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Sample Questions for MMST

Author: Guest, Posted on Sunday, June 29 @ 17:48:27 IST by RxPG  

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MMST - IIT Kharagpur

1. Resistances of 1, 2 and 3 ohms are connected in the form of a triangle. If a 1.5 volt cell of negligible internal resistance is connected across the 3 ohm resistance then the power delivered by the cell is

a) 0.25 Watt
b) 0.50 Watt
c) 1.00 Watt
d) 1.50 Watt

2. The displacement X of a particle at any instant of time ( t ) is given by X = a0 – a1t + a2 t2. The acceleration of the particle is

(a) a0
(b) a1
(c) a2
(d) 2a2
3. A doubly ionized helium ion and a hydrogen ion are accelerated through the same potential. The ratio of the speed of the helium and hydrogen ion is

4. A long spring is elongated by 2cm. , its potential energy is U. Its potential energy for an elongation of 10 cm will be

a) U/25
b) U/5
c) 5U
d) 25U

5. The total energy of a body executing S.H.M. is E. Its Kinetic energy when the displacement is half of the amplitude is

(a) E/4
(b) E/8
(c) 3E/4
(d) 2E

6. Four point particles each carrying a charge Q are located at corners of square of side R. The force acting on a particle with charge 4Q and located at the center of the square is

a) 4Q2/ R2
b) 8Q2/ R2
c) 2Q2/ R2
d) Zero

7. In the nuclear reaction 7N14 + 2H4 → 8O17 + …………, the missing term is a / an

a) electron
b) proton
c) neutron
d) alpha particle

8. There are two point charges 1 micro-coulomb and 5 micro-coulomb. The ratio of the forces acting on them is

(a) 1:1
(b) 1:25
(c) 1:5
(d) 5:1

9. Of the following properties, the photon does not possess

(a) rest mass
(b) energy
(c) momentum
(d) frequency
10 The velocity of light in glass is 2.0 X 108 m/s.The refractive index of the glass with respect to air is 1.5. In a certain liquid the velocity of light is found to be 2.5 X 108 m/s. The refractive index of the liquid with respect to air would be
a) 0.64
b) 0.80
c) 1.20
d) 1.44
11. Which one of the following statements is correct ?

a) Proteins consisting of one polypeptide chain can have quaternary structure
b) The formation of disulphide bond in a protein requires two cysteine residues that should be adjacent to each other in the primary sequence of the protein
c) The denaturation of proteins always leads to an irreversible loss of secondary and tertiary structure
d) The primary structure determines the folding of a protein

12. The structure of cysteine at pH 2.0 is

13. The pH of a solution at 25oC containing 0.02 M sodium acetate and 0.04 M acetic acid (pKa = 4.75 at same temperature) is

a) 4.45
b) 4.75
c) 5.05
d) 4.15
14. For the reaction H2(g) + I2(g) ⌐ 2HI(g) the equilibrium constant Kp changes with

a) total pressure
b) catalyst
c) the amounts of H2 and I2
d) temperature

15. Which one of the following is correct about enzyme catalyzed reaction?

a) increases both the forward and the reverse reaction rates
b) increases the energy of the transition state
c) decreases the entropy of the reaction
d) increases the ratio of products to reacts

16. Which one of the following sugar is present in DNA ?

a) ribose
b) 2’ –deoxy ribose
c) 3’ –deoxy ribose
d) ribulose

17. Which of the following reagents would be most useful in determining the N – terminal amino acid of a polypeptide ?

a) trypsin
b) carboxypeptidase
c) phenyl isothiocyanate
d) cyanogen bromide

18. The half-life is independent of initial concentration of the reactant

a) for a second order reaction
b) for a first order reaction
c) for both first and second order reaction
d) for none of these reactions

19. If the line y – x + 2 = 0 is shifted parallel to itself towards the positive direction of the x axis by a distance 32 units, then the equation of the line in the new position is

20. Let P(x) be a quadratic polynomial whose values at x = 1 and at x = 2 are equal in magnitude but opposite in sign. If -1(minus one) is a root of the equation P(x) = 0, then the other root is

a) 3/5
b) 7/6
c) 8/5
d) 13/7

21. The sum of the infinite terms of a decreasing G.P. is the greatest value of f ( x ) = x3 + 3x – 9

22. The equation of a straight line passing through the point of intersection of the lines x – y +1 = 0 and 3x + y – 5 = 0 and perpendicular to one of them is

a) x + y + 3 = 0
b) x + y – 3 = 0
c) x – 3y – 5 = 0
d) x + 3y – 5 = 0
23. For every real number a > 0, a complex number z satisfies the equation

24. The value of

a) 6
b) 9
c) 16
d) 25
26. Which of the following are Vitamin K dependent Coagulation factors ?

a) 1
b) 2
c) 5
d) 8

27. Kaposi's Sarcoma

a) does not occur in non HIV positive persons
b) has increasing incidence among AIDS patients
c) may present with massive GI bleeding
d) is more common among homosexual HIV positive patients

28. Inhibition of one of the following by a drug is likely to raise blood pressure.

a) Angiotensin converting enzyme
b) NO synthetase
c) V1a vasopressin receptors
d) Endothelin converting enzyme

29. The percentage of adenine in a double stranded DNA with 20% cytosine will be
a) 20
b) 25
c) 30
d) 40

30. Which of following materials for implants will evoke least inflammatory issue response ?

a) Polypropylene
b) Bovine Collagen
c) Polygiactin
d) Cotton

31. The free energy change ∆G for a chemical reaction :

a) is directly proportional to the standard free change ∆G0
b) is equal to zero at equilibrium
c) is equal to - RTlnKeq
d) indicates the rate of the reaction

32. Which of the following statements is true with regards to the mechanism of 5 – fluorouracil as an anticancer agent ?

a) It inhibits the formation of thymine from uracil
b) It inhibits the formation of deoxy thymidine monophosphate from deoxy uridine monophosphate
c) It cause DNA – strand scission
d) It inhibits the formation of purine bases

33. High boiling point of water is due to the presence of

a) Polar bond
b) Hydrogen bond
c) Covalent bond
d) Coordinate bond

34. In myofilaments with action and myosin

a) parallel array of actin filaments is anisotropic to polarized light
b) actin filament is a triple helix of globular actin monomers
c) liquid crystalline array of the myosin filament is anisotropic to polarized light
d) actin : Myosin ratio in skeletal muscle is 0.5

35. Thyroxin binding globulin is increased in

a) pregnancy
b) nephritic syndrome
c) glucocorticoid treatment
d) cancer therapy

36. Thrombosis of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery will give rise to the following except

a) hypotonia of the homolateral limbs
b) ataxia
c) signs of cranial nerve involvement ( V to X )
d) homolateral loss of pain and thermal sensibility

37. In moderate exercise increase in cardiac output is mainly on account of

a) decreased peripheral resistance
b) increased stroke volume
c) increase of heart rate
d) increase in diastolic pressure
38. 'Marble bone appearance' is characteristic of

a) osteoporosis
b) osteogenesis imperfecta
c) flourosis
d) achondroplasia

39. Steroids are contra-indicated in

a) uveitis
b) spring catarrh
c) episcleritis
d) Herpetic corneal ulcer

40. PG – E2 when infused intravenously has one of the following action on kidney

a) Decrease the renal plasma flow
b) Decrease in GFR
c) Increased reabsorption of water
d) Increases excretion of sodium

41. The phenomenon which ensures that a given lymphocyte synthesizes only a single |g on TCR is

a) recombination
b) allelic exclusion
c) class switching
d) clonal selection

42. The binding of prokaryotic DNA dependent RNA polymerase to promoter sites of genes is inhibited by the antibiotic

a) Rifampicin
b) Terramycin
c) Puromycin
d) Streptomycin

43. Collagen is rich in one of the following amino acid derivatives

a) Hydroxyproline
b) g-carboxyglutamate
c) Methyl histidine
d) Methyl lysine

44. The following apolipoprotein may play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease

a) Apo B48
b) Apo B 100
c) ApoE
d) Apoc

45. All of the following mediators released during mast cell activation cause an increase of vascular Permeability except

a) Histamine
b) Eosinophil chemotactic factor (ECF)
c) Serotonin
d) Slovo reaching subsitance of anaphylaxis

46. Prosthetic valve endocarditis occurring within two months of valve surgery is generally due to the following organisms except
a) Coagulase negative staphylococci
b) Staphylococcus aureus
c) Fungi
d) HACEK (Haemophilus, Actinobacillus, Cardiobacterium, Eikenella And Kingella) organisms

47. The rate of elimination of a drug in first order kinetics is proportional to one of the following

a) Amount of drug stored in the kidney
b) Blood flow to kidney
c) Extent of plasma protein binding
d) Drug concentration in plasma

48. Most common masses in the anterior mediastinum include the following except

a) Thymoma
b) Lymph node masses
c) Neurogenic tumours
d) Teratomatous neoplasm

49. The incidence of which disease is not known to be increased in AIDS

a) Tuberculosis
b) Leprosy
c) Leishmianiosis
d) Cryptococcosis

50. Choose the CORRECT statement out of the following

a) Correlation coefficient and Regression coefficient have the same statistical significance
b) A correlation coefficient of – 1 indicates “no correlation”
c) If X and Y are two variables the Regression coefficient of Y upon X is equal to the Regression coefficient of X upon
d) The function of Regression Analysis is to provide a means of estimating the value of one variable from the value of another

51. Abducens may be linked with the following except

a) Paretic (incomitant) esotropia
b) Systemic hypertension
c) Diabetes
d) Nonaccomodative esotropia

52. The following statements regarding spermatozoa are correct except

a) an acidic pH is required in the vas deferens for survival
b) contains 23 chromosomes
c) produced from spermatogonia in three weeks
d) requires both testosterone and FSH for normal development

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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