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Physiology; Free Online Mock Test 20

Author: RxPG, Posted on Friday, July 04 @ 00:00:00 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) When a person is dehydrated, hypotonic fluid will be found in ,

One answer only.
a) PCT
c) PST
d) DCT

2) A woman with untreated diabetes mellitus has GFR = 120 ml/min ; Plasma glucose = 600mg / dL Urine glucose = 3000 mg/dL ; Urine flow rate = 4ml/ min ; The reabsorption rate of glucose is :

One answer only.
a) 720 mg/min
b) 600 mg/ min
c) 120 mg/min
d) 180 mg/min

3) Which one of the following transport processes is passive (ie would not be affected by a disturbance in ATP synthesis ) ?

One answer only.
a) The cotransport of a Na+ ion and a molecule into a cell
b) The exchange of a K+ ion outside the cell for a Na+ inside
c) The uptake of very large molecules into a cell by endocytosis
d) None of the above

4) The inner medullary blood flow is low because :

One answer only.
a) Long length of vasa recta
b) Sharp increase in viscosity of blood, due to loss of large amounts of water into the hyperosmolar interstitium
c) Capillary hydrostatic pressure is lower in the vasa recta because efferent arteriole of juxtamedullary nephrons have smaller diameter
d) All of the above

5) TF / P of one of the following increases in PCT :

One answer only.
a) Na+
b) Glucose
c) Aminoacids
d) Bicarbonate
e) Chloride

6) Glomerular filtrate is all EXCEPT :

One answer only.
a) Ultrafiltrate
b) Isotonic at end of PCT
c) Has 5% excess anions
d) Has 5% excess cations

7) Ion responsible for tubuloglomerular feedback is :

One answer only.
a) Cl-
b) Na+
c) HCO3-
d) K+

8) The osmotic pressure (in atmospheres) of a 0.01 mole of CaCl2 with an osmotic coefficient of 0.5 is

One answer only.
a) 0.336
b) 0.224
c) 0.112
d) 0.448 [ 1 osmole = 22.4 atmospheres]

9) 51Cr, 59Fe, 32p, antigenic tagging can all be used for measuring :

One answer only.
a) ICF volume
b) ECF volume
c) RBC volume
d) Interstitial fluid volume

10) Osmolality is :

One answer only.
a) No. of osmoles / Litre of solution
b) No. of osmoles / Kg of solvent
c) No. of moles / Litres of solution
d) No. of moles / Kg of solvent

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