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Books to Read for MRCPCH Part 2 Examination

Author: RxPG_Team, Posted on Tuesday, June 07 @ 04:07:36 IST by RxPG  

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The following is the book list for the preparation of MRCPCH Part 2 Examination. This list is based on the recommendations of the RxPG members who have passed their MRCPCH Part 2 exam.

Must Have Books

  • Clinical Paediatrics for Postgraduate Examinations (MRCPCH Study Guides)
    Terence Stephenson, Hamish Wallace, Angela Thomson

    An essential, system-by-system guide to the clinical examination of children, within the postgraduate exam context. With an improved layout and style and 50 added illustrations and flow diagrams, this edition uses a systems approach that ensures inclusive coverage of all important syndromes in clinical paediatrics for students preparing for postgraduate examinations.

  • Data Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2 (Churchill's Pass Paediatrics)
    James Robertson, A.P. Hughes

    A revision book aimed at the data interpretation section of the MRCPCH Part 2 exam, consisting of approximately 150 questions, short explanatory answers, helpful hints, and 3 "test" exams. The questions are arranged by subject to facilitate revision, and the style and level of difficulty of the questions closely matches the exam. The only book to date that has been as practical or useful for this section of the written paper of the MRCPCH exam. Although it is short in content, it has a good approach to the problem of data questions and a book that is recomended.

  • MRCPCH Part 2 Practice Exams
    Giles Kendall, Ian Pollock

    This practice exam revision book features five papers to reflect the current exam trends and offers a mixture of new format questions, many accompanied by illustrations (ECGs, x-rays etc). New question formats: ‘best of list’, ‘n from many’ and EMQs.

  • Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2 Written Examination
    Nicholas Barnes, Julian Forton

    Contains 34 integrated questions with multiple photographs, radiological investigations and several stages of decision making. Contains specialist, adolescent cases and additional cases covering commonly asked questions/essential knowledge. Each integrated case-based question is accompanied by a comprehensive explanation and overview of the subject pertinent to the scenario

  • MRCPCH: The Complete Revision Guide: Pt.2

    A revision book of questions and answers for Part II of the MRCPCH exam - all in the new exam format. Questions have been written in the 3 styles used in the new exam.

  • Practical Paediatric Problems: A Textbook for MRCPCH
    Robert Carachi, T. J. Beattie

    This innovative text, modelled on the current RCPCH syllabus for paediatric training, provides all the information that the senior house officer and specialist registrar in paediatrics will need during training and when preparing for the MRCPCH examination. A series of chapters discussing general principles in paediatric medicine is followed by a section covering the problems associated with the major body systems. Each chapter within this latter section is divided into three elements: * Element A covers the background basic science to the particular problems being discussed in the chapter, including basic embryology and anatomy, biology and physiology. A description of the techniques involved in investigation where these will be critical to the diagnoses that follow is also included here. * Element B presents the core system problems for the chapter. Tables are provided to summarise the different causes, classifications and differential diagnoses, clinical features, key investigations, therapeutic options and outcomes. Concise supporting text provides more detailed information where appropriate. Selected short case histories are also included to highlight the key issues covered in the chapter. * Element C is a concise bibliography, incorporating a short series of key primary papers and review articles and suggestions for further reading. Subjects covered under general principles include developmental paediatrics, behavioural issues and learning difficulties, community paediatrics and clinical pharmacology. Clinical chapters include the respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and all other body systems. Haematology, oncology, psychiatry, surgical problems and tropical paediatric medicine are also covered here. All chapters contain up-to-date and appropriate information written by practising paediatricians who are each acknowledged specialists in their own field. Each chapter concludes with an extended grey case and the reader will be challenged to offer possible diagnoses, investigations and treatment options, with answers and explanations provided at the end of the book. This textbook will fast become an indispensable guide to the specialty for all trainee paediatricians in preparation for the MRCPCH examination and beyond.

Can Have Books

  • Paediatric Radiology for MRCPCH/FRCR
    Christopher Schelvan, Annabel Copeman, Jane Young, Jacqueline Davis

    The book is clearly written and contains a lot of information. Images are good quality and demonstrate the abnormalities well. Written for postgraduates revising for exams in paediatrics and radiology, this study-aid covers a wide range of paediatric pathology, including the subject of imaging. The book contains around 100 different cases. Each case comprises a radiological image or images, a succinct clinical history, brief questions and a discussion that includes a synopsis of the condition illustrated and suggestions for further reading. The aim is to identify the radiological abnormality and to select the most likely diagnosis within the clinical context. Most cases are common paediatric and neonatal problems although rarer conditions are included. Suggested answers follow an explanation of the radiological findings. In addition to these cases there is an introductory chapter on basic concepts in imaging which describes the different modalities available, provides the scientific information required to help the reader understand the different techniques, and considers the relative cost of different investigations.

  • Imaging Picture Tests for the MRCPCH (Churchill's Pass Paediatrics)
    A.P. Winrow

    An exam revision book consisting of 100 paediatric imaging pictures tests, including questions and explanatory answers and hints as to common errors made on exams; aimed at MRCPCH (Part 2 ) candidates and DCH candidates; it is also of interest to undergraduates preparing for picture sections of their final exams.

  • Data Questions for the MRCPCH Part 2 (Churchill's Pass Paediatrics)
    James Robertson, A.P. Hughes

    A revision book aimed at the data interpretation section of the MRCPCH Part 2 exam, consisting of approximately 150 questions, short explanatory answers, helpful hints, and 3 "test" exams. The questions are arranged by subject to facilitate revision, and the style and level of difficulty of the questions closely matches the exam.

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Recommended Books for MRCPCH Part 2
• Books to Read for MRCPCH Part 2 Examination by RxPG_Team

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Books to Read for MRCPCH Part 2 Examination

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Books to Read for MRCPCH Part 2 Examination

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