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Neurological Eye Movement Simulator

Author: UC Davies, Posted on Friday, July 15 @ 05:50:50 IST by RxPG  

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Click on the picture or here to start the eye movement simulation

This application simulates eye motion and demonstrates the effects of disabling one or more of the 12 eye muscles and one or more of the 6 cranial nerves that control eye motion. The purpose of this simulator is to teach medical students and doctors how the eye motion will change with pathology of the eye muscles and cranial nerves and what to look for during a standard neurological eye exam.

You need the Macromedia Shockwave Plug-in in order to see the eyes. You can download Shockwave from Macromedia.

System Description. The neurological eye motion simulator was created by using a combination of Macromedia Director movies, Shockwave, JavaScript language, HTML language, and the World Wide Web.

Macromedia Director provides an efficient method of simulating a patient's eyes following a doctor's finger. However, instead of a finger, the eyes follow the mouse sprite. Based on a mathematical model of eye motion, two eye images are moved behind a static image of a face. The state of the eye muscles and associated cranial nerves are used to calculate pathological eye motion.

Designed for World-Wide-Use. Most graphical simulations for learning are limited to local use because either they are not designed for the Internet. Most graphical simulators that are designed for the Internet are also limited to users on T1 lines due to the high bandwidth requirements. This neurological eye simulator not only is designed for the Internet but has such a low bandwidth requirement that it can easily be used by students at home through slow telephone modems.

Evaluation. The eye simulator has been used for the past three years by students in the UC Davis medical anatomy class. Professors also use it as a teaching aid during lecture on a LCD projector.

The eye simulator is now being used worldwide by medical students, as well as students of many other medically related disciplines to help them learn eye muscle anatomy and neurological functions. The eye simulator has been given a 5 star rating by the CAL Reviews of medical education applications. (URL http://cim.ucdavis.edu/users/rick/calreview.htm) The CAL Reviews is produced by the Centre for Medical Interactive Technology as part of an IT initiative with the Clinical Biomedical Computing Unit of the University of Cambridge Clinical School (in England).

Although no formal statistical data has yet been tabulated, feedback from medical students, residents, practicing neurologists and ophthalmologists has been extremely positive and has indicated that the simulator has been useful as an educational tool.

Conclusions. The neurological eye simulator has successfully enhanced the inherent limitations of the mechanical tennis ball model and has become a useful educational application for medical students. Using the combination of Director, Shockwave , and JavaScript provides a powerful simulator for educational. This simulator also provides worldwide availability at a low bandwidth making it usable by a large population of students and interested public.

This is only the beginning of our learning simulation projects. Hewlett-Packard recently awarded the UC Davis Medical School a $155,000 equipment grant to establish a virtual patient simulation laboratory. Future development of the eye simulator will include enhancements to simulate many common neurological conditions including strabismus, pathological eye reflexes, etc. Future developments of the virtual patient simulator lab will consist of realistic full body simulations to teach medical students basic Internal Medicine cases.

Eye simulator URL: http://cim.ucdavis.edu/eyes/eyesim.htm The simulator requires Shockwave.

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