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Brace yourself, you are going to be a DOCTOR!

Author: bindasnikhilg, Posted on Wednesday, June 21 @ 18:01:16 IST by RxPG  

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I would like to tell every new friend who is going to join this medical fraternity soon that being a doctor doesnt mean just being Dr. but it means much more....

....By the time one gets over the euphoria of having cleared the school life and having secured a seat in one of the most respected Professions,one can finally sit down and think....

...for me it hit me the day i went to purchase all my medical books,i came back home with aching arms due to the weight...

...thats when my dad(who also happens to be a doctor)looked at me and said,"remember that once you are in medical school you need to study a lot because if you skip read just for exams,then in your future you cant tell a patient i didnt read about your condition as it was'nt an exam question."

Those words remained with me throughout my MBBS studies.

One may say how is it possible to do that,well the key is to be regular.

Being regular doesnt mean,being chained to the chain but a systematic approach to your studies can take you a long way-

As far as possible try to give a reading to a topic before it is discussed in the class.

Then return back and go through it.

Another important thing about anatomy is that we can only remember things that we see.
All the times when i decided to discuss the latest movie in the anatomy hall instead of seeing what was going on,i later struggled to read the books and master it in my room.

This holds good even for Clinical subjects,as the case you see will stay with you till you die if you read it that very moment.

If you enjoy what you are doing,medical life will be the most enriching experience for you.


The moment they are over and thanks to your hard work you will score well,then again you will move ahead with full enthusiasm.

The more you relate what you are studying with what you see,the better you will remember.

We are very few people who are blessed to serve the community,we should make the best use of it.

After MBBS we may not be earning pots of money,we may not be having a posh lifestyle,we may be struggling with duties while our friends in other professions will be globe trotting,but when a sick patient recovers and gives you that smile,it is something which you cant measure,its worth every sacrifice from the day you sat and studied to get into college to the day you are given your degree.

Ragging is part and parcel of medical life but dont let it get it in the way of your studies as in medical life,the time once lost is knowledge lost forever!!!!

Hope you all have a great time becoming what you all aimed for and what others can only dream of becoming!!!

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