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TN PG Analysis Version 4.2 1st June 2003

Author: Chanakya321bc, Posted on Monday, June 02 @ 01:55:20 IST by tegs  

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Tamilnadu PG

TN PG 2003 ANALYSIS............ Version 4.2 Dated 1st June 2003



Updated with points 39 to 41, 47 to 49, 69 to 71, 72 to 85 and 86 to 90

After working out with the marks of about 25 candidates, We have now enough proof ...

to show that 0.25 has been deducted for each wrong answer for EVERY ONE. And this can be proved with a formula. Please click here to read on……
If you have already read this you can directly see the latest developments by clicking here
12th May 2003 Monday Case filed in Hon’ble High Court Chennai
13th May 2003 Tuesday Counseling stayed till next hearing on 20th May 2003
17th May 2003 Saturday Individual communication send to the candidates.
20th May Tuesday Court orders Reevaluation
23rd May Friday Revised Mark list released
27th May Tuesday Counseling stayed till 3rd Jun
28th May Wednesday Web site www.tnhealth.org not opening
29th May Thursday Stay extended till 10th June
PLEASE quote the point number when you are replying to this message
I am not directly affected by this result..... But nevertheless most, if not all, of my friends are affected...... And I am sure that I too will be have to bear it in near future
If we leave this as such, these kind of atrocious, callous, unscrupulous attitudes are going to line up and we will land up no where in future
Lets us first bring together what had happened and then let us try to guess what could have happened
What actually happened after 6th May 2003
6th May 2003 Tuesday Afternoon
1) TN PG 2003 Results were displayed in Notice board midday 6th May 2) Every one (with a few exceptions) was shocked at seeing the ranks and ALL were shocked at seeing the MARKS.. 3) Most of the aspirants would have worked out the answers and the likely key and the mark expected was not the mark displayed in the notice board for ALL Candidates 4) Then came a solid proof.. Few candidates have scored below -22.5 5) You all know that there is + 0.36 for a correct answer and -0.09 for a wrong answer 6) So the minimum mark could be only -22.5 7) So THERE IS A TECHNICAL ERROR 8) Every one worked out their key once more. 9) If they again check their answers with a marking system of 0.36 for a correct answer and -0.36 for a wrong answer they came close to the mark displayed on the notice board 10) Thus every body was satisfied that the valuation was done with +0.36 for a correct answer and -0.36 for a wrong answer (instead of -0.09 as given in the prospectus)
6th May 2003 Tuesday Evening 6:30 PM
11) The results were available in the Internet at www.tnhealth.org 12) So the whole Tamil Nadu started to see the results and as expected every one was shocked 13) And there were a few phones to the Selection Committee enquiring whether 0.36 was deducted or 0.09 was detected and as usual we could not get a concrete reply.

6th May 2003 Tuesday Evening 7:30 PM

14) The web page displaying the results could not be opened ..."TECHNICAL ERROR" 15) Then some one reminded a weird message replied by TN HEALTH Last week in the message board which had some confusion about the valuation marks. 16) It was pointed out to the selection committee

6th May 2003 Tuesday Evening 8:30 PM

17) The entire Site could not be opened "TECHNICAL ERROR"

What could have happened before 6th May 2003

18) It is a open secret (Also it was mentioned in the TN HEALTH message board a few days back) that 200 questions are being "given with key" before the exam to persons who can afford 6 to 8 lakhs 19) Those who are following the entrance exams, specially the service candidates, may well know that , usually the top performer will have a net of around 191 to 196 and when the candidate has 2 or 3 marks he will manage a mark of around 71 to 74 20) And in that context any one with 200 questions with key will attempt that 200 only and get 72 marks and when there are 20 such people they will come within the top 25 ranks 21) But this year 2003, fortunately (or unfortunately) the questions were easy(or the aspirants were well prepared) and so in every college there were at least 3 to 4 private and 8 to 10 service candidates with a net of more than 205 22) So those people who attempted only 200 question and got them correct would have got a net of 200, now were able to get only ranks above 100 ( where as in previous years, they would have got ranks 1 to 25 23) A difference between a normal aspirant is that he would have attempted about 235 questions, got 25 question wrong and 210 correct so his net will be 210-6.25 ie 203.75(Mark 73.25) 24) And the person with the key will have attempted 200 only and his net will be 200 - 0 = 200 (Mark 72)and (thank god) is now inferior to a genuine aspirant .(In previous years this 72 was a good mark as the toppers can manage a net of around 190 - 195 only) 25) But at this time the computers in DME office suddenly behaved odd "TECHNICAL ERROR!!!!!!!!" 26) Instead of deducting (0.25)for a wrong answer (-0.09 in the total mark) they deducted .69444 (0.25 marks) 27) So now the candidate who got 210 correct and 25 wrong has a net of around 192.5 (Mark 69.3) where as the candidate who attempted 200 questions and got them all correct has 200 net (Mark 72) 28) This, dear friends is not accidental…… but done intentionally…

10th May 2003 Saturday Evening

29) The site could be opened. but in the message board section, messages from 15 April are deleted... and so the message mentioned in point 15 is also deleted... "TECHNICAL ERROR"

12th May 2003 Monday Morning

30) A writ has been filed in the Hon’ble High Court of Chennai 31) The authorities say that the valuation was incorrect for the 2 persons only and not for all others the valuation was done correctly 32) But, this is not the case. 33) So far you would have been making so many calculations regarding your future …. Let us make few more simple arithmetics 34) I am sure that you know your entrance marks and that you also know the number of questions answered. What you may now want to know is the number of correct answers 35) Your Exam Marks - M (Total Marks - Service Marks) 36) You Answered - A 37) Number of Correct Answers - C 38) Number of Wrong Answers is - X 39) Under Normal Circumstances, 40) C = ((0.09 x A) + M )/0.45 41) X = A - ((0.09 x A) + M )/0.45 42) Please use the calculator in the system. [Start Programs Accessories Calculator] 43) Have you calculated C and X? What do you get? You may not get a whole number. 44) If 0.09 was deducted, as it was in previous exams, C and X should be whole numbers. 45) But if you know your previous year marks, you can now work out with your previous year marks. (But be careful while deducting the extra marks added for completed years) You will get a whole number, when you work out with your previous year marks. 46) If this exam is your first attempt, you can ask one of your friends their previous year marks 47) But In this Exam since 0.25 was deducted instead of 0.09, you will get a whole number only if you use the following formulae 48) C = ((0.25 x A) + M )/0.61 49) X = A - ((0.25 x A) + M )/0.61 50) And now you have a whole number. 51) So , now you know for certain that 0.25 has been deducted for every one, including you, and not only for the 2 candidates as argued by the DME 52) What more proof do you need to put those responsible behind the bars?? 53) The Authorities now say that 0.25 was deducted for a wrong answer, accidentally. 54) This is a futile attempt by the DME Staff from escaping the handcuffs 55) What they think is that they can argue to the court that they misinterpreted the (0.25) deduction for wrong answer and thus deducted 0.25 for a wrong answer…….. If what they say is true, in that case they should have given us 1 mark instead of the 0.36 for a correct answer 56) But they have given only 0.36 for a correct answer 57) When they have enough mathematical knowledge to know that the value of a correct answer in a paper of 250 questions (when the total marks is 90) is 0.36, it doesn’t taken much sense to know that the value of a negative marking (which is ie 0.25 of the positive mark) is 0.09 and not 0.25 58) This 0.25 story is for them to escape punishment by law. They will say that what happened was a care less mistake and not an intentional one. 59) But dear friends that is not the case…. Remember 2 facts 60) First fact is that this deduction of 0.25 instead of 0.09 help a candidate who has attempted all correct ( that is a candidate who has no wrong responses) and a candidate who will have no wrong responses is either one who does not attempt any question at all or one who knows the key beforehand 61) Second fact the mistake was not a careless accident…. It was done intentionally, and specifically, and so those who had done this should be put behind the bars so that these kinds of “TECHNICAL ERRORS" DON’T HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE 62) And we have one more question 63) The authorities themselves have accepted that the “valuation was not done as per the prospectus” due to certain factors 64) Whatever be the factors, common sense dictates that the valuation which was not done as per the prospectus should be cancelled and another valuation should be done as per the terms laid down in the prospectus and a new merit list drawn up 65) But our DME people are planning to conduct counseling from 19th May 2003 Monday, based on the marks which they themselves say was by a “valuation which was not done as per the prospectus” 66) Is it moral?? No 67) Is it legal?? No 68) What does this denote??? This denotes that the DME people want to favour certain candidates (who probably have “favored” certain people responsible for this debacle) who have scored in an incorrect system of valuation

13th May 2003 Tuesday

69) Counseling has been stayed till the next hearing on 20th May 2003 Tuesday 70) No formal notification from DME

17th May 2003 Saturday

71) Intimation has been issued to the Candidates individually that the counseling will be conducted on a later date

20th May 2003 Tuesday

72) Government Lawyer accepts that there is an error (He had no other way. The proof was over whelming 73) Court orders reevaluation of the papers 74) The revised list to be issued before the next hearing on 27th May 75) Answer key to be released

23rd May 2003 Friday 12 Noon

76) Revised list is put up the notice board at DME Office

23rd May 2003 Friday 6 PM

77) The list is made available in net 78) But the list cannot be copied from the net. That means it cannot be saved by a candidate in his system 79) That means we have no proof !! 80) This is pointed out to the DME Office by the message board

24th May 2003 Saturday

81) The list can be copied and saved from the web site

27th May 2003 Tuesday

82) The next hearing will be on Jun 3rd 83) The counseling is stayed till then 84) The message board at www.tnhealth.org is not working

28th May 2003 Wednesday

85) The entire site cannot be opened.

29th May 2003 Thursday

86) Hon’ble Justice Sadasivam has asked the DME’s stand on releasing the key. 87) Stay extended till June 10th 88) Our question is that when the answer key for more than one competitive exam is being released (In fact Anna University (another university UNDER Tamil nadu Government) is releasing it. So the Government Policy is not against releasing the key 89) Also in All India and AIIMS exams, you are allowed to take the question booklets as soon as the exam is finished 90) The web site www.tnhealth.org as well as the Message board is functioning

So ladies and gentlemen, We have every right to know the "secrets" behind these technical errors. We feel that these Technical Errors are not accidental, but are MAN MADE and INTENTIONAL. for reasons known only to DME Staff ( but easily can be guessed by every one) Also we feel that due to "TECHNICAL Errors," few people have got more marks than what their answer sheets deserve So a re-evaluation of ALL papers under the direct supervision of court, will definitely improve the ranks and marks of the genuine candidates

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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