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My PSM Visit- A lesson learnt in life!

Author: manasi33, Posted on Monday, July 10 @ 20:06:02 IST by RxPG  

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When I came back from college today, I was fuming and fretting with anger, frustrated and fatigued. I had a very tough day at college. I had a fight with some of my batchmates who had hurt me on purpose. I was in tears, and had a feeling that nothing is falling in place, my life was a mess!

And a fantastic thing happened to me! Suddenly I realized that I was forgetting about a very special place I visited the sameday – A PSM visit to a paraplegic center at Vashi!

It was not a very pleasing experience in itself, but one I would always remember!

It was rehabilitation center for paraplegics, of all age groups, immaterial of their socio-economic status. Paraplegics are rehabilitated here –physically, socially, psychologically. They are trained in various areas, depending upon their previous education – they are taught computers, carpenter’s work, tailoring, automobile mechanics and many other subjects. They are allowed to stay in the center as long as they are rehabilitated to a maximum possible extent and their family is ready to accept them back. They are also provided help to get loans or monetary benefit to start a new small-scale business, or any other job by which they can become economically independent!

The people working at the institute were completely devoted to their job and completely understood the plight of the patients and offered their loving hearts to them!

I talked to an 18 year old girl from UP who was in the center since a year. She had been taught embroidery work at the center. I think I was myself a bit depressed and nervous to see her in such a state, so I could not talk much to her.

We were standing for about 3 hours by the time the visit got over! My feet had started aching. Suddenly I realized that these patients also had feet, but they could never feel them. Somehow I felt, aching feet was so much better than having feet which had no sensations at all!

When all these memories of the day went through my mind, I was ashamed of myself! I kept plaguing my mind about all the negative thoughts! I kept on thinking how things had gone wrong with me that day, and had totally forgotten about the fantastic job which the people at the paraplegic center were doing!

I thanked GOD that he has given me an opportunity to become a doctor which would eventually help me to treat all the aged, the disabled and the underprivileged people!

I realised that day--- in order to do such a constructive work, I need to think positive and constructive first, and should not waste my energy by thinking negative!

I was really inspired by the positive attitude of the patients at the paraplegic center!

The visit had taught me a very important lesson in life!

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