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Things to Bring to UK While coming for PLAB Part 2

Author: kanna2005, Posted on Tuesday, December 06 @ 15:46:27 IST by RxPG  

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PLAB Part 2

Things money can’t buy: Photos of your loving family members and beloved ones, devotional stuff, "bindi", etc.

Common drugs: NSAIDs, panadol, etc; MutiVit; Fe tablets; Vit C ( flu is common), etc.

For winter:
Sweaters - min 3 - V-neck ones are not good for SEVERE winter. (Turtle- or polo- neck ones)

1 good winter jacket (water proof one - better) with a detachable hood

1 pair of woolen gloves

1 pair of winter shoes

Socks (winter ones as well as ordinary ones)


Lib balm


Other things:
Books, your steth, hammer, torch light and white coat!!!

Favorite songs (1 or 2 CDs)

A bed sheet

A pillow cover

1 pair of formal shoes/sandals

1 pair of bathroom slippers/flip flops

Shoe polish

Clothes: denims, jeans, SHIRTS (FULL (light decent colours - white, light blue, etc) AND HALF SLEEVES), COAT AND SUIT, decent TIES, belt, skirts, T-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, stockings, tights, underwears, etc etc etc (many of them) (as a boy, quite difficult to name them), sarees,National costumes.


Stationary: small notebook, pens, 1-2 “black” pens, pencil, eraser, highlighter, correction pen, file case for interview, stapler and clips, paper clips – some, 30-40 A4 size papers, notebooks

Powder for face

Body spray/perfume

Cello tape

Some paper serviettes

*Toilet tissue (you may need it during flight)

*1-2 Carrier bags during flight (if vomiting – use it to collect!)

Nail scissors

Small scissors - u may need

Razors, shaving foam/cream and (after shave)

ear buds

Soaps - 5-6

Shampoo - 3-4

Toothpaste - 3-4

Toothbrush - 3-4


1 Gum bottle

Long envelopes

Mobile phone with charger

Alarm clock

Pocket calendar

Floppy – some



a decent wristwatch

Nail polish and other cosmetic items

Cleaning clothes 1-2 for shoes, etc

(Pressure cooker), toaster, tea/table spoons, a knife


Small pan

Tea, coffee, short eats (bring a small packet of this for me), etc

40-50 “pounds” in cash


Modern handbag

(Walkman )

2-3 Plastic hangers for clothes

(May be Laptop)

The above list was made through experience! Of course, some things listed above are not ncecessary for all! So you have to choose which you would need! This is just to give an idea only!

Some points to note:
Before you leave for uk, scan all important pages of ur passport ( and other important documents) and send it YOUR OWN email.(in case of loss, u may get them easily).

While packing, keep all documents & important things in your "HAND" luggage.

Once, I saw a person struggling at the airport passport control post because he "carelessly" kept his passport in his luggage which cuold be taken only after the passport control only!

So you keep the passport, ticket, PLAB 2/PACES/exam invitation, accomm. confirmation and financial evidence with you at all times.

NEVER keep any sharp objects (knife, needles,etc.) in your handbag or in hand luggage!!!

Keep a thin jacket or some thick cloth in your hand luggage because you may need it once you've arrived in Heathrow.You can simply take it out and wear if the temperature/weather is not ok for you!!!

Make yourself look very British!!!
Say "Hello" (not hey, hi, hiya), "thank you" (not cheers), "My pleasure"/ "you are welcome!", "I'm sorry", "Don't worry, that's alright", "bye" (not cheers), "have a good time", "after you" whever possible !!!

Be so polite, decent and friendly and keep smiling to some extent.

If you find this information useful I'll be glad.

Best Wishes!

Note: originally posted at http://www.rxpgonline.com/postt37254.html

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