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My MRCP Part 2 PACES Experience and Stations

Author: drtahir_mahmood, Posted on Thursday, April 21 @ 00:05:00 IST by RxPG  

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MRCS Part 2

I had my PACES at Reading Hospital. I must say the examiners were too nice to imagine. Off course all the candidates are coming after full preparation,but these are the examiners who keep them on the track or detrack the candidates and this centre's examiners were among the first group. The cases were easy i.e.

Abdomen: chronic liver disease

Respiratoy: Bronchiectases/Lobectomy

CNS: peripheraal Neuropaathy


Skin: ?Fungal Infection sum-mamary area ( couldn't get at that time )

Endocrinology: Multinodular Goitre

Locomotor: ?RA/Bilateral Scars at elbows

Eye: Third nerve palsy/Demyelinating disease

History: The worst station because the pt was too slow and used to take a lot of time to start answering. It finished with totally incomplete history. But I think Examiners realised and they asked if you would have time then how you would have progressed, in that I explained the relevant points related to history.

Communication: To explain to the wife regarding the grave condition of the husband, who is diabetic for the last 38 years, had many NIs before, underwent amputation of one leg, had two sessions of haemofilteration in the past but afterwards s/creatinine remained stable in the range of 350;now needs haemofilteration again but refused.

Now exam is over and I hope for the best. May Allah bless me with success (ameen)

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