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Save the medical profession!

Author: manasi33, Posted on Thursday, November 16 @ 23:56:01 IST by RxPG  

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Every profession in this whole wide world, has its own good and bad points. No one and nothing in this world is perfect. So why should we expect it from our medical profession?

I completely agree with the various flip sides discussed upon several times in various rxpg forums—like long course of 4 and half years, constantly changing gov policies affecting us and the low pay scale in jobs for medicos.

But face it guys, accept it. Is it possible for us to start treating patients, the day we pass MBBS? Isn’t a year long internship, a must, for us to treat patients confidently?

Agreed that the imposed MOships delay our age to get ‘settled’ in life. But is the clinical experience we would get during that period absolute waste? Wont it help us in future at all? There r things in everybodys life- some which r in our hands and some which r not. But it is upto to us to bring out something positive from the things which we r forced to do, rather than cribbing about them, and getting disheartened.

Agreed that we are made to slog during internship, then studying for pg and then actually during pg residency. But NOTHING IN LIFE COMES WITHOUT HARD WORK. And success which comes without hard work is not valued.

And every person in every profession needs to slog some or the other time in his or her life! Engineers or the most envied MBA professionals who earn close to a lakh per month do not have typical 9 to 5 jobs any more. They also have to work close to 12hrs everyday, complete the assigned targets and so on. Isn’t that slogging?

Agreed that pay scales for us medicos are very low at the start. But they wont remain that for ever would they? Payscales would definitely rise with experience. And doing a job forever, after pg, in a civil hospital, is never our aim. We do that to become skilled, isn’t it?. Ultimately we aim for private practice or a job in a corporate hospital which eventually is going to fetch us money!

We bash at those persons who attack docs if they r not able to treat their relatives. And without a doubt, they should be bashed at. But I have also seen so many people who keep docs next to god and literary worship them. But how often do we talk about those satisfying and rewarding experiences?

If one dosen’t feel nice after treating a child for pneumonia , if one dosen’t see the happiness on a woman’s face after showing her delivered child, if one is not happy after making a blind man see again , if a cancer patient benefiting from ones medicine is not a rewarding feeling, then one should definitely leave the medical profession, because staying in the medical profession is neither good for such docs nor for the patients they r supposed to treat!

It is still a noble profession guys, and it’s the responsibility of us to keep it that way. We have to learn to respect it, show patience and determination, once we r in it.

I personally feel that money is very important in life, but it is definitely not everything. The respect that a successful doc gets, and his popularity among his patients is heavenly!!!

If truly talented medicos start giving up their medical careers one after the other, the medical profession will soon become just like ‘politics’- a hell filled with undeserving, potentially dangerous people, harmful for us and our future generation!!

I know, to some I may sound too philosophical and less practical! But if a few philosophical words would stop some ‘would-be, talented good docs’ from leaving their medical careers, the purpose is served, isn’t it?

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