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Story of a guy! Rank 420 in AIPGE 2006

Author: harshadbhai, Posted on Thursday, March 02 @ 14:36:40 IST by RxPG  

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Yesterday I met my friend Circuit (AIPG 06: Rank 840) who was my classmate in 12th. He had done his mbbs (How? From which college? Frankly , I don't know till now!). He did his study for PG at Pune.

I asked him, "With whom u used to study?"

He said, "We had a gang of 4 punters, my self , Pappu pager , Chota doctor and munnabhai , living in a bunker near FC road Pune."
And He continued, "One of us got rank 420th in the list of AIPG"
I was stunned, just freezed , , , What to say? I was so excited and so speechless.
"What!" I nearly shouted, "R U Kidding?"
He just exaled another circle of smoke in the air and said, "Bhidu , Apna Munna 420th aarelaay!

As my throat was getting dried, He offered me a full glass of Whisky and then I started shooting Questions at Circuit, my college friend, who was telling me the unbelievable story ..

By this time he was used to for such situations! I don't know how many times he had told this news to others in the last 7 days .. on cell, on pager, on walky talkies, in pune , in mumbai , in different gangs and also to the friends and relatives at Dubai , Karachi and Kabul ..

He started again, "Munna and I were not only classmates but also gang mates! Munna was very hard working in his UG days, He used to work hardly!! icon_wink.gif
He used to enter 1st or 2nd in the classroom so that he can take the last bench to sit for the day!" When we finished our final year, we dropped the idea of doing internship, just waste of time , u know? We just gave the AIPG 05 with out setting any field and no body got any rank because we were not having any experience of settting also at that time of counseling. So we decided to repeat for AIPG 2006. We arrived at Pune, found out this safe bunker at FC road , near JM road."

"Oh so u stayed at Pune whole year, done self study or joined any classes?" I asked

Circuit continued, "We used to meet in a local Dance bar , which was the place where from the near by bunkers we all used to come daily, each day , each month till AIPG 2006"

"How munna used to study?" a shocked child inside me was just amazed and was eager to know the way Munna studied! I was knowing the other Munnabhai from the movie but this Munnabhai was making my hands up!"

Circuit continued, "Munna started his study in the top gear from the Feb itself, and the speed was just maintained whole the year despite many other side businesses and hobbies. No giving ups , No second thoughts.
He started with the easy subjects first like using books, using paper chits, using Xerox of the notes made by other. Then he learned use of cell phones, microphones in the exam hall. Side by side he continued his hobbies of booth capturing, hafta vasuli and charity for the dance bar girls. In the last few months he attended advanced training classes at Dubai regarding shooting, hand grenades, rocket launching etc.. (this advanced traning is very useful munna told me later, he said me, "Now a days these are the hot topics , specialy first 500 pages of "Weapon manual" 16th edition)

"How many books he read in whole yaar?" I asked circuit.

" How to copy pretest manual, Cheating notes by Chota khanna and Ashish Gavali.
He was very particular about revising, he wrote all the mock AIPG exams to revise his skills of copying time to time."

"That's all?" I again asked ?

"By the way Some other books we used to read for time pass like 'Femina, Cosmo, Debo"

"Its ok, Its ok.." I interrupted Circuit.. (I decided to be careful in asking next questions to him! So didn't asked the question regarding the finer details of his study style and hobbies!)

"What he used to take for the breakfast? (atleast no harm in asking this one I thought)
"1 Kg of Tandur chicken, a jar full of chilled Wodka and some snacks" came the reply from Circuit who was searching his liter to ignite his next cigarette.

"What was his daily time table?"
Circuit told, "He used to get up at noon , then used to take his break fast. Classes were there till evening.. Then he used relax in Dance bar till the midnight… This continued whole year except last month crash course at Dubai. No quitting ups..

"Wow amazing boss, majja aarelaay! Party kab derelaay mereko? (even I wonderd when I spoke their language!)

"Aaj sham, Chinchpokali Ladied Bar me aaja bhidu, saare dost log aarele wahape, Nahi aaya to saale ghodese udadunge! And he put his AK 47 on my head! Laughing and laughing!"

I wished them good luck and soon left from there .. needless to say… that I didn't go to their party but instead i came running at the cyber café to tell you the this story!

(i want to say sorry if somebody get hurt by this atricle; by the way,i am seeking police protection from today itself !)

Note: harshadbhai shared this great satire on current AIPGE situation at http://www.rxpgonline.com/postt43689.html.

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