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Radiology Daily Online Mock Test 228

Author: RxPG, Posted on Wednesday, November 16 @ 01:28:57 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Regarding Barium as a contrast agent

One answer only.
Gastrografin (Sodium and meglumine diatrizoate) added to barium during a small bowel study increases the transit time of barium through the small bowel
A narrow spectrum of sizes of barium sulphate particles is needed to demonstrate the areae gastricae
A lower density of Barium is used for double contrast studies than is used for single contrast studies of the stomach
A barium suspension of 12%w/v is used to opacify the gastrointestinal tract during CT scans
Barium has been used intravascularly as a therapeutic agent

2) Regarding MR contrast media

Choose 3 of the following options.
All Gadolinium chelates are ionic
Gadolinium acts as a negative contrast agent at high concentrations
Barium sulphate can be used as a GI contrast agent for MR scanning
Gadolinium DTPA is diamagnetic
Gadolinium DTPA is excreted by the kidneys

3) The following statements are true

Choose 3 of the following options.
The ligamentum teres is a fibrous remnant of the right umbilical vein
The caudate lobe is supplied solely by the branches of the right hepatic artery
The portal vein lies anterior to the foramen of Winslow
A replaced (aberrant origin from the superior mesenteric artery) right hepatic artery is found in 10% of the population
The caudate lobe has an independent venous drainage into the inferior vena cava

4) The following statements are true

Choose 4 of the following options.
Ossification centre for the manubrium is visible at birth
The ossification centre for the upper end of the tibia appears before the centre for the lower end of the femur
The pudendal nerve runs in the ischioanal fossa
A left posterior oblique view of the pelvis demonstrates the right sacroiliac joint
A left posterior oblique view of the pelvis demonstrates the left common iliac bifurcation on angiography

5) The following structures pass through the foramen magnum

Choose 2 of the following options.
Vertebral arteries
12th Cranial Nerves
Apical ligament of dens
Internal carotid arteries
Sympathetic chains

6) During orthopantomography of the mandible

One answer only.
non screen cassettes are used for better detail
the temporomandibular joints are not seen
only horizontal and not vertical magnification is seen
the lamina dura is seen clearly
the radiograph is exposed in a posteroanterior projection

7) Signal to noise ratio in MRI is increased by the following

One answer only.
Smaller voxels
less acquisitions
Shorter TR
Longer TE
use of surface coils

8) The following statements are true

One answer only.
The trachea descends on expiration
The axillary artery is divided into three segments by the scalenus anticus
The vertebral artery passes through the foramen transversarium of C7
The ureter passes over the vas deferens
Antibiotic cover is not routinely recommended for percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography

9) The following statements are true

Choose 2 of the following options.
The parotid duct pierces the masseter muscle
The optic nerve has its own subarachnoid space
The superior semicircular canal is parallel to the long axis of the petrous bone
The bulging of the lateral semicircular canal causes the promontory canal
The crista falciformis is the site of attachment of the tympanic membrane

10) During fetal ultrasonography

One answer only.
the use of Doppler should be routine in every case
renal pelvis dilatation of 10 mm is normal
transvaginal scanning always gives more information in antepartum haemorrhage
abdominal circumference is measured where the umbilical veins are seen entering the abdomen
diaphragmatic movements in the 2nd trimester are abnormal

Note: You have reached the old version of a RxPG mock test which is no longer functional. All questions from this test are available in free RxPG MCQ crammer available at this link: http://www.rxpgonline.com/modules.php?name=Crammer

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Radiology Daily Online Mock Test 228

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