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What Not To Do In First MBBS

Author: cautery, Posted on Sunday, July 09 @ 15:39:35 IST by RxPG  

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Everything said and done about what to do in the first years MBBS, let me start this list of things of things not to do in your first year MBBS.

1) Donít rest on your past laurels, achievements, PMT or CET rank. Itís a clean slate from day one and ultimate laurel belong to the consistent hard workers and not the talented.
2) Donít be overwhelmed by the course, size of books, big talk by seniors. Before you, students of all backgrounds, intellects, I.Q.ís and E.Q.ís have sailed through this ocean called MBBS. You too will reach the other side. Just keep up your efforts and sprits.
3) Donít believe every word your seniors tell you. Empty boxes make the most noise.
4) Donít spend the year with question banks and guides. These are to be used in the last five or three months, depending on you grasping power. It will serve you better in the long term if you start with a knowledge based attitude, rather than a marks based attitude.
5) Donít be repulsed by the library, if you want to be a knowledgeable doc. You can go through different books on a subject, before deciding which one to invest in. A good rapport with the library staff is invaluable.
6) Donít while away time when you are supposed to be dissecting. There a lot to see and learn, when the air is heavy with formalin vapour and odour of cadavers. ( I realized this, albeit a too late)
7) Cunningham is not to be ignored. It is a good book and is really helpful, if properly utilized. Some really good dissections and line diagrams. Makes of the boring diagrams of Chaurasia.
8) The microscope in histology is not to be used as a telescope. ( Many realize this folly in second year, when they find that all pathology slides look the same,).The wordís in I.B. Singhís histology textbook bears an uncanny resemblance to Grays Anatomy, at a fraction of the cost and weight. A good option for the Grayís fanatic.
9) Donít Ignore Guyton, else your fundas in many aspects will be perennially weakened. Guytonís textbook of Physiology is very much readable and the book that could make a difference in your goal towards a PG seat if read and assimilated properly in the first year.
10) Ditto for biochemistry. Chose the book that suits you, there are many good ones out there.
11) Donít just creep into books. Thereís a new and exciting world out there. Be there and join the fun. These coming five years will be the best of your life. (I know it now, as I am the other side)

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