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RxPG Interview with Dr. Shivani Arora, AIPGE 2006 (Dental) Topper

Author: RxPG_Team, Posted on Saturday, March 18 @ 20:55:01 IST by RxPG  

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Dr. Shivani Arora (RxPG Nick: DOCSA), an alumnus of Government Dental College, PGIMS, Rohtak, Haryana scored a top rank in highly competitive AIPGE 2006. Like everyone else, we were also curious to know about the secrets of her success in this challenging exam so we sent Archana, one of our staff members, who tracked her down for this interview. While doing this interview, we learned that this talented dentist is not only a top ranker but a creative and vibrant person as well. Read on to know her more.

RxPG: You have got All India Eight rank in AIPGE 2006 (Dental) exam. RxPG is curious to know about the secret of your success?

Shivani: I would quote hard work, determination and confidence besides luck and best wishes of the well wishers as the key to this success. I followed a definite plan for studying which fortunately paid off well.

I started my preparation in my second professional year in a slow but steady pace and maintained that pace always. Second I’ll say I had positive affirmations “that I m going to make it. One of my frequently spoken quotes is “If someone can then why can’t I”. If you ask only one secret to my success then I’ll give credit to my positive attitude.

RxPG: How would you visualise your success?

Shivani: I consider it as a stepping stone into a much cherished career now. I find myself in a more favorable state to advocate relevant advances in dentistry.

RxPG: Who do you attribute your success to?

Shivani: My PARENTS more than my hard work

RxPG: How did your parents, family and friends contribute to your success?

Shivani: My parents, brother and friends were totally into my preparation, they provided me the supportive environment. I could study without much tension as they were always there to boost my morale

RxPG: We appreciate the fact that preparing for an extremely competitive exam must be really challenging. During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?

Shivani: Competing for a meagre 100 seats at times made me feel low. But the lessons of holy Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta gave me the strength which helped me to have firm belief in my success.

RxPG: How much time do you think one requires for serious preparation for this examination?

Shivani: I’ll suggest those still in college to start NOW and maintain the steady pace. But 6 –12 months of honest and extensive preparation is required and is sufficient and more the time invested better the chances of success. Though it depends on personal preferences and speed as well

RxPG: Which books did you read for the theory part?

Shivani: I referred all the standard text books. It is so because one book explains some topics nicely and other topics are beautifully elucidated in other books.

RxPG: What was your daily timetable during the preparation?

Shivani: I preferred night hours for studying. I never had a fixed schedule. I always listened to my body. When I got tired I slept and when I felt like studying I picked up my books. I averaged 8-10 hrs daily for fruitful study. I never missed the morning newspaper and RxPG/RxBDS.

RxPG: What do you think is the better way of preparation between selective, intensive study and wide, extensive study?

Shivani: I will recommend SMART WORK. Wide extensive study of selected important topics and little idea of most of the topics should suffice the need for success.

RxPG: Did you attend any coaching? Were they useful?

Shivani: I attended AHEAD institute DELHI for 3 months. My medical subjects were weak so I was definitely benefited; moreover mock tests gave me idea about my weakness to emphasize further in my preparation. Again its usefulness will vary from person to person depending on how much confident you are regarding your preparation.

RxPG: How important you think is internet in preparation?

Shivani: Internet has got a definite role as vast information, especially the recent advances is there to be harnessed at a click of mouse but at the same time books are more important, if you are confident about things given in books then you can easily attempt 70% questions. Hence internet is a good supplement to the text in the books and not its replacement.

RxPG: What was your strategy for the exam day?

Shivani: I took exam day on a positive note, woke up early, and had a light breakfast, dressed myself in lively colours, soothing fragrance, to feel fresh during exam.

Yes I will like to mention my strategy for writing the exam.

I calculated the cut-off around 70 – 75% meant I could have safely left up to 20 % Q un-attempted. So I used a cross to highlight those atypical questions in my first round of attempting the paper. Then I never bothered to get lured by them this helped me to keep my self composed during the exam. I just concentrated on 70% question paper. During my preparation days also I was not worried about those 25-30 Q which are dicey FOR EVERYONE and concentrated on important and frequently asked topics.

Secondly, 0.25 negative meant even if I risked few questions, every 4th correct answer would fetch me few valuable marks. So after attempting 70% Q in first round I risked another 40 questions, expecting the above to help me. And fortunately it paid off well.

RxPG: What is your overall impression of the AIPGE exam?

Shivani: This exam is well devised to test the skills in and around various subjects comprehensively but if you are having good understanding of subjects and well updated, u can get through. It’s not limited to the last moment preparation or the cramming ability. The trends been changing year by year, with emphasis more on clinically oriented and in depth specialized topics like radiotherapy, radiology , genetics, molecular biology etc. the paper been tiresome which tests the tricky nature of common topics. We need to be patient enough during the paper and target those questions for which we are sure of.

RxPG: Had you not been successful in AIPGE, what would have been your reaction? Did you have a backup plan?

Shivani: (thinking)... I’m a firm believer in success irrespective of time. Hence failure would not have deterred my convictions…..and I would have strived hard for the upcoming tests. I would have been successful tomorrow if not today.

RxPG: RxPG website is the largest and most active community website for medical students. How do you visualise the role of RxPG in moulding the careers of the medicos?

Shivani: RxPG is the best place and RxPG has a great family of support team and members. They all provide with the best environment for nurturing the much required intellect, and the zeal for learning new from the peers. Besides the much required impetus for the studies the selfless ever helping nature of the community incited in me these noble qualities and I think it’s a great platform for making a good human being and not just an intelligent doctor.

RxPG: When did you join RxPG and how did you come to know about it?

Shivani: I joined RxPG on 12th Oct, 05 I read about RxPG in RxPG Biostatics Buster book by Dr Himanshu Tyagi (Jaypee Publishers)

RxPG: How did RxPG help you in your preparation?

Shivani: The discussions in the forums helped me to have proper insight into important topics. Clarity of concepts gave me confidence. Regular Mock test helped me gauge my preparation and marking strategy.

RxPG: What is your opinion about RxPG?

Shivani: RxPG holds an important place in my life. Around September when I was studying on my own and feeling lonesome, I familiarized with RxPG. The impact was evident within a fortnight. Besides the tremendous mental support I honed my intellectual skills here. Appreciation from RxPG_Team and RxBDS family gave me lots of confidence

RxPG: As we see on RxPG website, most of the doctors and medical students are somewhat disillusioned by medicine as a career and some seriously think about a career change. What would you like to say to them?

Shivani: Changing profession is for glitters we perceive in the alternative choices. But i strongly believe success is not in any profession.. Its in attitude.. Its in determination it’s in the person. We may not leave this noble profession just for the sake of easy money.

RxPG: What is your advice to the future aspirants?

Shivani: Start saying to yourself that you are going to succeed none can stop you. Don’t listen to your peers who de-motivate you. Have a burning yes for your priorities. Have a definitive plan and act accordingly.

Note: Dr Shivani Arora aka DOCSA also ranked 4th in Haryana PG 2006 and 10th in PGIMER Chandigarh Exams. This was her first attempt at PG entrance exams. When she is not browsing RxPG or having fun in offbeat forum, she reads newspaper, good books and plays with colour and music.

The forum thread for discussing this interview is at http://www.rxpgonline.com/postp217184.html

RxPG site's dental edition is available at RxBDS.com

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