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Anatomy; Free Online Mock Test 16

Author: RxPG, Posted on Monday, June 30 @ 00:00:00 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Following are the sites of internal haemorrhoids EXCEPT;

One answer only.
A. 3 o'clock
B. 5 o'clock
C. 7 o'clock
D. 11 o'clock

2) Ansa cervicalis innervates which muscle

One answer only.
A. mylohyoid
B. cricothyroid
C. stylohyoid
D. sternohyoid

3) Muscle derived from 2nd arch of mesoderm is-

One answer only.
A. medial pterygoid
B. lateral pterygoid
C. buccinator
D. masseter

4) Foramen secundum is a gap in

One answer only.
A. septum primun
B. septum secundum
C. septum spurium
D. septum intermedium

5) Following are tributaries of cavernous sinus EXCEPT

One answer only.
A. sup. opthalmic vein
B. central vein of retina
C. great cerebral vein
D. inferior opthalmic vein

6) Nerve carrying sense of taste from circumvallate papillae is

One answer only.
A chorda tympani
B. lingual
C. glossopharyngeal
D. vagus

7) Sensory nerve for larynx above the level of vocal cord is

One answer only.
A. external laryngeal
B. ansa cervicalis
C. recurrent laryngeal
D. internal laryngeal

8) Cornea lacks all EXCEPT

One answer only.
A. blood supply
B. nerve supply
C. lymphatics
D. colour

9) Internal mammrry artery supplies all EXCEPT

One answer only.
A. upper 6 intercostal spaces
B. mammary gland
C. fibrous pericardium
D. visceral pleura

10) Chromosome constitution of secondary oocyte is-

One answer only.
A. 23, Y
B. 23,X
C. 46,XY
D. 46,XX

11) Following individuals show presence of Barr body EXCEPT

One answer only.
A. normal female
B.super female
C. Turner's syndrome
D. Klinefelter's syndrome

*With one bonus question. This test has been created by RxPG

RxPG AIIMS May 2003 book

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