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How I Passed my PLAB Part 1 Exam

Author: DeDakter, Posted on Tuesday, April 26 @ 15:36:05 IST by RxPG  

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PLAB Part 1

To all who have passed PLAB 1 congratulations. To the rest I wish you the best of luck on your second attempt ;its very possible.

As you have frequently heard. Doing questions is key when studying for the PLAB 1. Actually it is the single most important thing TO DO.

I gave PLAB 1 three weeks of serious studyin where I was studying on average about 14 hours/day. I managed to DO 6000 questions in that time and read OHCM. That was enough for me to pass and get 151!

If you were wondering where I got the questions from then here you go. RxPG PLAB international edition by Tyagi and Vidyarthi. This book has got 1000 previous questions in a very nicely ordered fashion with explanations at the end. It also has about 500 SBA type questions. Its a pretty good book.

I also did EMQ Digest for PLAB part 1 by the same authors. This book has 4000 questions but has no explanations.

I also did fischtest which has about 1000 questions.

On top of those I did about 1000 questions from previous tests which I got from some friends of mine.

All those books have mistakes and spotting the mistakes is a good way of learning. After all the people who made the books are only human and no one can get everything right. When u get stuck refer to OHCM and if necessary OHCS.

Using forums like this can be helpful. I didn't really give them much of my time, but my friends who did enjoyed the experience.

Never give up its a very doable exam. You just have to give it ure absolute best. Don't push yourself TOO hard. Do not study for months on end. The test can be destressing and goes very fast. Practice your English and make sure you can read fast; alot of people do not have time to finish the exam because of that. Make sure you time yourself when you do mock exams at home. Always make sure you take less then 3 hours.

Take care of your health and make sure you give your brain the rest it needs. Other then that good luck to all.

Note: Originally Posted at : http://www.rxpgonline.com/postt29485.html

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