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MBBS - mind blowing journey

Author: neelkant123, Posted on Wednesday, January 28 @ 02:01:48 IST by RxPG  

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Hello everyone, I just want to explain the happenings in our college in a case format. Hope you guys enjoy it .

An 18 year old male patient by name Mr NRR, presented to Dr PSIMS (that's my college) with chief complaints of an ambition to become a doctor since childhood. He was apparently asymptomatic before the thought, and the presenting complaint was sudden in onset after seeing, gradual in progression, with an ever increasing severity since the past 2 years and was stimulating in character, aggravated by seeing the successful doctors, and relieved after enjoying with the non medical friends.
His past history - No similar complaints in the past. He is not a known ratta master and slogger. There were no similar complaints from the other members of the family. On general examination, he was conscious, coherent, co operative, well oriented to time, space and person, but is little disturbed. Higher functions - normal. Attitude - ambitious. No abnormality was detected on clinical examination. He was admitted, for observation to relieve his complaint, and was subjected to a battery of investigations spanning over a 5 and a half years, involving all the senior members of the college.

At first he was reluctant to get treated (ragging), but gradually was cooperative. He was put under tremendous pressure in the later part of the first year. Complained of palpitations and nausea the day before the exam. Was not prescribed anything. He ultimately cleared the first year exam. This phenomenon continued till the third year, and a good response was noted as his chief complaint started to show some sort of improvement. All of his engineering friends were well settled. He was aging. He was feeling insecure. Somehow, by god's grace, he was able to clear the final mbbs exam. BUT, that journey-- was filled with a lot of pressure, tension, insercurity, etc. He became tired of the investigations and even questioned his mind during the announcement of results. He did not have any previous experience of doing this. Ultimately he did it.

Today he doubts, he doubts of his intellectual curiosity, whether he really needed this. He is even more confused than before about his ambition. He wants to achieve and prove it to the world that he is something in the world. He realises that the journey which he faced is just a preview of the future. Digging his own road, he found himself landed nowhere. Now he wants to go back to that very time, and then change everything, but then he is confused again as what to change. The treatment and investigations the college gave were too much for him. And suddenly he realises one thing. ... it is this journey which makes him unique. it is this very journey that makes a man out of you, that gives you all the stress needed in the world, and top of all the individuality which is also a by-product of this arduous journey. He did a bit of soul searching and realised that this is the way life here is and hence his complaint grew in terms of severity. He realised that every person who joins medicine and is ambitious in finishing the journey is a successful person. Every doctor represents a success story. There is nothing like an unsuccessful or a successful practitioner. A physician is always a physician. This chap now realises that he was just grinded mentally and physically ,,,, and finally he became a doctor, without realising.


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Comment #1 by RxPG_Team at 30/01/2009 at 04:16;
hello everyone, i just want to explain the happenings in our college in a case format. hope you guys enjoy it . an 18 year old male patient by name mr nrr, presented to dr psims (that's my college) with chief complaints of an ambition to become a doctor s...read more
Comment #2 by karthiksrevatsa at 28/03/2009 at 09:35;
it does sound practical to a person who wants to become a future clinician , but not for those aiming for ias or management :)...read more
Comment #3 by ramankb at 28/03/2009 at 09:43;
it does sound practical to a person who wants to become a future clinician , but not for those aiming for ias or management :)haha...read more
Comment #4 by neelkant123 at 08/04/2009 at 15:26;
me actually doing lot of soul searching on my future i just gave my final mbbs exams .. 2 days back.. considering all the possibilities sometimes i feel that this profession needs people like me .. people with expression.. lets see....... a...read more
Comment #5 by hellrazor at 13/06/2009 at 17:07;
for me mbbs was a nightmare of all sorts except for the friends i made.....its a continuous struggle with little reward...read more
Comment #6 by neelkant123 at 23/06/2009 at 18:46;
yes u r right. there is very little margin for error. u do so much and u get so little....read more
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