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Bias (Racial?) in Intercollegiate MRCS Clinical Exams

Author: Aj2005, Posted on Monday, November 21 @ 03:51:16 IST by RxPG  

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MRCS Part 2

I don't know how many of you guys (Non-Whites) have faced this situation during your exams, but I have come to know from my close friend that there seems to be a bias in the Royal College of Surgeons England exams - Exams in which one could talk to the participants face to face i.e. Clinicals/ Viva etc.

This friend of mine, who appeared for Intercollegiate MRCS Clinical, exam few days back came across such a bias. The person appeared for the 'Clinical exam' at one of the centres in England and the first bay's one examiner seemed to be a bit rude to my friend. I mean how hard it is for a Consultant at such a level to show some courtesy while examining a candidate which him/her self is slightly nervous because of pressure of the clinical exam.

Now letting you all know the happenings which occured between this friend of mine and the examiner. When my friend entered the bay room one of the consultants seemed to be in a bad mood or something (I can say that as that was the impression which my friend got anyway!!) and he didn't even showed any sign of courtesy - even didn't say hi/hello or shook hand - and showed a bit of attitude. Afterwards, one of the Consultants (out of 2 in the first bay) started asking the questions and my friend was able to answer him well.

After 7.5 mins the other consultant (who seemed to be somewhat problematic since the beginning) took over and his 1st question was like - where's your torch?! My friend answered that she didn't have the torch and she had already checked with RCS England before coming for the exams and they assured him that all the necessary things would be provided at the centre. The consultant answered but in a bit rude way - OK, we don't have one. Somehow the consultant didn't seem to be convinced with my friend's answer and showed a different face. The bay examination continued further and this gentleman (We can call him as he's a great UK consultant!!) asked my friend to do certain other examinations in which he showed extreme rudeness and was like - Did I ask you to this??!! Don't waste time (even though my friend was following the basic rules of examining the patients provided by the Royal Colleges themselves). With this sort of incident in the first bay itself, my friend obviosuly lost the confidence and the total confidence in the system itself; assuring us that there seem to be a bias against a person from outside UK. With this behaviour of the particular examiner, my friend was rest assured that she's not going to pass the Clinical exam and the same happened!!

This post is for all the non-whites to be aware what's happening in the Intercollegiate Exams and be prepared for such a bias while appearing in the exams. This post is to make everyone realise the harsh facts related to this system and be aware in advance!!

I can now realise why there's a shortage of Non-White consultants in National Health Service of UK - no wonder if we all are going to remain at SHO/ Registrar level all our lives here.

Note: Originally posted at http://www.rxpgonline.com/postt36211.html

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