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Bombay Blood Group Confusion: A Reply by Dr Bruno

Author: Guest, Posted on Monday, July 28 @ 12:22:00 IST by RxPG  

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This message has been taken up from a message board and herein Dr Bruno has replied to a confusion regarding the bombay blood group. It can be a potential question for Indian PG entrances. RxPG also invites the comments of the readers for this piece of discussion.

RxPG Site Editor

About Bombay Blood Group

The patient will not have any antigenin RBC
Will have Anti - A Anti -B and Anti -H

As far as I know, the question of The blood bank is unable to determine his ABO group, as his red cell group and plasma group do not matchdoes not arise here

The Blood bank can misdiagnose as O group ( if they don't see for Anti H) but, the problem of RBC group and Plasma group MATCHES in Bombay Blood group



What I have understod from this question is that the person has a particluar group antigen and the antibody for the same antigen.......... ie he has
A (RBC) and Anti-A (Plasma) or
B (RBC) and Anti B (Plasma) or
A and B (RBC) and Anti A and Anti B (Plasma)

> Dr bruno, in recent note-bk its desccribed as Bombay-blood group ; their sera will contain antiA, AntiB, Anti H antibodies, so same gr RBC will be lysed by antiH antibodies of Bombay Bl grp.
> So, same rare bl grp reqd;;as plasma is responsble for transfusion reactn, same plasma grp( i cud not understand much)------------------but will Bombay Bl grp be available so quickly in emergency?---------Doubt
Pl give us some info about bombay bl grp.

again harrison says following-----which may mean that grp O + crystalloid may be the ans

1)case of Rh-negative patients, every attempt must be made to provide Rh-negative blood components to prevent alloimmunization to the D antigen. In an emergency, Rh-positive blood can be safely transfused to a Rh-negative patient who lacks anti-D; however, the recipient is likely to become alloimmunized and produce anti-D. Rh-negative women of child-bearing age who are transfused with products containing Rh-positive RBCs should receive passive immunization with anti-D (RhoGam or WinRho) to reduce or prevent sensitization.

.2) Continuing blood loss, with hemoglobin concentrations declining to 100 g/L (10 g/dL), should initiate blood transfusion, preferably as fully cross-matched blood. In extreme emergencies, type-specific or O-negative packed red cells may be transfused. In the presence of severe and/or prolonged hypovolemia, inotropic support with dopamine or dobutamine (Chap. 72) may be required to maintain adequate ventricular performance, after blood volume has been restored.

> 1 Q-pl solve--Digitalis toxicicity best diagnosed by-----increased PR/shot qt/ST depression/bigeminy

Everywhere ans given as bigeminy ;; can u give the source?;; OPGhai has something different 2 say


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