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Speaking Component of IELTS : Practice Topics

Author: Limey, Posted on Friday, May 20 @ 11:08:23 IST by RxPG  

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Speaking Topics :

Part 1 (General Topics):

-These are topics of general interests and usually remain same for most of the candidates.

1) Your Hometown

- Where is it?
- What kind of place is it?
- Do you like it?
- What are the interesting places to visit in your hometown?

-Why do you want to leave it and go abroad? Are you happy that you are leaving?
-If given a chance, what will you like to change in your hometown?
- What is the thing which you dislike most about your hometown
- Do u think it’s a good place to live? why?
- What sort of jobs are usually adopted by people in your hometown?
-Has it changed over years? How?
-Have you ever stayed in any place other than ur hometown? Was it different? How different were the attitude of people in these areas? Which was a better place in your view?

2)Your Job :

- What is it ?
- What exactly you do in a typical working day in ur job?
- Why did u choose such a job?
- Are u happy with it?
- What sort of changes you would want in your job?
- Is it that what you always wanted? or what kind of job you would have actually opted for, if not this ?

3)Shopping :

- Do you like shopping ?
- What exactly you like to shop?
- Which part of month or year you generally shop? why?
- Do u prefer to shop in Malls or you like the traditional shopping?
- Do you like to bargain ?

4)Climate/ Weather :

- What is the typical weather/ season in your country ?
- Which is your favorite season?
- If given a chance, would you like to have this season through out the year?
- What you dislike most about this season?
- How do you think, behavior of people change in different seasons?

5)Sports :

-Do u like sports?
- You prefer to watch or play sports ? Why?
- Which is the favorite sport you play/ watch?
- Which is the most favorite sport in your area?
- Which sport you always cherished to play but never ever got a chance to?

Other Topics for Part I :
- Family and family relationships
- Modern and traditional lifestyles
- Traditional or modern buildings
- Tourism and tourist sites
- Celebrations and cultural activities
- Schooling and the education system
- City and country living
- Do you prefer eating out in restaurants
-What type of transport do you use most? Why?
-Where would you like to go on holiday? Why?
-Who you would most like to go on vacation with ?What you like most about this person?
-What one thing you would always want to carry when going out on vacation?
-You like to work out in gyms or prefer to carry work outs in your own home ? Why?
-Describe one funny incident (which had happened to you).
-Describe one strange incident
-Describe one embarrassing situation you landed into. How did you plan your way out of the situation?

Part II Topics :

1. Describe a person from your youth who had a great influence on you:

You should say:

-where you met them
-what relationship this person was to you
-what was special about them
-explain how they influenced you so much.

2. Describe a home/ place of stay which is very near to your heart :

You should say :

- why you are so attached to that home
-how long you stayed there
-Who occupies that house now
-what did you liked most about that house

3. Describe a piece of music that has had a big effect on you.

You should say :

- what is that music about (classical/ movie- related/ others)
- what is so special about it
-has it changed over years

4. Talk about a friend who is very close to you

You should say:

-when and how you met
-how often you see this friend
-what kind of personality your friend has
-why you like spending time with this particular person

5. Describe an important historical event in your country:

You should say:

-when it happened
-what happened
-who were the most important people involved
-why do you think it was important to your country

6. Describe a family member that you really admire:

You should say:

-what relation this person is to you
-what are your special memories of this person
-how often you see this person
-why you really admire this member of your family

7. Describe an object which is very important to you:

You should say:

-what it is
-when and where you got it
-how it helps you in your life
-you would do if you didn’t have one of these

8. Describe a photograph that means a lot to you:

You should say:

-what it shows
-who took the photograph
-when it was taken
-why this photograph is so important to you

9. Describe a memorable holiday you have had :

You should say:

-how you travelled
-what activities you did on holiday
-who you went with
-what so memorable about it

10. Describe a book that influenced you:

You should say:

-what it was about
-who recommended it to you
-why you decided to read it
-why it had a strong effect on you

11. Describe a party that you have been to that you enjoyed:

You should say:

-who gave the party
-why you were invited
-who was at the party
-why you really enjoyed that party

12. Describe your favorite place in your house :

You should say:

-where it is
-who you like to go there with
-what you enjoy doing there
-what makes this place special for you

13. Describe a typical festival in your country:

You should say:

-what is the celebration about
-what people do during this celebration
-what you usually do at this time
-what this celebration means to you

14. Describe a teacher that you remember from school:

You should say:

-what the teacher taught you
-what was good about the teacher
-what you didn’t like about the teacher
-do you think this teacher changed your life in any way

15.Describe a kid that you know that is special for you:

You should say:

-who the child is
-what the child is like as a person
-what is the most attractive feature of the child
-why this child is so important to you

16.Describe a wedding you have been to:

You should say:

-whose marriage it was
-what happened during the ceremony
-something that you remember very well about the day
-what you most enjoyed about the wedding

17.Describe a favourite item of clothing:

You should say:

-what it is
-when and how you got it
-when you wear it
-why you like it more than your other clothes

18.Describe a film that you really liked:

You should say:

-what it was about
-when you went to see it with
-who you went with
-what you really liked about that film

Part III Topics:

Topics in Part III are related to the Topic given in Part II

Possible Related Topics in Part 3 are mentioned in conjunction with Part 2 topics :

1. Favorite Home/ Place of stay

-How will you decribe a typical house in your country?
-Have the pattern of houses/housing chnaged over years?
-Which is the most important part of a house, according to your cultural beliefs?
-Give reasons why somebody decides to move to a new house.

2. Describe a place you visited recently

-How does tourism affect a country?
-What are the advantages?
-Can cultures learn from each other?
-What harmful effect does tourism have on cultures?

3. Describe a friend

- Is friendship important in your culture?
- How many close friends can you have?
-Are friends more important than family?

4. Describe a child you know

-What is the role of parents in raising children?
-Has the role changed in recent years?
-Who is responsible for discipline?

5. Describe an object you like

-Why people get attached to small objects?
-Why gifts are important in your culture?
-Are people in your country wise consumers?
-What all things you keep in mind while buying something?

6.Describe a photograph

-Are images important in your culture?
-How has changed with time?
-Do you think cameras intrude private lives of people
-What do you think about cameras in mobile phones

7.Describe an historical personality

-Who are the most influential people in your society?
-You think they are more important than role models of today?
- who are the present role models in your society?
-What are the qualities of a good leader?

8. Describe a festival

- Do you think celebrating festivals is a waste of time and money
-What is the importance of festivals?
-How have the festival clebrations changed with time?

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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