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Different Types of Visa Issued for Medical Training in UK

Author: COPMeD, Posted on Wednesday, August 10 @ 13:52:11 IST by RxPG  

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UK Visa

There are specific rules governing postgraduate medical training in the National Health Service (NHS). Individuals without indefinite rights of residence in Britain would, for most professions, require a work permit. However medical and dental trainees (doctors employed in a postgraduate approved training post) are admitted under arrangements known as 'permit-free', which means no work permit is required. Your exact immigration status will be determined by the reason you are seeking to enter Britain.

Visitors' Visa

Visitors’ visas are normally issued to overseas doctors who wish to

* seek employment in a training post,
* attend an interview,
* take an examination such as PLAB or a Royal College examination, or
* take a clinical attachment.

A visitors’ visa is normally issued for a maximum of six months and there may be restrictions on your ability to take any form of employment - paid or unpaid. You should seek advice from the Immigration Authorities at an early stage to find out what would be required of you.

Work Permit

If you are coming to Britain to take a non-training position, you will require a work permit. Application is made direct to the Home Office and proof of employment from the hospital or other person wishing to employ you will be required. LAS posts (Locum appointed for Service) are made by Trusts, they do not have postgraduate approval and therefore require a work permit.

Permit-free Training Visa

Permit free visas are normally issued to overseas doctors who

* have been appointed to a training post and are either seeking to enter the UK, or
* who wish to remain in the UK to take up a training post

A training post is one which must have Royal College educational approval and Postgraduate Dean’s approval. The amount of time you may be admitted to the UK to train in medicine is directly linked to the type of training you are following. Training falls into four basic types.

Amount of time allowed on Permit Free Training Visa
Undergraduate: Takes place in university medical schools. It is a 5 – 6 year programme leading to Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery. Admission is through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services for the UK (UCAS). Undergraduates study on a Student Visa.

Pre-registration - House Officer (PRHO): Maximum of 12 months

Vocational Training Scheme (VTS) General Practice: Unspecified - posts, including placements in a general practice must be part of a recognised rotation.

Basic Training – Senior House Officer (SHO): Maximum of 4 years – granted in periods of 6 months – 3 years

Higher specialist training – Specialist Registrar (VSpR/FTTA/LAT): Unspecified - dependent on the length of training programme

Reference: Eastern Deanery Overseas Doctors Induction

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