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Anatomy Mock MCQ Test 229

Author: RxPG, Posted on Sunday, November 20 @ 07:54:49 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Regarding coeliac trunk

Choose 4 of the following options.
   A. arises at the level of 12th thoracic vertebra
   B. gives off superior mesenteric artery
   C. lies behind the omental bursa
   D. below it is related to the pancreas and splenic vein
   E. surrounded by coeliac plexus of nerves

2) Regarding ulnar nerve

Choose 2 of the following options.
   A. arises from lateral cord of the brachial plexus
   B. supplies flexor carpi ulnaris muscle
   C. supplies abductor pollicis brevis
   D. supplies the 2nd lumbrical muscle
   E. a lesion at the wrist joint causes more deformity than a lesion at elbow joint

3) Regarding inferior vena cava

Choose 4 of the following options.
   A.is formed at the 4th lumber vertebral level
   B.passes through the tendinous part of the diaphragm
   C.passes behind the horizontal part of the duodenum
   D.right testicular vein opens into it
   E.has a valve at its opening in the right atrium

4) Regarding pectoralis major

Choose 3 of the following options.
   A.supplied by the pectoral nerves
   B.can abduct and laterally rotate the humerus
   C.helps in climbing
   D.its lower boarder forms the posterior axillary fold
   E.its contraction is used in testing the mobility of a breast lump

5) All of the following are structures attached to whitnall's tubercle except

One answer only.
   A. Lateral Check Ligament
   B. Aponeurosis of Levator palpebrae Superions.
   C. Lateral Palpebral Ligament.
   D. Greater Wing of Sphenoid.

6) Lesser Palatine Nerves and Vessels pass through

One answer only.
   A. Post Nasal Spine
   B. Palatine Crest
   C. Lesser Palatine Foramen
   D. Incissive Fossa

7) Identify the following Structures passing through jugular foramen.

One answer only.
   A. Sigmoid Sinus.
   B. IX, X and XI Cranial Nerves.
   C. Inferior Petrosal Sinus
   D. All of the Above.

8) The Inferior Alveolar Nerve and Vessels are contents of

One answer only.
   A. Mandibular Canal
   B. Angle of Mandible
   C. Mandibular Notch
   D. None of Above.

9) All of the following are attachements of Oblique line except

One answer only.
   A. Depressor Labii Inferioris
   B. Depressor Angulii
   C. Buccinator
   D. Mylohyoid Muscle

10) The Mandible is the ...... bone to Ossify.

One answer only.
   A. First
   B. Second
   C. Third
   D. Fifth

Note: You have reached the old version of a RxPG mock test which is no longer functional. All questions from this test are available in free RxPG MCQ crammer available at this link: http://www.rxpgonline.com/modules.php?name=Crammer

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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Anatomy Mock MCQ Test 229

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