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Medicine [GIT]; Free Online Mock Test 31

Author: RxPG, Posted on Tuesday, July 15 @ 00:00:00 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) Treatment of acute gastroenteritis should include all excpt

One answer only.
   a) Correction of mild to moderate dehydration with 'ORS'
   b) IV fluids if the patient is in shock
   c) Administration of antimicrobials in patients with severe dehydration
   d) Close monitoring of 'vitals' and urine output in severe dehydration

2) All the following statements are true about constipation except

One answer only.
   a) Constipation is defined as passage of hard stools with decrease in frequency
   b) Is common in elderly partly due to decrease in physical activity
   c) Should be treated with regular use of stimulant laxatives
   d) Recent onset constipation in elderly should be investigated for any organic cause

3) The commonest site of intestinal tuberculosis is

One answer only.
   a) Jejunum
   b) Ileo-caecal area
   c) Ascending colon
   d) Ileum

4) Abdominal tuberculosis commonly presents as

One answer only.
   a) Ascitis with exudative fluid
   b) Sub-acute intestinal obstruction
   c) Fever with lymphnode masses in abdomen
   d) Diarrhea with mucus  blood

5) Following are the common causes of mal-absorption in India except

One answer only.
   a) Chronic pancreatitis
   b) Tropical sprue
   c) Abdominal tuberculosis
   d) Cystic fibrosis

6) The following is true about toxic megacolon except

One answer only.
   a) Commonly involves transverse colon
   b) May be precipitated by use of codeine, lopaermide, or doing Ba enema
   c) Can be diagnosed by a plain film when colonic diameter is > 10 cm
   d) Diarrhea may decrease with onset of toxic megacolon

7) The following drug are useful for the treatment of IBD except

One answer only.
   a) Aminosalicylates
   b) Corticosteroids
   c) Azathioprim
   d) Nsaids

8) The following statement is true about treatment of IBD

One answer only.
   a) Corticosteroids are more effective-for-Crohn's disease than Ulcerative colitis
   b) Metronidazole is effective for treatment of perianal fistulae in Crohn's disease
   c) Surgery for ulcerative colitis should include resection of inflammed colon only
   d) Sulfasalazine is contra-indicated for use in pregnancy

9) Diverticular disease of colon

One answer only.
   a) Is more common in elderly people in developing countries
   b) Most of the diverticulae occur in the right colon
   c) Can present with acute pain or bleeding per recum
   d) Are associated with increased risk of colonic malignancy

10) All are true about Hirschsprung's disease except

One answer only.
   a) Is a familial congenital disease seen more commonly in males
   b) Is associated with a narrow segment in distal colon with proximal dilatation
   c) Ganglion cells are absent in the colon resulting in failure of relaxation
   d) Medical treatment can control symptoms in a large number of patients

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