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MRCPCH PART TWO: Essential Information

Author: tegs, Posted on Thursday, July 31 @ 00:00:00 IST by rxpg  

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The new format MRCPCH Part II Written Examination was successfully introduced in July 2002.

There are two papers each of 2 ½ hours duration. One paper to be taken in the morning and the second in the afternoon

UK Timetable:

10:00 - 12.30 Paper 1 Specific arrangements and timings for candidates taking the Examination overseas should be obtained from the overseas centres.
12:30 - 13:40 Break
14:00 - 16.30 Paper 2

each paper will carry approximately the same number of marks.

candidate's marks will be combined from the two papers to form an overall mark.

the standard of the Examination is still set at the level expected of a competent paediatrician in training entering into the registrar grade.

each paper will consist of a mixture of questions which are known as Case Histories, Data Interpretation, and Photographic Material.(See below for further information)

the questions set will be a combination of new format questions and will include "best of" list, "n from many" list and "extended matching" questions. (See below)

the new papers will be similar to the Specimen Papers published here

New for 2003: From April 2003 (2003/1) Examination new computerised mark sheets will be introduced. All answers will be scanned and marked by computer. Examples of the new mark-sheets and information on how to complete them will be available here shortly.

These changes take place as we continue to use a larger proportion of new format questions. The Examination will continue to be a test of clinical knowledge and decision making in all areas of paediatrics and child health. By taking this opportunity to examine more of the curriculum and to improve coverage of all major areas of clinical practice the validity of the Examination will be increased. The expansion of the Examination will allow the MRCPCH Part II Board to include questions dealing with research, audit, ethics and medical science applied to clinical care, in the papers.

Photographic Material

Each question is based upon printed photographic material. The photographs are prepared from clinical and retinal photographs, radiographs, illustrations of investigation results and occasionally from pathological material. Candidates are asked to identify abnormalities, or provide a diagnosis, to recommend investigation or treatment or a combination of these.

Case History

Each question will be a case history with results of physical examination and investigations. The questions are designed to test ability in diagnosis and in the planning of investigations and management and may be extended to include photographic material.

Data Interpretation

Each question will consist of such items as sets of laboratory data or graphical data, e.g. electrocardiograms introduced by a short statement of the clinical setting. Candidates are asked for specific points of interpretation.

Some material on adolescent medicine will be included in the examination.

Part II Written Examination Questions

"best of" list. There is one best answer from a given list. Although all the answers given may be reasonable, one will be the best answer. Marks will only be awarded for choosing the correct answer.

"n from many" answers in which a stated number of options are required from a longer list e.g. a list of possible diagnoses from an ECG. The candidate is not expected to go through all the options, but to select the answer from the list provided, for example, if the ECG shows complete heart block, find this option in the list.

"extended matching" format which employs a list of answers or options. The list is followed by a set of questions or statements. The candidate is required to select, from the list of options, the best match for each of the questions or statements. An example might be a list of causes of wheezing, which need to be matched with the most appropriate of one or more case histories.

Please note that drugs will almost invariably be referred to by their UK approved names rather than their trade names. Biochemical and other measurements will be expressed in SI units (normal ranges or reference ranges will only be provided where these are likely to be in doubt).

The Part II Written Examination assesses a candidate's performance in relation to that of the other candidates and not by means of an external standard of performance set by the examiners. As a result the pass mark (though not the pass rate) may vary at each examination. This occurs because there are differences in the degree of difficulty of that particular examination sitting without any significant changes between the abilities of the large cohorts of candidates.

The final mark for each candidate is the sum of his or her marks in both papers, to which a formula is applied to create the final mark out of 20. To pass MRCPCH Part Two it is not necessary therefore to obtain a pass mark in each of the papers, so long as the total mark achieved by the candidate reaches the required pass mark of 10.

Copyright of Examination Questions

Copyright of questions used in RCPCH Examinations belongs to the RCPCH. The MRCPCH and the DCH questions are prepared and revised through the hard work of many College members and staff. Our aim is to produce valid, appropriate and well-prepared questions so that our examinations are fair and effective. Our question bank and reputation is threatened by unauthorised copying of exam questions.

Some examination preparation organisations aim to exploit knowledge of our examination. We are aware that candidates have been asked to memorise questions and provide copies to these organisations. On occasion candidates have been offered payment for this. Infringement of copyright may result in debarment to take the exam, removal of the MRCPCH qualification or prosecution. Please do not divulge examination questions to outside organisations.

Review of MRCPCH Part Two Examinations Scripts

All examination papers are checked on numerous occasions during the processing of examination results. Results are only released when the Chair of the relevant Examination Board and/or the Officer for Examinations is satisfied that that the examination has been conducted properly and in accordance with the procedures of the College.

There is a charge of £100.00 to any candidate requesting a further check or reassessment of an examination script. This charge is refundable if an error is identified. (Please note that these arrangements are separate from an appeal against an examination result and you cannot request that a check be conducted as your requested outcome of an appeal.)

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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