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NEW ZEALAND; Scope and Options for Doctors

Author: tegs, Posted on Saturday, June 28 @ 20:01:46 IST by RxPG  

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We have been writing that there is shortage of doctors in New Zealand for a long time. Month after month, newspapers carry articles on the issue. It is an opportunity going unnoticed by many of you. For example, a recent issue of New Zealand Herald reported the temporary turning away of patients from Rotorua Hospital because of a severe doctor shortage. The newspaper link is:

http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm? storyID=232970&thesection=news&thesubsection=general

(If your browser program does not read the link correctly, copy the link and paste in address space in browser.)

Congratulations to all those who have used this information and come to New Zealand with confidence. I am sure others who are taking active steps will be in New Zealand soon. When you want to go to a country in search of better career opportunities, the most important questions will be on finance. It is very difficult for most of you to get facts because people generally do not tell you how much they earn, spend and save. (And, when did you last discuss about your financial affairs with others? Have you ever discussed?)

The real value of money depends not just on how much you earn. You must take into account factors like life style, stress, cost of living and savings. If you go to USA, you will get US$24,000 per year in the first year of residency. It will marginally increase over years. What will you get after state tax, federal tax, medical insurance, life insurance and other deductions? Only when you complete you will be able to make some decent money. The quality of life in residency years is poor. It is different in New Zealand. The income opportunities vary with individuals. Let us focus only on general trend. Be rest assured, doctors are the highest income earners in New Zealand. The minimum earnings of a new doctor in New Zealand starts at NZ$48,000. Then you will get other income for On Calls and extra time you work. This is the minimum pay for first year house officer. Over the years, there will be sharp increase in your pay but your expenses will remain more or less the same. Within two years, your gross earning can exceed NZ$72,000. If you are a senior registrar with some qualifications, your income can be NZ$90,000. If you are a senior registrar in a training scheme, it can be as high as NZ$140,000. These figures may not mean much to you, unless you have an idea about the tax, expenses, savings, life style as compared to the income in UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada and USA. Here are the income details of real persons. All details are on annual basis.

Dr.C., A new overseas medical graduate (without fellowships like FRCS) joined a New Zealand hospital after passing NZREX. In the first year, she earned a total of NZ$53,752.00. In the next two years her income rose to NZ$75,000.00. She is in O&G and works for 40 hours a week and twice a month takes up on call.

Dr.S., an Overseas Medical Graduate without any fellowship, has been working here for 5 years. His annual salary is NZ$75,430.00. In addition to his regular job, he takes up locum jobs.(Locum is,to put it roughly, a temporary job on holidays and weekends). You will get twice the normal pay. He earns NZ$48,122.00 in locum jobs. SO, his gross income is NZ$123,552.00. He does not have any special skills. He is just a hard worker and knows a bit of everything. Dr.U., came to New Zealand after achieving FRCS in UK. Within a year he entered a specialist training scheme. He draws NZ$141,346.00. After the completion of the training, he will draw NZ$500,000 in his new job.

Dr.T,,is in O&G training scheme. She is an overseas doctor without any fellowships. She has been working in New Zealand for the past four years and drawing NZ$124,860.00. We have not covered doctors who are in private practice who earn many times more.

Temporary Registration and ODTS Some doctors are confusing between Temporary Registration in UK and Temporary Registration in New Zealand and Australia. Temporary Full Registration in UK is granted to doctors with high specialist qualification at visiting professor level and for a very short period. This is quite difficult to get. In Australia and New Zealand, if you have a job or sponsor you can get Temporary Registration. You need not be a visiting professor or a highly qualified specialist. If you do not like PLAB test but want to work in UK, you need to find a sponsor and take shelter in the scheme known as ODTS.

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