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New Zealand Registration process for overseas doctors

Author: rxpg, Posted on Sunday, August 03 @ 14:29:31 IST by rxpg  

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There are different types of registrations available for overseas doctors. But most important types are:

  • Probationary registration leading to General Registration
  • Vocational Registration
  • Temporary Registration

Most of the Overseas doctors need to pass the NZREX for initial probationary registration to start working in New Zealand, which can be converted in to General registration after fulfilling the criteria set by medical council,

Registration Classes

  • Probationary
    • Class 1 - eg 7th year interns (mainly from NZ medical schools)
    • Class 2 - eg those who have passed NZREX (most overseas-trained doctors)
    • Class 3 - eg specialist eligible
    • Class 4 - eg those eligible for reassessment
    • Class 5 - eg those seeking re-registration (following erasure)
  • General
    • - eg a 'full' registered medical practitioner
  • Vocational
    • - eg registration as a specialist
    • - eg registration as a General Practitioner (indicative)
  • Temporary
    • Class 1 - eg giving post-graduate instruction
    • Class 2 - eg receiving post-graduate training or experience
    • Class 3 - other (eg UK, Irish, Canadian, South Africa graduates)

Probationary Registration

This system acknowledges that a probationer is at the beginning of his/her professional career, where apprenticeship learning models and close supervision are in the best interests of both probationers and patients.

The Council's Registration Examination (NZREX) will ultimately be a prerequisite for all overseas-trained doctors seeking Probationary Registration, unless they are deemed eligible for Vocational Registration.

A doctor eligible for the issue of a certificate of Probationary Registration who does not take up practice as specified on that certificate within eighteen (18) months of its issue, will also have the certificate cancelled if Council so directs.

General Registration

General Registration is granted when the probationer has met certain standards, normally over a period of twelve months.

An important new requirement in the 1995 Act is now placed on the general registrant - he/she is permitted to practise only under the general oversight of a doctor who holds Vocational Registration in the branch or sub-branch of medicine concerned.

Temporary Registration

Note that there is a short-term transition arrangement under this category (viz class 3) for those doctors who have qualified from specified facilities in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and South Africa.

The temporary form of registration is for overseas-trained doctors "visiting New Zealand" which the Council has defined as those who do not hold residence, namely a doctor with a work visa or permit only.

Temporary registration enables you to work in New Zealand for a certain period of time without passing examination.

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