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RxPG Interview with Dr. Mohamed Ashif, First rank in Kerala PGMET 2006

Author: marfan_hi, Posted on Monday, March 06 @ 01:34:08 IST by RxPG  

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Kerala PG

This is Dr Mohamed Abdul Latheef, (RxPG nick: marfan_hi) on behalf of RxPG bringing an interview with Karalla PGMET-2006 first rank holder Dr. Mohamed Ashif P.A., from Government Medical College, Thrissur. We friends call him Ashif; he is a good friend of everyone in our college. He was the best student of our college for the best part of his MBBS course. A man who got gold medal for almost all the university exams he wrote. Very active in curricular and extracurricular activities, he was also the best actor in English drama in our college. The team comprising of him grabbed the first prize of All India medical quiz conducted by Apollo hospital for two consecutive years. He is a good actor, orator and above all a very good human being. A perfect gentleman attracts everyone who comes across him with his humbleness.

Abdul Latheef: What did you feel when you came to know that you got the first rank in Kerala PGMET?

Ashif: I felt very happy as it was totally unexpected.

Abdul Latheef: What is the secret behind your success?

Ashif: Main factor is God's grace. Secondly I feel that I have prepared for an entrance exam as such, but I was going through my MBBS course with utmost sincerity and learned well during my MBBS period which helped me finally in the PGMET.

Abdul Latheef: What all books did you read for the preparation of PGMET?

Ashif: I primarily aimed for AIPGE. So I prepared from Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna. I joined for the CME in Thrissur after my Final MBBS university exam is over. During that time I had no touch with AG and MK, but I was in regular touch with CME topics and classes. I started learning Ashish Gupta and Mudit Khanna during my late house surgeoncy. For the old questions, I went through Cross Section. I also learned SARP (comprising of Skin, Anaesthesia, Radio, and Psychiatry), Doctors PGI by Chaudhary and CME question papers. I haven't gone through all the pages of all the text books. But I referred few topics in Robbins, Davidson, and Park and also the MCQs in Ganong.

Dr. Mohamed Ashif, Rank 1, Kerala PG 2006

Abdul Latheef: When did you start studying seriously for PG entrance? How much time do you think is enough for a serious preparation?

Ashif: I don't really think that we need 1 or 2 years for PG preparation. Especially when after being passed out. Because what I learned from my experience is that, what we learned in the earlier part of our preparation is usually lost from our memory towards the fag end. It is actually the 4-5 months just before the entrance exam which would really help us. And what ever we have been learning from the beginning should be intensified during this late period with revisions.

Abdul Latheef: Tell us something about your family?

Ashif: My father, Mr. Abdul Majeed, is an Engineer in UAE telecommunication department. Mother, Misiriyya Majeed is a house wife. I have a brother and a sister. Brother, Mr. Afsal Majeed is doing his B.Tech. in electronics and communication in NIT Calicut. Sister, Shahada, is studying in 9th Standard.

Abdul Latheef: Getting first rank in any exam is quite an unpredictable thing. Did you expect this result?

Ashif: I never expected a first rank in the exam. But after the exam is over and we went through the recollected questions, I had a feel that I would come in the First 20s.

Abdul Latheef: What is your dream specialty?

Ashif: I am very much interested in General Medicine MD. I am actually fond of a conventional MD physician, also very much interested in teaching profession as such. Presently I have not fixed any super specialty which I would like to take, may be I would know the preference when I go through my PG course! Anyway I would like to return to Thrissur Medical College as a teacher.

Abdul Latheef: Can you tell us something about your style of study?

Ashif: I am a person who believes in repeated learning when going for an exam. After our house surgeoncy, I got ample time for preparation. I targeted at AIPGE and started my work with previous question papers with a little bit of back references, when I came across any doubts. I worked nearly an average of 14-15 Hrs a day before AIPGE. I could satisfactorily complete the questions of previous papers as well as my CME papers. During AIPGE, I was over cautious and could not attend more than 259 questions. That really upset me. For the Kerala PGMET, I learned nearly 10hrs/day starting 1week after AIPGE and went through all pre and Para clinical subjects and selected CME papers leaving behind newer questions which I had gone through before AIPGE.

Abdul Latheef: What is your comment about this year's Kerala PGMET?

Ashif: This years Kerala PGMET was very easy one. Scoring 75% is not a matter for any recently passed out student. There were only 60-70 questions which actually stood as deciding factors. And in effect that was a question paper of 60-70 questions for those who carefully attempted the rest of the question paper!

Abdul Latheef: How did RxPG website help you?

Ashif: RxPG website is a very good site because it helps all the PG aspirants to interact among themselves. I think this is the only such site which keeps necessary information regarding various entrance examinations at the apt time and though which we can discuss with others about the exams and courses.

Abdul Latheef: What is the role of your friends, family and your college in your success?

Ashif: My family, friends, my college... all had a real independent significant roles behind my success. First of all my mother was a real encouraging force behind all my success still now. Her prayers and her help were always with me. Other members of my family always supported me. My friends really were a driving force for me. My batch (19th of GMC, Thrissur) has already proved that we excel in all activities, both curricular and extra curricular. And each one of us influences each other for the major achievements this year in various PGETs. Our college has such good teachers from every department who taught us, guided us, inspired us and was been very friendly to us all these years.

Abdul Latheef: Your message to those who are preparing now for PG entrances?

Ashif: For entrance exam, your prime objective should be to go through and familiarize with all the questions which have been asked for the previous exams, so that we wont make mistakes if those questions are repeated. That completes 70% of you job and rest 30% lies on your extra reading, preparation from the text books, what has been intrinsically present in you from your teachers and course. And from the analysis of 2006 exams, it is very clear that the ditto repeated questions are gradually giving their way out to either modified questions from the same topic or other areas of importance. So for the next year aspirants it is always better to keep your text book ready with when you go through and prepare each subject separately. Find out the topics which has been repeated regularly and read this from your text books which should help you to memorize the questions as well as easily answering modified questions. And after all good preparations keep this strongly in mind that the God almighty is above all preparations sand pray to him for your success.

RxPG Interviewer: Dr Mohamed Abdul Latheef. T. K. (Rxpg nick name: marfan_hi)

Note: This interview is part of RxPG's year long series of interviews featuring rankers in various PG entrance exams held this year. If you have scored a rank in any PG entrance exam and want your interview to be featured on RxPG, please get in touch with Dr. Priya at rxpgonline@gmail.com. If you want to interview someone, like marfan_hi did in this interview, please let us know. Please note that the actual rank is not a discriminatory factor for us to consider your interview as we want to feature interviews from a wide cross section of all ranks (high or low) in PG exams to give our visitors a balanced view of what it takes to crack a PG exam.

RxPG Kerala PG Forums are located at http://www.rxpgonline.com/forum76.htm and you can discuss this interview in this thread http://www.rxpgonline.com/postp207736.html

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Comment #1 by RxPG_Team at 06/03/2006 at 01:36;
this is dr mohamed abdul latheef, (rxpg nick: marfan_hi) on behalf of rxpg bringing an interview with karalla pgmet-2006 first rank holder dr. mohamed ashif p.a., from government medical college, thrissur. we friends call him ashif; he is a good friend of...read more
Comment #2 by vimoj at 08/03/2006 at 20:38;
good job lathu...read more
Comment #3 by marfan_hi at 08/03/2006 at 22:31;
thank u...read more
Comment #4 by prashu at 18/03/2006 at 11:58;
hi ashif hearty congrats for your sucess!...read more
Comment #5 by JABBBA at 08/05/2006 at 19:10;
congrats asif and good job done lathu !!!...read more
Comment #6 by marfan_hi at 08/05/2006 at 19:51;
thank jabba...read more
Comment #7 by BGM at 28/11/2006 at 02:24;
dey lathu u became a reporter! good work da! excellent work....read more
Comment #8 by famnfrens at 05/05/2015 at 07:48;
congrats...read more
Comment #9 by arjunx at 05/05/2015 at 10:03;
congrats , which seat did u take...read more
Comment #10 by ssjacob89 at 05/05/2015 at 11:27;
i think this post is a few years old. the question of what the topper had taken is rather irrelevant at this point. 😁...read more
Comment #11 by anandalwan at 26/02/2016 at 15:49;
definitely. the threads here need to be refreshed :d...read more
Comment #12 by anandalwan at 26/02/2016 at 15:49;
or start a few new threads...read more
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