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MRCPsych CASC EXAM STATIONS (3rd April 2009)

Author: akanksha, Posted on Sunday, April 05 @ 19:39:28 IST by RxPG  

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MRCPsych Part 2


1. Psychotic old woman - Elderly woman who is very frightened as she believes that she had committed a war crime in 1970s and now watched the TV programme where she heard about the war crimes and believes that she will be arrested and appeared very frightened and kept on asking if you are from Police department there to arrest her.

2. Agoraphobia - Discuss desensitisation treatment with a woman who suffers from agoraphobia and is scared of leaving her house. She has heard about desensitisation and is worried that she will be forced to go out of her house which makes her very anxious.

3. Manic/ hypo manic patient - Assess this young man who has been referred by GP for an urgent assessment. He has a past history of depression. Take history and establish etiological factors.

4. Alzheimer's Medication - Explain Alzheimer's medication to the daughter of a lady suffering from mild to moderate Alzheimer's. Discuss benefits and side effects.

5. BDD - Assess young lady who believes that her eyes are too wide apart and feels that she looks like a fish.

6. Overdose lady - assess the circumstances of overdose and assess if compulsory detention is required

7. Cognitive assessment focusing on the Frontal Lobe tests

8. Assess an inpatient with Schizophrenia who has become very distressed. Assess why she has become distressed. This lady believed that the secret services were sending her messages by waves and telling her that she was an al-qeida member.


1. (a) Erotomanic patient: Wanting to see a nurse who he believes that is in love with him. He was seen by this nurse in A&E a month ago. Assess his beliefs and dangerousness. - he was carrying handcuffs in his bag and ? a knife) In the next station you will be talking to the nurse about the risks.

1. (b) Talk to the nurse who is very scared of this man. He was arrested by police, he took a knife out in the casualty after he was not allowed to see this nurse. He unfortunately managed to escape from the prison and the police is now looking for him.

2. (a) 15 year old girl took and overdose of 40 Paracetamol and left a note. Also has a history of [bleep] in school, recently moved to new school. Assess the circumstances and risk. In the next station you will be required to discuss the management with the consultant.

2. (b) Talk to the consultant and discuss the management plan.

3. (a) Take a collateral history from the carer of this man with dementia who lives in a nursing home. He has in last 3 months become very aggressive and also hit other patient. Take history to find out more about the change in behaviour and risks. In the next station you will be taking to his son about the management.

3. (b) Talk to this man's son who is very angry that his dad was prescribed Olanzapine and he has read on the Internet that this is a medication for Schizophrenia and is a sedative and can cause stroke etc. Also discuss with him other ways of managing aggression and difficult behaviour in dementia.

4. (a) Take history of presenting complaint and medical history from this man with headache who is convinced that he has a brain tumor in spite of normal investigations and normal CT Scan. Do not take any other history. 9only presenting complaint and past medical history). In next station you will be required to talk to his partner to explain diagnosis and management.

4. (b) Talk to this man's partner and explain to her the the diagnosis, etiology and management. Also address any concerns she may have.

All the best!!

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Comment #1 by Satman at 05/04/2009 at 15:11;
hi here are the exam stations as i remember them. single stations 1. overdose lady - assess the circumstances of overdose and assess if compulsory detention is required 2. agoraphobia - discuss desensitisation treatment with a woman who suffers f...read more
Comment #2 by Drhimansu26 at 01/08/2013 at 02:06;
thanks...read more
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