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The story of a doc....

Author: superashdoc, Posted on Thursday, October 26 @ 04:07:12 IST by RxPG  

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It is essential to dream.Only those who dream can hope to realise their dreams.BUT Some dreams can be fatal....

There was a boy named Umeed who dreamt of becoming a surgeon.He came from a financially poor background but his parents managed to put him into an English Medium school.

Umeed was an intelligent boy and hardworking too.He used to top in his exams and do well at sports.By the time he got to 8th standard ,he was earning some pocket money by tutoring some of his affluent classmates after school hours.One such student was Vaibhav.Vaibhav hated studies but only due to Umeed's efforts he passed each year.The two became close buddies.

In the same school,2 years junior ,was a pretty and studious girl called Kaamana.She was a huge fan of Umeed and also went to him whenever in difficulty.

In the 10th standard and then in the 12th ,Umeed was a merit rank holder.In the medical entrance exam ,he got a good rank and entered medical school.At this conjecture,his mother and father were most overjoyed."Our troubles are over now",they thought.

Little did they know that this was just the beginning......

Four and a half years of toil and finally Umeed passed final MBBS in flying colours.His aim in life seemed very near now.He had developed a keen interest in Neurosurgery and was determined to accomplish his ambition.
"One year of internship,"he thought,"Then PG entrance."

Umeed knew the importance of clinical work.He decided to do his internship sincerely.He divided his day -12 hours ward work,6 hours study and six hours rest.He followed this rigorous schedule for 365 days and completed his internship.He was nominated as best intern of the year.
He was also well-prepared for his entrance exam.

A directive from the university disbarred him from sitting for the exam.'One year compulsory rural service or pay 5 lakhs.'

5 lakhs was a huge amount.Umeed could not make such a big demand from his parents.He chose to go.He was dispatched to a remote adivasi village.Umeed worked dilligently for a year.He returned and gave the entrance exam.He got through by the skin of his teeth.He had not found time to study but his old acquired knowledge helped him.

As a surgery resident,Umeed was a ray of hope for all patients.He was a model doctor alleviating the suffering of people around him.However,he unfortunately got entangled in political rivalry and failed in his first attempt.Studying hard ,he cleared MS after 6 months.He was now almost 29 years old.

Umeed decided to study for superspeciality entrance.

Another directive from the university said" 3 years compulsory rural post or pay 15 lakhs to be eligible!"

Umeed was stunned."15 lakhs!!??"It was impossible for him to pay.His father had just retired from post office.There was not much income.Dejected,he left for the rural post.It was in a god forsaken place with poor living conditions.Umeed spent 3 years in a living hell.He thrice came down with malaria,once with leptospirosis and once with typhoid.
He lost 10 kg weight and was emaciated by the time he completed.

At 33,after studying,he gave his first attempt at the MCh entrance.He failed.A year later on the second attempt,he missed a seat by 5 ranks.Grey,depressed and broken,Umeed,now a 35 year old unemployed surgeon walked down the street.A few people who knew him smiled or spoke a few words of consolation.But Umeed was impervious to the world.

Just then a sports Mercedez Benz stopped in front of him.A smart looking gentleman in a suit got down and smiled at Umeed."Hey ,don't you recognise me man?Its me,Vaibhav!"

Umeed was happy to meet his chldhood friend."What are you doing nowadays ,Vaibhav?'',he queried.

"O,I am a consulting neurosurgeon at Bombay Hospital",Vaibhav replied.

Shocked,Umeed asked him how he had achieved this feat.

"Nothing diifficult.My dad paid 15 lakhs and got me a MBBS seat in a pvt Medical college.I cleared MBBS quite easily.Then I took a six years MCh Neurosurgery course .Cost a bomb .About 55 lacs.But its worth it now.Am earning 15 lacs a month."

Dumbfounded,Umeed heard out this tale of arrogance and power of money.Just then,a beautiful woman in a sari walked up to them.She was fair and adorned with expensive jewellry and diamonds.Vaibhav turned to her and said,"Hey Kaamu,look who is here!"Umeed turned to look into the smiling face of Kaamana,his childhood friend!

"She is Mrs.Kamanaa Vaibhav Sehgal now",he said.

Some 2 hours later,Umeed returned home.He had done some deep thinking in a nearby park.He was tired of it all.He had dinner with his parents and then went to bed.Next morning,he was found lifeless with an empty syringe and a vial of morphine on the bed.

13 days later,as Umeed's mother sat quietly struggling to comprehend what had happened,the doorbell rang.It was a letter from the university.She opened it.It read"Reverification of the marks of DR.Umeed has revealed an error in assessment.He has stood not 30th but 3rd in the MCh entrance."

"3 seats".She could hear Umeed's voice in her head.He had said that there were 3 seats for MCh Neurosurgery.

Tears welled up in her eyes.He had done it.He had achieved his goal.He had kept the promise he had made to her 20 years ago.But now it was too late.

Mechanically ,she switched on the TV.The news was showing the interview of the health minister."Our new rule regarding rural posting is a novel and innovative idea.It will help the rural population and also give some wonderful experience to young doctors.I have a FEEDBACK that many doctors are actually benefitting.........................................."..THE END.

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