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How I Faced PLAB OSCE Stations in Real Exam

Author: PKM, Posted on Wednesday, November 16 @ 17:05:35 IST by RxPG  

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PLAB Part 2

In general, about my exam: my preparation wasn't upto my expectations as i could not prepare well after the course with enough practice.So all i had was hope!I had practised the examination stations alone as they have to be done acc to format and left counselling stations to take their own course.

My exam was in the afternoon session and everybody will agree that the wait is very tense and tedious.And the first three to whom I said hello were all second timers who had a lot of stories to tell of the scaring experience.One person had got just 2 Es and rest all B and As.As u may all know PLAB has 14 valid stations and 1 pilot station and 1 rest station. All the stations are graded as

E- severe fail

It is important not to get more than 4 Ds.That is u can manage to just fail in 4 stations and still get thru if u had got A or B or C in the rest 10 stations.And only one E is allowed.Even 12 As and 2 Es is a fail.And we get the detailed FEEDBACK with grades only if we fail and not if we pass.Iam telling this only because we shud not get disheartened if we dont do well in one station as we can compensate in the rest.

About my day:i had a bit more examination stations than the usual days where there r only 2.

1.telephone conversation-a man post hemicolectomy collapse after 6 hrs with TPR chart inside the cubicle.this is one of the familiar stations but that was my first and i was really nervous.It was an indian examiner and i was answering most of the things till he asked me anything else doctor?i was suddenly stuck and thank god the 430 bell also rang and i said i wasnt sure but wud be glad if he cud cum down and guide me.he said alright and i think i scraped thru that station.

2.upper abdomen examination.

No general exn was allowed and no lower abdomen examn was allowed- meaning the examiner dint allow me to palpate th iliac fossae at all.So i cud complete the station.he had murphys positive-i got on well with the patient apologised for having caused pain and gave DD to examiner at 430 bell and just when i was exiting remmebered i had not asked him to dress up as i got engrossed discussing DD with exmainer-i just turned back to patient again and said-iam so sorry i dint ask u to dress up immediately and thanked him for his co operation and kept praying i dont get a D bcos undressing and dressing is very imp!

3.Spacer demo station-went smooth.it was a dad who did everything well.

4.it was a Rheumatiod arthritis patient with insomnia-talk to patient.usually the patient is not able to sleep either bcos of pain or bcos she is depressed for some other reason which we have to elicit.But this lady was free from pain and thou she had lost her husband before 6 months she was not depressed about it-not a single positive for SAW EMAILS.So no depression.so why she was not sleeping-i asked her about financial worries,amoking,excessive caffeine-nothing positive..at the 430 bell i still cunt deduce why she wasnt able to sleep properly-she had trouble falling sleep.I said i will talk to my seniors and put her on some tablets or talking therapy accordingly and thanked her and came off-And i need not tell u that i was scared to hell i wud fail the station bcos i had failed to elicit the postive history somewhere!!

But the others also said she dint answer positively for depression to anybody so all i had was hope!

5.miscarriage-breaking bad news and counselling:

this lady i donno how she manages to do it-cries for all the 48 candidates in the day!There were tissues water on the table and i gave time for her to sink in the news and then offered these to her and asked her not to blame herself as she cunt have helped it anyway-i gave her stats to support and gave her hope for next preg and gave her all the 3 options-conservative,medical and surgical.

6.Giant cell arteritis-short and long term management:

I had never heard of this station before and i was hoping it was the pilot and i went in and explained to the man that he has been diagnosed with GCA-what it is and about steroids and their imp for preserving his vision.he asked about the steroid side effects which i managed to convince that though they r a double edged sword they r necessary and we will taper accordingly and by then by Gods grace the 430 bell went and i honestly said i will consult my seniors for more details and have another appointment with hima nd offered pamphlets support groups blah blah and came off.

7.IV cannulation-

I shud tell that thou it was a very straightforward station i certainly flunked it.One thing is we were never used to blood jutting out during practice and thou many had said blood will keep coming only,i was so nervous at the flow of blood that my hands started shaking and i was making a mess of myself and to cap it all i threw the sharps in the clinical waste bin and immediately i knew i had failed the station and cunt gather my nerves at all .then i said i was sorry and i shud have disposed the sharps in the sharps bin and managed to cum out of the station without crying-i knew for certain that i wud get either E or if by some miracle just a D.

8.thank god was a rest station as it allowed me to cry my heart out and get ready for the remaining half.

9.knee joint examination:

was a very co-operative lady and i managed to test upto the cruciate when the bell rang and when the examiner asked me the DD ,i said it was lateral collateral ligament (when it was MCL)-then the british examiner asked me are u sure and then i realised and said i think it is MCL and said i will consult my seniors and by then 5 min bell also went and then i rushed to ask the patient to drss up and thank and by the time i had cum out i was still more nervous.

10.by now i had decided iam going to take the exam again only bcos i was not being happy with any staion that i was cuming out.

There was this febrile convulsions counselling of which i knew all that i had to tell but she was a nasty lady who kept getting irritated.I told her the precautions she had to take if the baby gets fever again and she said she had done all that this time and yet she got these fits and was really mad at me!i am not sure if she was equally nasty to everybody or if i had committed some grave sin.

anyway my morale took another downward turn.

11.obese lady-thank god gave positive history for hypothyroidism

12.terminally ill cancer patient started on morphine- counsel on side effects and further management-she still had pain.

she was a nice lady and i asked her about the various side effects and told her about how we r going to manage them and said we may top up her dose after consulting my consultant.I dint mention Patient controlled analgesia -but the patient was very happy with the way i counselled her.

I thanked my stars and came out.

13.diabetic foot examination.

that was what we all thought it was-but it was a complete neurological examination of a diabetic foot-usually for diabetic foot we start with the vascular changes on the SKIN -but immediately the rough indian examiner interrupeted and asked if it was part of nervous system examination.I was taken aback and realised and went on.I started with sensory examn and i cunt cover the motor and the examiner was really gruff with me and i was so unhappy but when i was coming out the patient who was a kind old man winked at me and cheered me up.Many said the indian examiners r sometimes rude and if the patient was happy it means we will pass the station.!hope was the only thing i had.

14.lympho reticular system examination-went smooth-thepatient had alopecia which was the only positive finding and i went from head to toe and covered upto the inguinal nodes.

15.POST MI counselling-patient was an asian and was very nice.I counselled about rest and work and exercise and food for a couple of min and then asked him for his concerns in the remaining half and left him happy.Since that was my last station too i was more than happy just to get out even if in the back of my mind i thought i may have to cum again.

anyway these r my stations and how i went about them.Hope its of some use to somebody.

wish everyone all the very best!!

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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