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Books to read for USMLE; The MAMC List

Author: RxPG, Posted on Tuesday, July 01 @ 00:53:23 IST by RxPG  

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USMLE Step 1

So everybody used to wonder how MAMC students are scoring a string of 99 percentiles in USMLE both steps. Well they had a secret book list. Now this list is made available for you all by RxPG. Click on the "Read More" option below to see this exclusive list!

A- First Aid for USMLE Step 1

This book is a must-have for second year medical students and anyone taking Step 1 of the USMLE. It's great preparation for your second year classes, and the most concise and comprehensive text of what you'll need to know for Step 1. If you understand the material in this book, you will do quite well on Step 1. The information could be a bit better organized, but otherwise this book is unreservedly recommended Order your today.
The book reviews below were taken directly from FIRST AID FOR THE USMLE STEP 1, this is the bible of board review.
Click here for more information on First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2000: A...


A- Body Systems Reviews I, II, and III

Board Simulator Series, Gruber
Four exams with approximately 160 questions each. Follow new USMLE content outline (Book I covers hamatopoietic/lymphoreticular, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems; Book II tests GI, renal, reproductive, and endocrine systems; and Book III tests nervous, skin/connective tissue, and musculoskeletal systems). Numerous vignettes reflect clinical slant of the exam. Good black-and-white photgraphs. Comprehensive systems-based approach. Most effective if all three books are used. For the motivated student. Explanations discuss important concepts.
Click here for more information on Body Systems Review I :...
Click here for more information on Body Systems Review II :...
Click here for more information on Body Systems Review III : Nervous,...

A- Retired NBME Basic Medical Sciences Test Items

Contains "retired" questions in all seven areas of basics science. Good topics. Letter answer only with no explanations. Content is still relevant, but the format is outdated. Contains old K-type questions. No clinical vignettes. Out of print, so try to find an old copy.

A- Review for USMLE Step I Examination

NMS, Lazo
Williams & Wilkins
Very good source of practice questions and answers. Features updated clinical questions with a limited number of vignettes. Some questions are too picky or difficult. Good explanations, but occasionally offers unnecessary detail. Good buy for the number of questions.
Click here for more information on Review for USMLE


A- High-Yield Embryology

William & Wilkins
Excellent, concise review of embryology. Thorough coverage of subject. Excellent organization with clinical correlations. Crammable list of embryologic origins of tissues. Consider BRS Embryology for more complete diagrams.
Click here for more information on High-Yield Embryology

A- High-Yield Gross Anatomy

William & Wilkins
Excellent, concise review with clinical correlations. Contains will-labeled, high-yield radiologic images. Limited but very positive student feedback.
Click here for more information on High-Yield Gross Anatomy

A- High-Yield Neuroanatomy

William & Wilkins
Clean, easy-to-read outline format. Straightforward text with excellent diagrams and illustrations. Just enough detail without anything extra. Very high yield review. More comprehensive than Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Rediculously Simple. Lacks index.
Click here for more information on High-Yield Neuroanatomy (Board Review...

B+ Ace NeuroScience

Ace, Castro
Mosby-Year Book
Outline format with some good photomicrographs. Covers neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and neuropathology. Separate chapters on clinical correlations are very high yield. For the motivated student. Test software included with text. Mony-back guarantee if you fail.
Click here for more information on Neuroscience (Ace the Boards : Mosby's...


A High-Yield Behavior Science

High Yield, Fadem
Williams & Wilkins
Clear, concise, very quick review of behavior scienc. Logical presentation with charts, graphs, and tables. More compact than Fadem's other review text. Short byt adequate statistics chapter. Lacks index.
Click here for more information on High-Yield Behavioral Science

A- Behavioral Science Review

BRS, Fadem
Williams & Wilkins
Easy reading, outline format, boldfacing of key terms. Good, detailed coverage of high-yield topics. Gives more information than may be needed for the USMLE. Great tables and charts. Short but complete statistics chapter.
Click here for more information on Behavioral Science

B+ Ace Behavioral Science

Ace, Cody
Mosby-Year Book
Concise content review with boards-style questions and explanations. Thorough, easy-to-read format with numerous tables. Icons may be more distracting than helpful. No biostatistics. Test software is included with tex. Money-back guarantee if you fail.
Click here for more information on Mosby's Usmle Step 1 Reviews: Ace Behavior Science


A Lippincotts's Illustrated Reviews: Biochemistry

Excellent book, but requires time commitment, so an early start is necessary. Best used while taking the course. Excellent diagrams. Emphasizes concepts. Good clinical correlations. Comprehensive review of biochemistry, including low-yield topics. Not for cramming unless you skim high-yield diagrams.
Click here for more information on Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews :...

A- BRS Biochemistry

Williams & Wilkins
Easy-to-read outline with very good boldfaced chapter summaries. More concise alternative to Lippincott. Outline format is not ideal for some sections. Mixed-quality diagrams. High-yield clinical correlations are given at the end of each chapter. Questions with short answers. Some questions are too picky.
Click here for more information on Biochemistry (Board Review Series)


A Medical Microbiology & Immunology: Examination and Board Review

Appleton & Lange
Clear, concise writing, with excellent diagrams and tables. Excellent immunology section. Forty-two page "Summary of Medically Important Organisms" very crammable. Requires time commitment. Sometimes too detailed and dense. Best if started early with the course. Covers all topics, including low-yield ones. Good practice questions and comprehensive exam, but questions have letter answer only.
Click here for more information on Medical Microbiology and Immunology

A- Clinical Microbiology Made Rediculously Simple

Very good chart-based review of microbiology. Clever and humorous mnemonics. Best of this series. Text easy to read. Excellent antibiotic review helps for pharmacology as well. "Rediculous" style does not appeal to everyone. Does not cover immunology. Excellent if you have limited time or are "burning out."
Click here for more information on Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously...

A- BRS Medical & Immunology

Johnson BRS
Williams & Wilkins
Outline-format, well-organized, organ-based approach. Good questions at the ends of chapters. Too few diagrams. Includes chapters on bacterial genetics and laboratory methods. Immunology section is concise.
Click here for more information on Microbiology and Immunology (Board...


A BRS Pathology

BRS, Schneider
William & Wilkins
Excellent, concise review with appropriate emphasis. Outline-format chpaters with boldfacing of key facts. Excellent questions with explanations at the end of each chapters and a comprehensive exam at the end of the book. Well-organized tables and diagrams. Some good black-and-white photographs representative of classic pathology. Short on clinical details for vignette questions. Consistently high student recommendations. Must start early, but very worthwhile to master this book. Correlate with color photographs from an atlas.
Click here for more information on Pathology (Board Review Series)

A-Pathology: Review for New National Boards

J & S
Questions-and-answer-based review of pathology. Includes many case-based questions. Focuses on high-yield topics. Good black-and-white photographs. Some picky questions with incomplete answers. Inadequate as sole source of review. Expensive for number of questions.
Click here for more information on Pathology : Review for New National...

A-Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine

Appleton & Lange
Interdisciplinary course text useful for understanding the pathophysiology of clinical symptoms. Excellent integration of basic sciences with mechanisms of disease. Great graphs, diagrams, and tables. Most helpful if used during coursework due to length. Few non-board-style questions. Clinical emphasis nicely complement BRS Pathology.
Click here for more information on Pathophysiology of Disease: An...Pathophysiology of Disease : An...


A- Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology

Outline format with practice questions and many excellent and memorable illustrations and tables. Cross-referenced ro Lippincotts's Biochemistry. Good for the "big picture." Good pathophysiologic approach. Detailed, so must start early. For the motivated student. Ten illustrated case studies with questions and answers in the appendix.
Click here for more information on Pharmacology (Lippincott's Illustrated...

A- Pharm Cards: A Review for Medical Students

Little, Brown Review in compact index-card format; very popular with students. High-lights important features of major drugs/drug classes. Perfect for class review; also offers a quick, focused review for the USMLE. Lacks pharmacokinetics. Good charts adn diagrams. Highly rated by students who enjoy flash-card-based review.
Click here for more information on Pharmcards : Review Cards for Medical...Pharm Cards : A Review for Medical...

A- Pharmacology: Examination and Board Review

Appleton & Lange
Text is well organized in a narrative format. Good charts and tables. Large number of relevant and challenging questions with concise explanations. Good for drug interactions and toxicities. Text is quite detailed and requires substantial time commitment. Includes some low-yield/obscure drugs. The 40-page crammable list of "top boards drugs" is especially high yield.
Click here for more information on Pharmacology: Examination & Board ReviewPharmacology: Examination and Board...


A BRS Physiology

BRS, Costanzo
Williams & Wilkins Clear, concise review of physiology. Fast, easy reading. Comprehensive and efficient. Great charts and tables. Good practice questions with explanations with a clinically oriented final exam. Excellent review book, but many not be enough for in-depth coursework.
Click here for more information on Physiology (Board Review)

A Ace Physiology

Ace, Ackermann
Mosby-Year Book
Concise yet thorough content review with some boards-style questions. Outline format is easy to read. Good illustrations. Test software included with text. Money-back guarantee if you fail.
Click here for more information on Mosby's Ace the Boards : Physiology

[Comprehensive] [Anatomy] [Behavior Science] [Biochemistry] [Microbiology] [Pathology] [Pharmacology] [Physiology]

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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