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Key to AIIMS November 2005 PG Entrance with References by Vimoj

Author: vimoj, Posted on Tuesday, November 08 @ 02:53:21 IST by RxPG  

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1) 50 YR old male uncomfortable in lift, crowded places
ans;- relaxation therapy- it is a part of systemic desensitization
the patient has agoraphobia
covert sensitization is a part of aversion theapy ?pg 221 ahuja
exposure alone not correct- u can use exposure and response prevention pg 97ahuja
2) 9 yr old child destructive, canno t wait for turn
ans is D- ADHD- pg 172 ahuja typical description
3) obsession vs delusion- ans- 3- IDEA IS REGARDED SENSELESS BY PATIENT
6) MC FACIAL ABNORMALITY SEEN IN GARDNERS SYNDROME-multiple osteomas[pg 862 robbins]
9) mc cos of peripheral limb ischemia in India-? atherosclerosis
10) mc location of intracranial nerurocysticercosis- A- brain parenchyma

11) chemo administered continous infusion- ARA-c
12) ca mc mets tor brain -small cell ca lung
13) IMRT ? prostate ca [page 547 harrison]
14) PAP CA THYROID- RAI uses betarays
15) selective action on hypoxic tx cells-doxorubicin
16) para neoplastic syndrome asso with hodgkin?s ? cerebellar degenerative ds-3 [pg 573 16th harri]
17) platelets can be stored at 20-24 deg for 5 days
18) not used for brachytherapy-cobalt 60[ iodine 125 is used-pge 1385 bailey,iridium192, iodine-sarp,]
19) not lymphatic spread- neurofibrosarcoma
20) med ca thyroid asoo- RET PROTO ONCOGENE
21) headache- fundus- cottonwool+flame hemgs- HYPERTENSIVE RETINOPATHY
22) severe eye apain,congestin- IV MANNITOL
23) Decreased distant vison, now near ok- nuclear sclerosis
24) ci in sulpha allergy- acetazolamide[rest 3 don?t have s gp] PAGE 533-tripathi- it?s a sulphonamide derivative
25) rt homonymous hemianopia withsaccadic pursuit mvs and defective optokinetic mnystagmyus- PARIETAL LOBE LESIONS[ pge 96 parson]
26) arachnodaty+ectopia lentis- A- MARFAN
27) mc systemic asso of scleritis- RHEMATOID ARTHRITIS
28) not method of isolationof Chlamydia-2- enzyme immuno assay- pg 395 5th edition ananthanarayanan
29) who ? blindness ans- D 3/60 ? pg 319 park

31) a/c severe pancreatitis- not predicted by-D CRP150 [ pge 1124 bailey, HARRISON TABLE 293-1 Of page 1893,1897,1898] glascow score, ranson, crp aand APACHE II and CT USED FOR SEVERITY ARE ALL USED]

32) false regardubg cholecyte- ? routine use of open technique of port insertion???.. choice 4
33) EI manifestion not responding is primary sclerosing cholangitis [page 1784 harrison]
34) Solitary hypo echoic lesion- simple cyst
36) PU- seen by voiding urethrogram
37) Intravesical therapy- BCG
38) Narrowest part of ureter- ureterovesical junction
39) Mc RCC- Clear cell variant
40) AFP ? eleveated in HCC
42) Not marker for malignant germ cell tumor ??ca-125
43) Not indn for sx in gastric lymphoma- intractable pain
44) Programmed cell death- apoptosis
45) Diag of pulm embolism- pulmonary arteriography
46) Fat embolism- true is-? Most patients with major trauma involving long bones have urinary fat globules
47) Subclavian steal syndrome- reveral in ipsilateral vertebral artery
48) Breast ca- chest wallinv- except pectorals 837 bailey
49) Solitary thyroid nodule false is ? cold nodule on thyroid scan is diagnositic of malignancy
50) Testis pain false is- patient should be prescribed antibiotics and asked to come after a week
51) Xeroderma pigmentosum- nucleotide exceision repair
52) To synthesise insulin in a large scale- Mrna OF INSULIN
53) Glycolysis prevented by sodium fluride
54) APART from NA, pyrimidines also seen in thiamin [ page 281 vasudevan]
55) Vit a mainly stored as retinol esters in liver
56) Visual pigment rhodopsin- retinal
57) Idiopathic nyctalopia due to absence of rod function
58) No defect in dna repair mechanism in b-FANCONI?S SYNDROME[ seen in fanconi?s anemia[ 307 page robbins]- huntingdon?s d/s there is a mutated defect no corrected?. Exact mechanism not known robbins
59) Most potent stimulator of naοve t cells- mature dentritic cells- robbins 201
60) Increased absorption at 280nnm- tryptophan [ harper page 18]
61) increased viscosity of blood- multiple myeloma
62) d/s due to protein misfolding- fatal FAMILIAL insomnia
63) side effects of drug minimize by specificiy

64) secretory proteins are synthesized in ER [ ganong 25]
65) tetracycline- binding to 30s and inhibit binding of aminoacylt Trna
66) at physiological ph, carboxy terminal of a peptide is negative
67) drugs with covalent interaction with target - aspirin
68) drug in low conc- high affinity
69) 85% of lung can due to cigarette smoking0 measure of ? attributable risk
70) BCG SCAR AND TB- interviewer bias
71) Intervention usefulness- effectiveness
72) Doc cholera in pregnant-furozolidone [pg 181 park]
73) Mc cos of blindness in India- cataract[pg321 park]
74) Risk ratio- 6
75) Who cluster age-12-23months
76) Best to test asso bw ds and riskfactor- cohort study
77) incidence of tb- new convertors to tuberculin test [pg148 park]
78) child mortality wrong is=b-3/4 0f undr five mortality occurs in first yr fo life- actually 50% of undr five deaths occur in second year[ page 422 park] 50% of imr in neonatal pd
79) measles true is SAR IS LESS THAN RUBELLA
80) sensitivity- 80
81) pertusis IP- 7-14DAYS
82) risk of rubella fetal damage max in 6-12 weeks of pregnancy[pg 129 park]
83) weight for height ? acute malnutrition
84) under vita 6-11mths- 1 lakh IU
85) execuging bed population-9:1000
86) vagitus uterinus- cry of unborn baby from uterus
87) gun shot residue on hands- dermal nitrate test- [sorry guys! The new test is neutron activation analysis not hydrogen]
88) la facies sympathique- in hanging
89) body with arboriform marks- ligtning
90) lucid interval-EDH
91) not in ILD- reduced FEVI/FVC
92) not safe in pregnancy- ACEI
93) granuloma in liver - allopurinol[ Harrison page-1840]
94) recur in liver transplantation- AI Hepatitis[ Harrison pg 1878]
95) massive UGI bleed?iv somatostatin[ preferred over vasopressin- pge 1864 harrison]
96) not modality of therapy for hepatorcellular ca- nd yag lazer ablation- pg 535 harrison
97) thrapy in crohsn d/s-anti tnf alpha ab- pg 1787 harrison
98) rx of siadh- demeclocycline
99) nephrotoxicity- for tacrolimus-pg190 bailey
100) not asso with minimal change glomerulopathy- hepatitis b[ pg 1685 harrisson]
101) not dialyzable- cu so4- page 2586 harrison
102) no t coz hyperkalemia- amphotericin b- pge 259-260 harrison- it coz hypokalemia
103) acalculous cholecystitis not in dengue OR malaria
104) malabspn+IDA+villous atropy- ? antiendomysial antibodies
105) basophilic stippling- lead poisioning
106) LGI BLD- iv metronidazole
107) Farmer with altered sens+conj cong- weils d/s
108) Lady with upp abd pail+ elevated LFT- acute viral hepatitis
109) 70 YR PAIN abdomen- first do ECG
110) HBSAG MOTHER- A- both active and passive immuniszationj
111) Febrile enutropeniawtih beta lactamase- a- ceftazidime plus amikacin [ Harrison table 792page- cefipime not cefipirome]
112) HIV pt dressing- pour 1% hypochlorite on dressing material and send for incineration
113) Female with cervicitis and discharge- culture on MC coy cells
114) Sputum specimen on 70yr ols- gm positive cocci in pairs , catalase negative and bile soluble
115) Listeria pathogenesis-survival and multiplication L monocytogenes within mononuclear phagocytes and host epithelial cells.
116) HIV with yeast like morphology except- aspergillus fumigates
117) Pt with ALL on amox develops diarrhea- clostridium difficile
118) Wrong about mycoplasma- they are obligate intracellular organisms
119) Strategy to reduce ovarian cancer with brca-? Prophylactic oophorectomy
120) Corneal transparency maintained by endothelium
121) most imp indication for sx repain of bicornuate uterus- habitual abortion
122) not affected by bloody tap- PHOSphatidyl glycerol
123) most sensitive for iron depln in preg- ferritin
124) switch over to adult hb-30wks
125) highest level of AFP- omphalocele
126) DOC of enteric fever in pregnancy- ceftriaxone[900 pge Harrison]
127) mc tx of thyroid- papillary ca thyroid
128) tx ofchoice anaplastic ? palliative /symptomatic
129) diphtheria vc palsy=- WAIT FOR SP RECOVERY OF VOCAL CORD
130) tx of choice for polp- ESS
131) 2YR Old boy with fever , oxalaturia- diethyl glycol poisoning
132) DOC in SVT - adenosine
133) RX peripheral circulatory failure- bolus of ringer lactate
134) electrocuted child- check pulses[repeat]
135) A-a po2- 420
136) no recc RTI in TOF
137) 6MTH polyuria- parathyroid adenoma
138) eat without spilling ? first mastered- 3 and 4 yrs
139) anti epileptic which decreases gaba into neurons and glial cells- tiagabine- tripathi page 377-378
140) mu receptors not - diuresis
141) not central anticholinergic syndrome- glycopyrollate
142) heparin not true- weakest acid in living
143) pemetrexed- antimetabolite
144) bradycardia- succinyl choline
145) myogenic hypothesis of renal auto regulation- NO RELEASE[ page 708 ganong]
146) not following saturation kinetics- Na coupled active transport
147) anterolaterl cordotomy-left lateral spinothalamic tract[page 147ganong]
148) fetal hb all except-strong affinity for 23BPG
149) B WAVES- awake alert
150) pregnancy- 300k cal
151) not cervical spinal cord injury- diaphragmatic breathing
152) ketamine false- no effect on ICT
153) double lumen tube place ment confirmed- ETCO2
154) HYPOXIA during pulm ventilation- mc ? malposition of double lumen tube
155) glassgow score= 2+5 +4= 11
156) resuscitation outcome worsened- 5% dextrose
157) CHD sx- ketamine
158) CO A , pregnant anesthesisa - epidural
159) not cardiovasc monitor- capnography
160) PDA CCF, most appropriate- ISOFLURANE
161) DIPlopia, dysphagia- myesthenia
162) perioperative MI- REGIONAL wall motion abnormality detected with help of 2D transesophageal echo
163) swan gans catheter- PA pressure tracing dicrotic notch from closure of pulmonary valve
164) angina,syncope,ccf- AS
165) not bradycardia treatment- diltiazem
166) false about splenic artery- has branches that freely anastomose within the spleen
167) false about vagus n- carries post ganglionic parasympathetic fibres
168) not thru superior aperture of thorax- right recc laryngeal n
169) vertebral art not thru- intervertebral formen
170) terminal nod- apical
171) rbs distribution among medical student- nothing can be said conclusively
172) odds ratio- 6
173) fev1b/w 1.5 and 4.5- 150
174) low limit of iop 95%- 28
175) Probabity -50%
176) HSP- igA[ 986 robbins]
177) angiod streaks ? pseudo xanthoma elasticum pg344 parson
178) excalamation mark hair- alopecia areata
179) pautrier?s micro abscess- mycosis fungoides
180) adenoma sebaceum- tuberus sclerosis
181) male pigmnt, dark urine- calcification of disc
182) 1yr child multiple #,- battered baby syndrome
183) 50 yr with patho #- hyperparathyroidism
184) lat condyle pain- tennis elbow
185) rta pain hip- postr dislocation of hip
186) inheritance pattern RB- autosomal dominant
187) reed Sternberg cell- lymphocyte predominant
188) brain mets- mc lungs
189) not in breast ca grade- tumor necrosis
190) internucleosomal dna cleavage- apoptosis
191) met calcification-not seen in parathyroid
192) on EM, amyloid- 7.5-10nm fibrils[ ROBBIN S PAGE 259]
193) non in Juvenile Myelomonocytic leukemia- presence of bcr/abl fusion gene
194) 48yr woman with weakness- CLL
195) NOT A RCT- osteosarcoma
196) Stem cell marker- CD34
197) TS GENE P53 cell arrest at G1-S PHASE
198) Doubling of dna ? S PHASE
200) Not a/c inflm mediators- angiotensin

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