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List of OSCE Stations in Past Six Months in PLAB Part 2

Author: aby29, Posted on Sunday, February 05 @ 06:41:20 IST by RxPG  

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PLAB Part 2

This is a list of stations of the past six months in PLAB Part 2 examination. One girl a long time ago said she had just done the past six month stations and they were all repeat. God bless her I did the same and she was right.

Psychiatry Stations.







MMSE, cognitive funcition assess.Old man wandering about

Anti depressant drugs

-TCS's- Pt prescribed amytriptyline 75mg OD- talk, address concerns

- SRRI's


Psychosis, Psychiatry take history from a person who is scared that police is following him

Drug Abuse

Suicide, Young girl fearing she is pregnant took OCP Overdose to terminate pregancy. Talk to her.

Anxiety/PAnic Attacks. - Patient wid panic attack 2 months after the divorce. She has 2 school going children. Take history.


Obs & Gyne

General History Taking

HRT - suitability and advice

Contraceptive advice

Emergency Contraception

Ectopic pregnancy

Tubal sterilization


Cervical Smear Counselling

Cervical Screening protocols

STD Counselling



Irregular Menstrual Bleeding

Hysterrectomy, preop assessment and post op Rx of hysterectomy


Breast Lump

Osteoporosis (and vetebral FRACTURE , page 8)

Pre-eclampsia, 32 weeks pregnant lady. Here booking BP was normal. Now is it 140/110. Tell her about it, the cause and address her concerns

Miscarriage. Missed abortion at 9 wks, management options, Missed abortion.Break bad news and management.



Down's syndrome

Pain relief in labour




CA Cervix - breaking bad news

Telephone conversations (three in london handbook)

Antenatal care

Inferitility . history and discuss DD. infertility for 3 years. Post pill ammenorrhea.

husband of pt with ecclamptic fit now stable tell him about c section

Gonorrhoea counselling. Urethral discharge [history? counsel?]- u r the SHO of GUM clinic.

PID improved on treatment now answer her querries.counselling

APH PLACENTA NORMAL, 32 wks pregnant came with vaginal bleeding. sono: placental site :Nl, history and DDx

PID with hydrosalpinx, fluid in pelvis in USG- counsel to patient

Surgery and orthopaedics

Herniorhapy - consent

Appendicectomy - consent

Endoscopy/colonscopy - consent

Laparoscopy - consent

Prostatectomy - consent

Ovarian cystectomy - consent

Hemicolectomy and colostomy - consent

Joint replacement - consent

Abdominal pain - history takinghistory with DD Rt upper quadrant pain radiates to loin. also usually cholecystitis (have to make bed straight)

BPH, Ureteric obstruction,history takinghistory with DD Rt upper quadrant pain radiates to loin.had history of passage of stones 10 yrs back, Management of dysuria and enlarged prostate Pt has fever, recurrent episodes of dysuria. PR exam shows enlarged smooth prostate gland, counsel pt regarding further Mx

Ca prostate(terminally ill) pain relief patient was on hormon therapy tell about other modelities of treatment.

Hematuria - history taking

Toe joint pain - history

ear pain - history taking

P/R Bleeding - Hx

Post - op call (post hemicolectomy)

call about the patient in A&E -Emergency call to surgeon - obstructed / strangulated hernia

Testicular Lump

INtermittent Cludication

Ankle sprain treatment


Whiplash (plus usually need to do psychiatric assesment, examination and suicidal risk assessment)

Head injurHead injury - child fall from bed- talk to mother, take history and counsel her. Head trauma. Hist and Mx with pt.



Back pain

Day care assessment

Scaphoid injury

Clood transfusion

Post mastectomy counselling

Carpal Tunnel syndrome (PLAB 2 p207)

Suitability for G/A

Post - op paion relief (london 132)

Nephrectomy - counsel the husband, Radical nephrectomy-council

Aortic Aneurysm with renal problem. Elderly male, 3 hrs hist of abd. pain and back pain. Take hist and DD with examiner. ( ABD. aortic aneurysm)

varicose veins counselling (PLAB 2 p151)

Pulse temprature Chart, consent form - just take a look at them

pt with mole on shoulder for surgical removal, address her concerns. regarding Anaesthesia (local)

h/o and d/d with examiner of vertigo-h/o ear discharge ,pain

A ulcer on the back of a 55 yeras old lady who has been reffered by the GP and GP is suspecting it is a malignant condition.Take history and discuss the DD's with patientCounsel pt regarding further Mx.

Patient with Abdominal pain, all investigations normal(endoscopy, colonscopy, U & E , occult blood = all normal)family history of uncle dying of ca colon 4 years ago., talk to patient about the result and address concerns

Recurrent inginal hernia, patient came after 3 weeks with infected wound and bulging of site of the operation(patient is coughing)

Dark stools - Hist. and DD


Chest pain Hx, dd

Post MI advice

Family Hx IHD, Chest Pain History in young male. +ve Family history

Asthma, Hx

. Dry cough since 4 weeks, take history, and discuss with examiner.

Explaining Asthma Medicine ,4 year old child diagnosed of Asthma. Disclose the diagnosis, counsel the mother and advice life style changes.

TIA, stroke history

Post stroke counselling

Headache scenarios

Epilepsy scenarios. 20 yr old boy with history of TIA - take history- history revealed epilepsy


Red eye ,Elderly with sudden onset red eye & headache take history and discuss management with examiner

Weight loss



Obesity,adult obesity-investigations/bp normal expalin management to pt.


Joint problems,gout give advice taking diuretics


Chrons's disease

Alzheimers Disease

Parkisnsons disease

Rheumatoid arthiritis,Rheumatoid arthritis long term management


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Elder abuse


DVT/PE, Pain in Rt calf- Hist and DD with examiner

Breaking bad news


-Patient passed away

-consent for post mortem

- patient has CRF

Analsgesia scenarios

Needlstick injury

HIV counselling







Diarrhoea - m notes.chronic diarrhoea.

LOC, Take hx from mum, 12 year old sudden collapse, discuss DD with examiner,mother said that girl fainted at school,het teacher witnessed it, girl went pale sweeting and floppy)mother was concered if that was epilepsy.

Counsl for diabetes mellitus and OGT


Eczema counselling.

Cause of anemia (usually old man with CA colon and taking aspirin)

councilling for non medical treatment of essential hypertension.

Hypothermia in old lady. Talk to her son about the management(h/o sedatives ,DM )

Smoking- why quit smoking? Pt. has undergone angioplasty. Discuss complication and advice to stop smoking

Alcohol dependency, had gastroscopy, counsel

Headache, 75yr old woman (GCA). Differential diagnosis and treatment

-DVT counsell on discharging

Diabetic retinopathy counsel

crf investigations tell pt abt, cronic renal failure ,Chart with high cret, proteinuria,manangement

24 year old llady with DM wants to be pregnant,counsel,compliction

Morphine prescription - counselling teacher

Warfarin prescription - Counselling

Patient a known DM with cellulites of leg and with HTN. Now discharging on Tab Asprin, Tab. Simvastatin, T. Enalpril.

Odynophagia (Pain while swallowing), take hist & DD with examiner

Patient underwent emergency LSCS one week back for fetal distress. She has wound infection, swabs shows MRSA. Tell her about the diagnosis, discuss further management and address her concerns.

History Recurrent falls, 75 yrs old lady, DD to examiner (pt hypertensive on medication)


Speaking to mother on phone:

-ear pain.

-diarrhoea, Child diarrhoea. - telephone conv. - child and mother both had diarrhoea. Child had the similar episode 6 months back. Take history and discuss Mx with mother.


Speak to father about meningococcal septicemia


Crying baby

Neonatal jaundice


Counsel mother of child with diabetes mellitus

Childhood ashtma - prognosis and management

Febrile convulsions

Idiopathic epilepsy

NAI, # Humerus, 5 months old child. Telephone conversation.

RTA - counsel for spleenectomy

Nocturnal enuresis

Child can't walk

Irritable hip

PR bleeding - Paediatrics

Child has swallowed something

Weight loss in child

Unconcious child

MMR (class note and M note)

Cerebral palsy

Peanut allergy

REcurrant UTI

cousel mum delayed milestones.development delay in 2yr old child,talk to mother n discuss d/d wth examiner,

vomitting in 6 months baby take history 4 week old baby boy, vomits after feeds. Take hx from mum and DD with examiner -overfeeding



Resp and PEFM

Inhaler use

Spacer Device

Cranial nerves, check visual field (tunnel vision)

UL neurological examination - learn dematomes

LL neurological examination

Diabetic foot, annual diabetic examniation

alcoholic lower limb ex

Dizzy patient


Unconcious patient, GCS

Diplopia (check on computer) - count to five MS, check thyrotoxicosis

Abdomen examination

Arterial system exam, examination of all aa pulses in one leg only,

Venous system exam

Examination of acute back pain, don't speak to the examiner



L-spine ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SAY i would do P/R

Examinae hand

Shoulder examination

Elbow examination

Hip examination - WHAT IS AN ANTALGIC GAIT

Knee examination

Creast Examinatin

Thyroid exam

LR system examination.Lymphoreticular exam.everything show to examiner. (Hodgkins lymphoma)



Rectal Exam

Breast Exam

Testicular exam

C Smear

Bimanual examination






ABG-Syringe was black topped syringe-different from the blue coloured usual one


Describe wound, clean wound - MRSA, Demonstrate aseptic technique while examining a patient with MRSA infected ulcer



CPR. CPR - adult man collapsed and cyanosed, you are alone there, if you want you can use the face mask


Dose calculations


-DKA -Diabetic pt. with DKA discuss management, x ray provided

-MI - Pt with LVF had MI 2 weeks back, discuss with her about management(geriatric SHO) ,xray. ecg and dose of m.i and lvf

-LVF,CCF - LVF discuss management with woman post heart attack. She was just on aspirin.

Persistent chest pain despite diamorphine and basal crackles.Discuss mx with examiner. U'll be given an ECG and a CXR and u'll ll be told to pick the relevant medication from the boxes on table

Paracetamol poisoning, Counsel patient who has taken paracetamol and has come after 12 hours. The graph was placed on the table near by.Paracetamol overdose - Talk about the management to the patient - do not take the history.

Status epilepticus

Status Asthamaticus

Discuss LFT with pt.,

Note: originally posted at http://www.rxpgonline.com/postt41654.html by aby29. RxPG Team thanks aby29 for this great contribution to PLAB part 2 community.

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