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Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - Introduction

Author: RxPG, Posted on Sunday, July 06 @ 03:19:47 IST by RxPG  

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UK Visa

“An excellent way for Top People to be able to live and work in the UK”

NEW: UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - Points Calculator

The UK announced on 13 December 2001 a new points based system for entry to the UK of highly skilled migrants. You can qualify for HSMP based on your qualifications, work experience, and achievements in a particular field. This programme was designed to encourage the entry of people to the UK to seek employment who are probably already earning a high salary and are very successful in their home Country.

Doctors who are entitled to work as general practitioners in the UK receive special priority under this system. This programme does allow a great deal of flexibility, and you can be self-employed, or run a business on a part-time basis, as well as be an employee.

There are other Western Countries that have skilled migration based on a points test such as Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The UK system while more selective than the Points Systems for the other Countries only takes weeks in processing time. Points based immigration for entry to the other Countries may in many cases takea year or longer.

From 28 January you can apply for this programme and you will need to obtain a minimum of 75 points from the following five scoring areas:

1. Educational qualifications
2. Work experience
3. Past earnings
4. Achievement in chosen field
5. HSMP - Priority Applications - If you are a doctor and are entitled to work as a general practitioner in the UK you will gain 50 points towards the 75 points required under this programme.
6. Application

HSMP differs from the work permit scheme as it does not require an employer to obtain a permit for the individual. It is also different from the existing business routes (e.g. the Innovators scheme or other business categories), in that it does not require a detailed business plan or investment in the UK.

The programme will run for an initial period of 12 months and will begin on January 28th 2002.

1. Educational qualifications - 30 points (maximum)
You will receive points for one of the following:

Bachelors degree - 15 points
Masters degree - 25 points
Doctoral degree - 30 points (maximum)

2. Work Experience - 25 points (maximum)
You will receive points for one or both of the following:

At least 5 years' work experience in a graduate level job (three years with a doctoral degree) - 15 points
At least two years working at a senior level or in a specialist position within chosen field - 10 points

3. Past Earnings - 50 points (maximum)
This area requires demonstration of a minimum earned income in the country of residence. In order to reflect differences in income level across the world the level required to qualify varies depending on where the applicant lives.

In addition earnings that have not been declared to the appropriate authorities will not be accepted when calculating income.

The income levels required for some of the Countries are as follows:

Country Code A EU States, USA, Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Israel, Japan, South Korea
£40,000 per annum = 25 Points
£100,000 per annum = 35 Points
£250,000 per annum = 50 Points

Country Code B Poland, Brazil, South Africa, Libya, Hungary, Chile, Mexico, Estonia, Turkey
£25,000 per annum = 25 Points
£60,000 per annum = 35 Points
£150,000 per annum = 50 Points

Country Code C Jamaica, Russia, Iran, Morocco, Peru, Tunisia, Thailand, Algeria, Romania
£20,000 per annum = 25 Points
£50,000 per annum = 35 Points
£125,000 per annum = 50 Points

Country Code D China, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Bangladesh
£15,000 per annum = 25 Points
£35,000 per annum = 35 Points
£90,000 per annum = 50 Points

4. Achievement in your chosen field - 50 points (maximum)
You can obtain points for the following

Significant Achievement - 25 points
Exceptional Achievement - 50 points

Exceptional Achievement is only for a tiny number of people who are right at the top of their profession. Significant Achievement will also be difficult to show for most people. However, “Significant Achievement” can be shown much more easily than “Exceptional Achievement”.

5. HSMP Priority Applications - 50 points
This is currently only for doctors who are entitled to work as general practitioners in the UK.

Applications must be made before entry into the UK at the nearest British Embassy or High Commission. The applications will be referred to a central unit of Immigration staff based in Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

Successful applicants will be granted leave to enter the UK for one year, and after this further leave to remain will be granted where evidence of employment is supplied.

In-country switching will be allowed for those already in the UK in categories leading to permanent residence*, or who are already explicitly permitted to switch into work permit employment. This will allow, for example, graduating students and doctors to apply for the HSMP providing that they meet the following criteria:

currently lawfully in the UK;
are not subject to enforcement action;
do not have an appeal outstanding; and
in the case of graduating students and doctors, that they have not been sponsored by their overseas government.

The programme will run for an initial period of 12 months and will begin on January 28th 2002. Proof for all the criteria must be supplied with the individual's application in support of their claim. Under the HSMP applicants will initially be granted 12 months' stay in the UK. Then towards the end of the twelve month period applicants can apply to remain in the same capacity for a further period of up to three years. After four years as a highly skilled migrant, applicants can apply for permanent residence*

If you would like to evaluate your situation in more detail we have put together a detailed analysis of the points requirement on this site. If you think that you may qualify for this programme please telephone us on +44 (0)20 7495 3999 or complete our general enquiry form.

*Properly known as “settlement” or “indefinite leave to remain”

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