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CMC Vellore; Essential Info

Author: Guest, Posted on Saturday, January 04 @ 00:00:00 IST by rxpg  

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CMC - Vellore



Postraduate Courses

MD/MS/Diploma Courses

1. History of the College

The Christian Medical College and Hospital Vellore, were foudned by Dr. Ida S. Scudder, the daughter of a medical missionary and are now managed by the Christain Medical College Vellore Association, a private inter-denominational Christian Organisation whose aim, as quoted from the Memorandum of Association of the College, is "The establishment, maintenance and development of a Christian Medical College, where men and women may receive an education of the highest grade in the art and science of medicine and nursing, or, in one or other of the related professions, to equip them in the spirit of Christ for service in the relief of suffering and the promotion of health" The college is now supported by about 81 churches and missionary societies in India and abroad and is administered by a governing council in India consisting of their representatives.

Dr. Ida Scudder's early life was spent in the U.S.A. Once when as a young lady she was visiting her parents who were working near Vellore, she saw the helpless suffering of women in India and realised that a basic need in India was for women doctors to attend to women whose custom did not permit them to be treated by men. She gave up her dreams of a glomorous life and after qualifying as a doctor in teh U.S.A. came back to serve in India.

Dr. Scudder started her work in 1900 with one room for in patients in her father's bungalow, Patients flocked to her hospital in ever increasing numbers and the need for providing more beds and better facilities was soon apparent. Dr. Scudder set about winning support and sympathy for her cause and in 1902, the Mary Taber Schell Hospital was built with accomdation for 40 patients. In 1924 the present hospital site was acquired and a 267 beds hospital was built. Today there are over 1600 beds for in-paripheral units. The doctors, nurses, paramedical workers and medical teachers come from nearly every state in India as well as from overseas. Extensions of the hospital include an Eye Hospital, a Mental Health Centre, a Rural Hospital, Rehabilitation Centre for leprosy patients and a Rehabilitation Institute for disabled persons who require prolongedf treatement and training.

From 1947, when our country became independent, there was an urgent need to make technical knowledge and personnel available for the whole country. The Christian Medical College responded to this need by starting various speciality departments and as the institution grue, more and more speciality departments were added. This institution has been a pioneer in India in the development of higher specialities like Cardiology, Psychiatry, Thoracic Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Urology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, etc. The earlier emphasis on training Indian doctors in various aspects of medicine to go out and serve in their own areas was maintained. Various postgraduate training programmes in almost every department were started one by one, and at present there are 40 different speciality programmes for diploma and post-graduate degree courses. A large number of Christian Churches and Missions thoroughout India make use of these popportunities for training, to enable them to make technical services available for people in different parts of the country, through the hospitals under their auspices, many of them being situated in rural and semi-urban areas. It is expected that those who receive training here would keep the needs of the peiple of this country foremost in their mind when they start their voaction after their training there.

While the traqinees are exposed to the most modern developments in medical science in their training, equal emphasis is given to make them service orented and to identify themselves with confidence in the community where they are called to serve the people of India. It is aimed that high standards of medical care within easy reach of all, will be made available to all the needy eventurally.

They are also encouraged to pursue research relevant to Indian situations. Research is an integral part of the work and contribution of this institution. Research grants of the institution provide seed money for initiating and conducting certain projects. Other projects are supported by national and other research organisations. Several notable contributions have been made to medical science in the fields of leprosy, rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, gastroenterology, growth and development, microbiology, population studies etc.

Every day, activities begin and end with worship in the quiet hospital chapel built as a synthesis of western architecture and Indian temple architecture where christians and nonchristians, the healthy and the sick step in the worship or to make their thank offering.

The Christian Medical College began in 1918 when alomst single heanded, Dr. Scudder started training women students for the Licentiate Diploma (L.M.P.) She was the first Principla and her first batch of medical students achieved a 100 percent pass in the University examinations. In 1942, the medical school was raised to the status of a College and the first batch of 25 students were admitted to the M.B.B.S. course. Men students where first admitted to the College in 1947. Permanent affiliation to the University of madras was obtained in 1950. From 1953 onwards, 50 students were admitted consisting of 25 women. 1964 the annual admissions were increased to 60. in 1988 the affiliation of this institution was transferred from the University of Madras to the newly instituted Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu, in Madras.

Situated 7 Kms. from the main hospital, the College campus is set in a 200 acre site. The grey granite buildings of the College and chapel date back to 1932. Part of the non-clinical teaching is carried out at the College while the students attend the Hospital for their clinical work.

There is also a College of Nursing affiliated to the Dr. MGR Medical University, offering undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Other training and educational programmes include University courses in medical record science, occuptainal therapy and physiotherapy, as well as diploma courses of the Christain Medical Association of India (CMAI) and of this institution, in various branches of paramedical technology.

The motto of the founder "Not to be ministered upto but to minister" and her vision to serve the poor and needy in India are being perpetuated by many dedicated students who graduate from this institution.

Vellore is about 135 Kms. away from Madras and is easily accessible by road and railways. The climate is mostly dry with pleasent moderately cool weather during December.

Postgraduate Training Programme

The Christian Medical College is recognised by the Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu in Madras for the following postagraduate courses. The number of seats available in each of these courses in 1994 is indicated alongside.

2. Post Graduate Training Courses Available

Code Course No. of Seats Type of Papers

01 D.C.H. 6 General or Special : Paediatrics

02 D.G.O. 6 General or Special : Obst. & Gynae

03 D.A. 6 General or Special : Anaesthesia

04 D.C.P. 1 General or Special : Pathology

05 D.D. 2 General or Special : Dermatology

06 D.L.O. 2 General or Special : E.N.T.

07 D.Ortho 4 General or Special : Orthopeadics

08 D.O. 4 General or Special : Ophthalmology

09 D.M.R.D. 2 General or Special : Radiology

10 D.M.R.T. 1 General or Special : Radiotherapy

11 D.P.M. 4 General or Special : Psyciatry

12 D.Lep 1 General or Special : Dermatology

* Either 2 Diploma in Dermatology + 1 Diploma in Leprosy seats.

13 M.D.(GenMed) 6 General or Special :

14 M.D.(Obst.&Gyynae) 3 General or Special : Obst & Gynae

15 M.D.(Pathology) 2 General or Special : Pathology

16 M.D.(Microbiology) 2 General or Special : Microbiology

17 M.D.(Physiology) 2 General or Special : Physiology

18 M.D.(Pharmacology) 2 General or Special : Pharmacology

19 M.D.(Paed.Med) 2 General or Special : Paediatrics

20 M.D.(Radiootherpy) 3 General or Special : Radiotherapy

21 M.D.(Anaesthesia) 6 General or Special : Anaesthesia

22 M.D.(Dermatology) 2 General or Special : Dermatolgy

23 M.D.(Biochemistry) 1 General Comm. Med

24 M.D.(Comm. Med) 3 General or Special : Psychiatry

25 M.D.(Psychiatry) 2 General or Special : Orthopaedics

26 M.S.(Gen. Surg) 6 General Ophthalmology

27 M.S.(Ortho. Surg) 2 General or Special : Orthopaedics

28 M.S.(Ophthamology) 2 General or Special : Ophthalmology

29 M.S.(Otorhino 2 General or Special : Otorhinolaryngology


30 M.S.(Anatomy) 1 General or Special : Anatomy

31 Dip.N.B.(Family Med) 3 General

32 Dip.N.B.Physical Medicine 2 General

33 D.M.(Neurology)(2/3yrs)* 1 Special : Neurology and Relates subject

34 D.M.(Cardiology)(2yrs) 3 Special : Cardiology and Related subjects

and General Medicine

35 D.M.(Nephrology) (2yrs) 3 Special : Nephrology and Related subjects

36 D.M. (Gastronterology) 2 Special : Gastroenterology and

Related subjects

37 M.Ch (Thoracic Surgery) 3 Special : Thoracic Surgery and

Related Subjects

(2/3 yrs)*

38 M.Ch.(Neuro (3yrs) 3 Special : Neurosurgery and Related


39 M.Ch.(Neuro (5yrs)

40 M.Ch. (Genito-Urinary 2 Special : Genitourinary Surgery and

surg.) (2/3 yrs)* Related Subjects

41 M.Ch. (paed. Surg.) (2yrs) 2 Special : Paediatric Surgery and

Related Subject

42 Dip. N.B. (Plastic Surgery) 1 Special Plastic surgery, Related

(3yrs) Subjects and General surgery

3. Calendar for Admission to Postraduate Courses in year 1994 MD/MS/ Diploma Courses

8 Feb. 1994 Written test at Vellore

9 Feb. 1994 List of candidates who qualify for interview announced

10 Feb. 1994 Interview at 8-00 am

11 Feb. 1994 Announcement of s election

14 Feb. 1994 Submission of application for supplimentary selection (2p.m.

15 Feb. 1994 Interview for supplementary selection and announcement of supplimentary

selection results

28 Feb 1994 REgistration (last date)

1 Mar 1994 Courses begin

1 Mar. 1994 (1/2 day) Orientation

4. Obtaining prospectus and application forms

Prospectus and application forms with the enclosures will be issued at the office of the Principal on payment of Rs. 50/- (Fifty American dollars or its equivalent in the case of candidates applying from abroad) by a Demand Draft (not refundable) drawn on (1) State Bank of India (2203) payable at its Bagayam branch office or (2) Central Bank of Incia (M-10) Vellore in favour of ‘C.M.C. Vellore Association account’ (30 C.M.C. Vellore Association chalans of the State Bank of India, Bagayam branch or (4) Receipts of C.M.C.H. Accounts Department for Rs. 50/- paid to the credit of "Postgraduate Selection fund" will also be accepted.

Those who require additional application forms (maximum three) should send demand draft for Rs. 10/- extra for each additional form along with the request for prospectus.

5. Postgraduate Degree M.D./M.S. and Diploma Courses Eligibility for Admission

1. Candidates having qualified for the M.B.B.S. degree of Madras University or any other University recognised as equivalent hereto by the Dr. MGR Medical University and the Indian Medical Council and obtained full registration and having completed their compulsory rotatory residentialinternship before the starting date of the courses are eligible to apply for the post graduate diploma and degree courses.

2. Candidates having qualified for a postgraduate diploma may also apply for the postgraduate degree (MD/MS) course in the same subject.

3. Candidates holding a postgraduate diploma in the following subjects, are eligible to apply for M.D. Course in Community Medicine : DCH, DGO, DPM, DPH. No exemption is Permitted by the University, for the duration of the course.

4. Candidates who were sponsored for the M.B.B.S./Diploma/Degree courses in this institution and are now applying for postgraduate course will be governed by the following regulations:

a) They should have fulfilled their obligation to serve the sponsoring body for periods as under, before the postgraduate course begins:

i) Students sponsored for M.B.B.S./Diploma courses 2 years.

ii) Students sponsored for P.G. degree courses - 3 years.

b) They must submit with their application, a copy of the sponsorship obligsation completion certificate issued by the appropriate authority of the sponsoring body, which must state the dates of commencement and completion (or expected date of completion-which in no case must be later than 28 February for applicants to Diploma/MD/MS courses) of obligatory service as well as the period & categories of their leave allowed and availed.

c) Any candidate who was sponsored to the M.B.B.S. course in theis Institution, is required to serve the concerned sponsoring body for a period of not less than two years before being considered for selection to any postgraduate course Any remaining service period in excess of two years that may have been agreed upon towards sponsorship for the M.B.B.S. course may be completed at a later date with the written permission of the sponsoring body, provided the candidate is responsored for the postgraduate course, by the same sponsoring body.

d) In exceptional cases of need the sponsoring body may recommend to the College to consider selecting a candidate for a postgraduate course at an earlier date, postponing the service obligation arising out of sponsorship for a Diploma/MD/MS course, Such a requrest when received before the closing date for receipt of applications, will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Director, Principal and Medical Superintendent. They will communicate their decision to the Selection Committee.

If a sponsored student seeks relief from the service contract dur to extraordinary circumstances he/she must pay to the college a sum equivalent to the cost of education (Which at present is estimated to be not less than Rs. 93,200/- for a year 93-94 and to the sponsoring body a sum fixed by them which will not be less than Rs. 25,000/- If the student has already completed a portion of the contractual service, the amount payable may be correspondingly reduced. However, such students shall not be eligible for admission to Post Graduate studies or for any job or appointment in C.M.C. Vellore.

e) In case a candidate is allowed as a special case to start the postgraduate course before completing the service period after the Diploma or Degree course for which he/she was sponsored, the remaining portion of that service period will be added to the period to be served after the postgraduate course.

f) When a candidate is sponsored for admission to a postgraduate course, the candidate must sign an agreement to serve the sponsoring body for a period of two years following diploma courses and three years following degree courses. If the sponsoring body is unable to utilise the service of such a candidate, the College will reserve the right to utilise the candidat’s obligatory service.

Please not that getting employment overseas or getting married or getting an opportunity for further training shall not be considered as exceptional circumstances for release from the service obligation.

g) Sponsorship will be on the basis of the need of the Sponsoring Body to have trained personnel for their Mission work. Sponsoring body must give an undertaking that the speciality exists or will be created and also ensure that a post will be available when the candidate graduates.No fees or donation are to be paid for this other than the stipulated sponsorship fee which should not exceed Rs. 25/-

Instructions for submitting applications for postgraduate Degree (M.D./M.S.) and Diploma Courses

The Application should be submitted using the forms provided for this purpose, together with the following, which are required by the University.

1. A re gistration fee of Rs. 150/- (150 US Dollars or its equivalent in the case of candidates applying from abroad) to be paid by means of a Crossed Bank Draft drawn in favlur of "Christian Medical College Vellore Association Account" on State Bank of India Bagayam (2033) or Central Bank of India, Vellore (M-10) for each course. This amount is not refundable.

2. Attested and clear photo copies of

a) Degree certificate or provisional pass certificate or official final mark sheet for the M.B.B.S. (and diploma, if done) issued by the University, certificates issued by other authorities are not accepable.

b) Course and conduct certificate for the M.B.B.S. course (and another for the Diploma Course, if done) giving the dates of commencement and completion of the course, issued by the Principla/Dean of the College where the course was done and stamped with his official seal. (As in the format enclosed on or one similar to it).

c) State Medical Council Registration Certificate (Temporary or Permanent) Certificate issued by other authorities are not acceptable

3. Acknowledgement card with your address duly filled in and 60 Paise STamp affixed.

4. Registration Form duly filled in.

5. One self addressed envelope, with Rs. 1/- stamp and the attached certificate of posting form with your address clearly writen on it and Rs. 2/- stamp affixed for despatching the hall Ticket.

6. One copy of a recent passport size photograh affixed on the appropriate Hall Ticket duly completed.

7. Attested photocopy of the sponsorship obligation completion certificate (see page 7) for former sponsored students of this College.

8. No Objection Certificate, for foreign national from the Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi - 110011. Please approach the Ministry of External Affairs. (Studnets Cell), Room No. 527, Akbar Bhawan, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110 021 for further details and getting the above certificate.

Note :

a) A separate appliction form, provided for the purpose shold be used. For each course applied for and sent along with the registration fee, etc. As stated above.

b) Candidates amy apply for not more than 4 courses in 2 subjects only e.g. DMRT and M.D. in Radiotherapy (2 courses in one subject)

c) Attestation of certificates, etc., must be done by a responsible person not below the rank of Asstt. Surgeon, with the signature placed above the seal of office. Attenstation by the applicant will not be accepted.

d) Ensure that all columns/items in the applicaionforms are marked. Mark "not applicable" or "nil" where indicated.

e) Completed applications with all the required enclosures (listed 1-7 above) must reach the Principal, Christain Medical College, Vellore-632 002, before 5-00 p.m. on date notified. Applications received after this time limit will not be considered. Applications that lack any one or more of the enclosures listed above as 1 to 7 beyond this time limit will not be considered.

The check lists must be completed to ensure that posted applications are complete.

Candidates are advised to submit their applications (that are complete in all respects) as early as possible.

f) Applicants employed in Government or similar establishments who have to route their applications through "proper channels" for the purpose of sponsorship/permission/leave, etc., are advised to submit an application as detailed above for the desired course, complete with all the requried enclosures directly to the Principal before the closing date. A photocopy of the completed application may be routed through the "proper chanels"This would avoid rejection of delays in various offices sanctioning leave/permission/sponsorship etc. for the applicant.

The Selection Process :

The selection of candidates for postgraduate courses will be according to the directives of the CMC Vellore Council. Weightage will be given to applications who have served in areas of need, or who are sponsored by the sponsoring agencies of this College after having worked for not less than 2 years in one or more hospitals of any of these agencies and/or who were the best outgoing students of any medical college A certificate to the effect that the candidate is the best outgoing student considering the overall performance throughout the period of study in the M.B.B.S. course, obtained from the Principal/Dean of the College should be produced.

Candidates for all courses conducted by the College, are chosen on the basis of a written test and interviews. The written test will be conducted only at Vellore.

The written test for selection to the Diploma and MD/MS.

Degree courses will be of 2 types and candidates may choose to write one of these two depending on whether a special paper is offered or not.

1. A general paper consisting of multiple choice questions drawn from all subjects taught in the undergraduate medical course.

2. A Special paper consisting of multiple choice questions in the speciality for which candidate has applied and subjects allied to it, e.g., the paper for E.N.T. may include questions in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, etc., with respect to the ear, nose and thoart.

Note :

1. Candidates are not permitted to write the General Paper and also a special paper for selection to any one particular speciality, but they may write a general paper for selection to a course in another subject applied for.

2. Hall tickets will be sent by post to all eligible candidates whose applications are complete and who are registered to undergo the written test. Halltickets will not be sent if the application is iincomplete. In case of non-receipt of the hall ticket earlier than 2 weeks prior to the date of the written test, candidates may request in writing a duplicate hall ticket sending one recent copy of their passport size photograph and a self addressed stamped envelope. The duplicate hall ticket will be despatched by post or may be collected in person not later than 4 p.m. on the day preceding the written test.

3. All candidates who wish to take the written test are required to be in their assigned seats at the time, date and place stipulated no candidate will be permitted to enter the examination area and commence the written test later than 30 minutes after the stipulated examination commencement time, MD/MS and diploma courses and 15 minutes for higher specialities.

4. A list of those candidates who have qualified for the interviews will be put up on notice boards in the College and Hospital campuses, the day following the written test and the interviews iwill be conducted the next day (i.e. second day after the written test), starting 8.00 a.m.

5. The list of candidates selected to the various courses will be notified the day after the interviews.

6. Fifty percent of the seats in each course are resserved for sponsored candidates. Provided they fulfil other criteria for eligibility for admission. However, more than 50% of the available seats may be allotted to sponsored candidates based on their ranking in the selection test the waiting list is based on ranking in the selection tests. Ordinarily, vacancies arising by open candidates not accepting a seat will be alloted by rank in the waiting list whether or not the wait listed candidate is soponsored. Vacancies arising by sponsored candidates not accepting a seat will ordinarily be filled by the first sponsored candidate on the waiting list to make up 50% reservation for sponsored candidates. In the event that more than 50% of the seats in any course are filled by sponsored candiates and one of the sponsored candidates does not accept the seat, it will be offered to the next candidate on the wait list by rank irrespective of whether he or she is sponsored or open.

7. Candidates applying for M.D./M.S. in subjects in which diplomas are available may write general or special paper. M.B.B.S. candidates can apply for these M.D./M.S. courses directly.

8. In the event of there being one or more vacant post graduate seats after the primary selection, a list of candidates eligible for a supplementary selection to those available seats will be announced. Such of those candidates listed, who wish to apply for the notified available seats, may apply for a maximum of 2 courses on the stipulated forms available in the Principal’s Office with no additional registration or other fees, not later than 2 p.m. on 15 February. These applicants will be interviewed the following mornng. The supplementary selection list will be announced in the evening following interview.

9. All selected candidates who wish to accept the postgraduate seat offered, must give their acceptance in writing not leter than 10 a.m. on 12-2 (for primary selection candidates) and 10 a.m. on 16 February (for supple mentary selection candidates.)

All selected candidates must report to the Principal’s Office to register themselves for the postgraduate course for which they have been slected, between 2.30 p.m. 5 p.m. Monday to Friday or 10 a.m. 12 noon on Saturday, on any working day after the announcement of the selection upto including 28 Feb. 1994. The diploma and MD/MS courses will commence on 1st March 1994.

All postgraduate training in this institution is imparted in the form of in service training.

Registration and Candidates selected to Diploma and MD/MS Degree Course.

1. Candidates must report to the Principal’s Office as per note 10 above, to till in the Dr. MGR Medical University, registration form and submit the following without fail :

a) M.B.B.S. Degree Certificate in original issued by the University or Provisional pass certificate issued by University.

b) M.B.B.S. course and conduct certificate in original issued by the Principal/Dean in the prescribed format or one similar to it. A certificate from any other authority is not acceptable.

c) Internship Completion Certificate in the case of graduate of Universities other than Madras University.

d) Diploma Pass Certificate or Provisional Pass Certificate in original issued by the University.

e) Course and Conduct Certificate in original for the Diploma Course issued by the Principal / Dean in the prescribed formet or one similar to it.

f) Eligibility Certificate obtained from the Registrar, Dr. MGR Medical University for graduates of Universities other than Madras University. Application for this must be made early enough so as to obtain it in time for registration.

g) C.M.C. Vellore Association Callan for Rs. 785/- for degree course candidates and Rs. 535/- for diploma course candidates under Account Number "22 U 130" towards the University Registration/Recognition fees.

h) C.M.C. Vellore Association challan for Rs. 60/- under College fees a/c college admission fees.

i) C.M.C. Vellore Association chalan for (Rs. 400/- per year) Rs. 800/- for 2 years courose. Rs. 1200/- for 3 years course and Rs. 2000/- for 5 years course under college Tuition fee account towards the tuition fee for the whole course (see last page for other fees to be paid).

j) A certificate of date of birth.

k) Sponsorship obligationo completion certificate (original) in the case of former sponsored students of this college.

l) Foreign nationals must subumit a no objection certificate (to undergo the course) issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Goovernment of India.

m) Those belonging to SC/ST/BC must submit an attested clear photocopy yof documentary evidence for the same.

n) A copy of the Tamil Nadu Medical Council registration certificate. Application for this must be made early enough so as to obtain it in time for registration.

o) One passporot size photograph and one stamp size colour photograph for Identity Card.

Registration with Tamil Nadu Medical Council :

Before a candidate can be accepted for the training programme he/she is required to register with the Tamil Nadu Medical Council. Their address is as follows.

The Register, Tamil Nadu Medical Council, 1st Block, IV Floor, Central Office Buildings, Mount Road, Teynampet, Madras - 600 006.

The Pplication for registration witht the Tamil Nadu Medical Council (T.N.M.C.) must be submitted in the prescribed form along with the registratio fee and the following :

a) M.B.B.S. Degree Certificate in original and a photostat copy.

b) Internship completion certificate in original and photostat copy.

c) Date of Birth evidence certificate in original and a phtostat copy.

d) Previous Medical Council Registration Certificate in original and photostat copy.

e) A No Objection Certificate from the State Medical Council in the case of candidates registered with medical council other than the T.N.M.C. in origninal and a photostat copy.

f) Three passporot size photographs of yourself.

The only Date of Birth Certificate approved by the T.N.M.C. is the front page of the S.S.L.C. booklet or an equivalent completion of school education certificate issued by the appropriate authority of a national or regional Education Board or Council (H.S.C., S.S.C.I.S.C., C.B.S.E., etc.) which bears details of the date of birth and Identity of the candidate.

After submission of the above, it may take 2-3 weeks for the T.N.M.C. Registration Certificate to be issued. Candidates are therefore advised to bring the above mentioned documents along with them when they come for the entrance test and interview so that these documents and the application for registration with the T.N.M.C. may be submitted by candidates selected for admission soon after announcement of the list of selected candidates, in order to facilitatre expenditious issue of the registration certificate and subsequent sumission of the same by the candidates to the Principal, CMC, Vellore, not later than 28 February.

2. At the time of admission, candidates must give the following Undertaking in the prescribed form : "I do hereby under take that as declared by me at the time of selection to the postgraduate course of the Christian Medical College, Vellore, I shall serve in India (the country of my origin) as a doctor for four years immediately after my graduation, if not already served, to make a total of four years service at the time of completion of the course"

3. All selected candidates are expected to join their respective courses on 1st March without fail after registration on or before 28 February Failure to join the course on 1st March will lead to automatic forefeiture of the seat offered and the candidates in the waiting list (in the order list) will be invited to join the course.

4. Candidates must report to the Head of Department at the Hospital on joining duty and forward a joining report through the Head of the Department to the Principal’s Office. Tuition fees for the whole course must be paid as one instalment at the time of registration. All postgraduate trainees of this College will be subject to the rules and regulations of the institution.

5. All sponsored candidates have a commitment to serve their sponsoring agency for minimum of 2/3 years after completing the course for which they were sponsored. A bond on stamped paper with the sponsoring agency and another with the Christian Medical College, Vellore must be signed and the latter submitted within 15 day of the jooinign date. A clear attested photocopy of the agreement signed on stamped (bond) paper by the candidate and the sponsoring agency must be submitted to the Principal on or before 28-2-1994. Then selection is subject to submitting the two signed agreements (commitments).

6. A formal appointment order, with the service conditions of the institution, will be issued after satisfactory completion of pre-employment formalities, including physical examination which should be completed before joining.

7. Mid-Term Assessment : A mid-term assessment of the trainee’s progress will be done by the Department and the Principal. If it is unsatisfactory, the training period is liable to be extended as an honorary appointment for the extended period.

8. Withdrawals : Candidates who accept the offer of selection and join the course will be expected to completed the whole training period. If due to any extra-ordinary circumstances candidate is forced to discontinue, the desire to withdraw should be notified to the Principal, in writing, at the earliest but not later than 30 April in the case of those in 2 years courses and 30 May in the case of those in 2 years courses and 30 May in the case of those in 3 years courses. Wait list candidates should contact the Principal’s Office soon after this date to check for vacancy. Those who must withdraw frorm the coursoe thereafter will not be selected for any training course or staff appointment subsequently in this institution. They will be required to pay the fees for the full course and make compensatory payment at the rate of the stipend normally paid to them, an amount that is proportionate to any shortage of notice for withdrawal that is less than one month. Tution fee and University Registration fee once paid will not be refunded.

9. Last date for eRegistration : The last date for registration of candidates called in from the waiting list will be 15 May for 2 year course and 15 June for 3 year course. Any period of delay in commencing the course must be made up before 1st March of the final examination year in the case of degree courses and diploma courses, by surrendering leave earned during the course. Beyond this, the course will have to be extended for the remaining period on an honorary basis.

10. Candidates may be registered fo rthe second session for the Diploma courses, from the wait list only if any seats remain vacant after the last date fore registration mentioned above. Theh late date for registration for the second session will be 30th September and the courses commences on the 1st of October and these candidates will take the final examination in October 2 years from the date of joining.

Stipend & Accommodation :

The postgraduate courses in Medicine and Surgery are conducted in accordance with the regulations of the Dr. MGR University Tamil Nadu and the training is of an "in service" type. Selected candidates will be paid a consolidated stipend of Rs. 1830-1830-1925 per month, (subject to salary to salary revision) as per rules, and provided free, partly furnished single accommodation.

Submission of Review Article :

All M.D. and M.S. candidates are expected to submit to the Principal’s office through the head of their concerned Department a review article on any topic related to his/her speciality suggested by the Head of the Department one year before their final examination. This will form part of the internal assessment.

Some University Regulations :

A) Postgraduate Diploma in Medicine & Surgery

No candidae shall be admitted to the University examinations for the postgraduate Diploma in Medicine and Surgery unless he produces satisfactory evidence to the effect, that:

(a) He having qualified for the M.B.B.S. degree of a University recognised and approved by the Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu and the Medical Council of India and obtained full registration, and

(b) Has undergone a course of study of two years in a recognised hospital/institution approved for that purpose.

B) Degree of doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

No candidates shall be admitted to the University examinations for the Degree of Doctor of medicine unless he produces satisfactory evidence to to the effect that :

(a) (i) He having qualified for the M.B.B.S. degree of a University recognised and approved by the Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu and the Medical council of India obtained full registration and

(ii) Those candidates who have qualified fo rthe postgraduate diploma of D.G.O., D.C.H., D.A., D.M.R.D., etc. may apply for the concerned M.D. degree; provided also that for the purpose of this regulation, diplomas like D.G.O., D.C.H., D.A., D.M.R.D. can be taken as allied subjects for M.D. branches. No exemption is permitted by the University for duration of the M.D. course.

(b) Has undergone a course of study of three consecutive years for all branches of the M.D. degree in a recognised hospital/Institution approved for that purpose.

Concurrent Study of Post-Graduate Diploma

A candidte admitted to undergo a Three year M.D./M.S. Post-graduate Degree Clinical Course will not be eligible to appear for the Post-graduate Diploma Course while undergoing the degree course at the end of two years period.

(C) Degree of Master of surgery (M.S.)

No candidate shall admitted to the University examinations fot eh Degree of Master of Surgery, unless he produces satisfactory evidence to the effect that :

(a) (i) He having qualified for M.B.B.S. degree of a University recognised and approved by the Dr. MGR Medical University, Tamil Nadu and the Medical Council of India and obtained full registration, and

(ii) Those candidates who have qualified for the graduate diplomas of D.O., D.Orth, D.L.O., etc, may apply for the concerned degree of master of surgery. For the purpose of these regulations the diplomas like D.O., D.Orth, D.L.O. can be taken as allied subjects for M.S. branches. No exemption is permitted by the university for duration of the M.S. course.

b) Has undergone a course of study of three consecutive years for all branches of the M.S. degree in a recognised hospital/institution approved for that purpose.

M.D./M.S. Degree

In the case of non-clinical subjects, the training could be done while working as Demonstration. Tutors or REsearch workers.

Part I Examination

A candidate shall present himself for Part I examination wheerever prescribed, at the end of the first year of the first year of ythe course. He shall take Part II after completion of the final year of study i.e. at the end of the third year. Candidates who fail in Part i may take take the examination in the following year. Candidates who fail in one subject only of part I examination will be required to appear for that subject alone at a subsequent examination.

Dissertation :

All candidates registered for the several branches of MD/MS degree examinations shall submit 5 copies of a dissertation in a particular subject or 20 case reports with disscussion, which should not exceed 50 pages of typed matter (double line spacing, one side only) 4 months before they appear for the final examination. The last date for submission of the dissertation of the University will be 1st December or 1st May precding the final examination. The report of the examiners on the dissertation will be taken in to consideration in the final assessment of results of the candidates at the examination. Candidates whose dissertations have not been accepted will have to submit afresh 5 copies of a dissertation when they appear next, the last date which will be 1st May or 1st December to the University.

Candidates who are undergoing the course of studies or M.D. or M.S. degree in any of the specialities where a diploma has been instituted may be permitted to take the diploma examination at the end of year 2, in a 3 years degree course. The candidate must intiate the University through the Principal, atleast six months before he/she takes the diploma examiantion No candidate shall be permitted to sit for two University examinations in a subject, i.e. diploma and M.D./M.S. in the subject together at one sitting.

Candidates who have successfully completed to diploma course upto within 3 months of registration may write the degree examination in 3 year’s time. No exemption is permitted by the University for the duration of the MD/MS course.

Diploma Holder Appearing for M.D./M.S. :

Candidates who have already qualified for the diploma examinations in Medicine and Surgery and apply for admission for the M.D./M.S. degre course in the concerned speciality should put in a course of study for a period of three years. They will take part I of the examination at the end of the first year of the course after full registration and Part II at the end of the ehird year. Candidates who fail in Part I may take the examination along with Part II. No exemption is permitted by te UNiversity for the duration of M.D./M.S. course.

6. Ph.D.Degree :

Candidates who hold M.Sc., M.D., or M.S. degrees may apply for admission to Ph.D. programmes in certain pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical department, (Biostatistics, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Virology Pathology, Clinical Biochemistry, Gastroenterology, Radiology and Neurology.)

7. Some Facilities Available for Postgraduate Trainess :

a) Medical REcord Department : in clinical areas, special emphasis is given to medical reecord keeping. There is a well organised Medical Record Libraryc in the Institution as well as a departmental record system. Facilities are provided in these areas for trainees to conduct retrospectives case studies from records.

b) Research activity of each Department : The Christian Medical College supports an active medical research programme. To broaden his experience, the trainee is encouraged to participate in research activites.

A Research methodology course will be conducted for all newly selected Postgraduate Students in April. Attendance for this is encouraged. Failure to do so will result in the candidates forfeiting the privilege of obtaining research grants from the CMC Research Committee.

c) Accommodation : Partly furnished single accommodation in the hospital premises is provided for all postgraduate students meals can be obtained from the canteen run by the natioal Y.M.C.A. in the hospital premises, or from one of the many hotels in the vicinity of the hospital Meals can also be had either from the mess run at the Mewn In ern’s Quarters or Lady Doctor’s Hostel.

d) Recreation : Facilities for tennis, badminton, basketball, volleball and table-tennis, etc. are available.

e) Student/Staff Health Clinic : The medical needs of the students and staff of the Christian Medical College and Hospital are met through the clinic provided for thie purpose.

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