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Biophysics; Free Online Mock Test 18 with explanatory answers

Author: RxPG, Posted on Wednesday, July 02 @ 00:00:00 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Effects of the following five factors on the x ray spectrum each in turn with the other four constant:

Choose 2 of the following options.
a.Increasing the KV shifts the spectrum to the right and upwards.
b.Increasing the mA shifts the spectrum to the right and upwards.
c.Changing the Atomic number of the target shifts the spectrum upwards and to the right
d.Changing the kilovoltage waveform increases the minimum photon energy
e.Increasing the filtration shifts the curve to the right

2) In an atom the valence shell is concerned with:

Choose 4 of the following options.
a. the chemical properties
b. thermal properties
c.optical properties
d. electrical properties
e. production of x rays

3) Regarding the focal spot:

Choose 4 of the following options.
a. can be measured with a slit camera.
b. The star test is used to measure the limit of resolution
c. For a focal spot of less than 0.3 a pin hole camera is used
d. In a star test tool the size is calculated from the diameter of ring of blurring
e. Edge band distribution is the common type of intensity distribution with the pin hole

4) In an image intensifier:

Choose 4 of the following options.
a. the input screen is 230mm or more in diameter
b. the phosphor screen coated on the outside is 0.2mm
c. the photocathode is made of caesium - antimony
d. the accelerating voltage between the input and output screen is 25-35 kV
e. the output phosphor is activated with silver

5) During radiation exposure:

Choose 3 of the following options.
a. The immediate chemical changes are due to the process of ionisation
b. The beta particle have a depth of maximum penetration up to one metre
c. X-rays have a maximum depth of penetration
d. The proteins and nucleic acids are affected least by radiation.
e. Use of a few millimetres thick Perspex can shield from beta particle

6) During handling and disposal of radionuclide:

Choose 2 of the following options.
a.Patients containing radioactivity are not a source of external radiation.
b.Lead glass sleeves used for syringes can reduce the radiation dose by 75%
c.Lead aprons are used to shield high energy gamma rays
d.Containment and decay is a method of disposal of radioactive waste.
e.Liquid wastes can be disposed off via regular sinks.

7) The half life of a radionuclide:

Choose 2 of the following options.
a.The physical half life is the time taken for the pharmaceutical to decay
b.The effective half life is shorter than the physical or biological half life
c.The reciprocal of the effective half life is a product of the reciprocal of physical and biological half life
d.The physical half life is a fixed character of a radionuclide
e.The time taken to decay to half the original value of a radionuclide is the biological half life

8) In silver less radiography:

Choose 4 of the following options.
a.The polyester base film is coated with europium activated with barium fluorohalide
b.Half the x ray energy is wasted
c.Has a narrower latitude than conventional radiography
d.X ray energy is stored as trapped electrons
e.The latent image in the form of stored energy is released on scanning with laser.

9) In digital image processing and storage:

Choose 4 of the following options.
a.The signal to noise ratio is proportional to the square root of the number of frames averaged
b.Low pass spatial filtration reduces noise and improves spatial resolution
c.High pass spatial filtration is used to obtain edge enhancement
d.High pass spatial filtration increases noise
e.Optical tapes are used for long term storage of images.

10) Detectors used in CT:

Choose 4 of the following options.
a.Scintillators are used
b.Ionisation chambers are less sensitive
c.Ionisation chambers use xenon gas under pressure
d.Ionisation chambers are unstable
e.In the fourth generation CT solid state detectors are used

This test has bonus explanatory answers. This test has been created by RxPG

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Biophysics; Free Online Mock Test 18 with explanatory answers

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Biophysics; Free Online Mock Test 18 with explanatory answers

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