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How To Apply for an Extension of Permit Free Training in UK

Author: copmed, Posted on Wednesday, August 10 @ 13:58:09 IST by RxPG  

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UK Visa

How To Apply for an Extension of your stay in the United Kingdom under the Permit Free Training Regulations Using Form PF/PGD 2002

Form PF/PGD 2002 is available from Medical Staffing Departments, Postgraduate Centres and from the respective Deanery. You may request a form from your Deanery by email. The form has been printed on security paper, the Home Office will not accept photocopies, although this may change in the near future.

It is for doctors, including doctors on the VTS scheme, and dentists who currently hold a permit and who are going into an approved postgraduate training post.

Overseas doctors coming to the United Kingdom (UK) to take up a training post must produce a copy of their letter of appointment and their visa (if required) upon arrival. These documents will provide the Immigration Officer with information on which to decide your right to enter the UK.

Completed PF/PGD 2002 forms should be received six weeks prior to the expiry of your current permit free training period. Your application will normally be processed within one week but there will be occasions, particularly in August, when it may take longer. Hand delivered applications will not be given priority or processed immediately. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is made in good time.

If you require confirmation of receipt of your application, please email the deanery. Please do not contact the deanery by telephone to check the progress of your application, this will only delay the processing procedure for yourself and your colleagues.

HEADER The header running at the top of each page of Form PF/PGD 2002 is for Home Office use and should be left blank.

PART A You must complete all sections.

PART B You are responsible for ensuring that this section is fully completed by your supervising consultant. PRHOs and SHOs also require their Clinical Tutor/Director of PGME's signature. Additional evidence must be submitted showing confirmation of employment for the period that you are requesting an extension. The postgraduate Dean can only recommend that the Home Office extend your permit free training to the end of your approved training post contract. Acceptable evidence - copy correspondence from your employer giving the end date of your contract and showing nature of post, i.e. training post; or a short letter from your employer confirming the same information.

PART C The Postgraduate Dean completes this section. Check that your form has been both signed and stamped before forwarding it to the Home Office. Form PF/PGD 2002 should be submitted to the Home Office with their Form FLR (O). This form can be downloaded from the Home Office website.

When parts A & B of Form PF/PGD 2002 have been completed, hand deliver or post with your evidence of employment, to The Postgraduate Dean of your deanery.

Mark your envelope "PFT" and provide a self-addressed envelope for its return. Due to the high number of applications, the Postgraduate Dean is only able to process completed applications.

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