Part 1

1) Mesothelioma; bilateral,aggressive,metastasis.smoking,glass workers
2) spiral FRACTURE 3-4 fragements,indirect injury,
3) delayed union of bones osteoporosis osteomalacia interposition of soft tissues compression immunosupression
4) Rotator cuff supraspinatus subscapularis lattismus dorsi rhom.major deltioid
5) urethra least dilatable,antr urethra buck fascia glands open common ej.duct opens
6) Testicular tumours germ cell tumour painless swelling
7) Ureter relations
8) Intragastric pH
9) Pheochromocytoma
10) ZE syndrome gastrinomas

11) Leiomyoma
12) Pancreas neck relations
13) Abdominal aorta
14) Supr.mesenteric artery
15) Short loop syndrome adaptation
16) Colon functions
17) Scaphoid bone relations
18) Basilica vein
19) Saphaneous vein
20) Adductor canal
21) Facial nerve injury
22) Nerve injury and gland secretions
23) TM Joint relations
24) Supraorbital fissure str.passing
25) Spinothalamic tract
26) Pituitary gland
27) Neuroglioma originates from
28) Spermatic cord structures
29) Inguinal canal Surgery
30) Diaphragm
31) Sternotomy structures divided
32) Thoracoscopic sympathectomy
33) Phrenic nerve relations
34) Adult pyrloric stenosis
35) Increased ICP
36) Cardiogenic shock
37) Sepsis (shock)
38) Hyperventilation
39) Thyroid cancer and associations
40) MEN II
41) Magnesium indications
42) Burns
43) Blast injury
44) Premalignant conditions of colon
45) Cytokines pro froms etc
46) Cirrhosis
47) Obstructrive jaundice
48) Lesser sac
49) Regenerating cells
50) Virus
51) Anal carcinoma
52) Hypercalcaemia
53) Pancreas relations
54) Costophrenic angle
55) Pulmonary edema
56) ARDS
57) Renal perfusion increased by
58) Alpha feto protein 3 times incr.
59) Compartment syndrome
60) Venous ulcer
61) Smoking risk associations
62) Infectious mononucleosis
63) EBV
64) Product with 02 carrying capcity
65) Pelvic splanchnic nerves
66) Air embolism
67) Spinothalmic tract
68) Hypernephroma
69) Respiration muscles
70) Small cell carc. Of lung and hormones
71) Erythropoietin
72) Drugs acting in postganglionic receptors
73) Helicobacter pylori
74) Hep.B virus

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